Franz Takes An Afternoon Cruise In New Tesla Roadster

Tesla Model 3 interview


Nothing quite like an afternoon cruise in the second-generation Tesla Roadster … especially since no one else can partake!

Well … there’s likely potential for Musk or some of the higher-ups at Tesla to take it for an occasional spin, but that’s probably about it.

Tesla Roadster

New Tesla Roadster

Franz von Holzhausen has waited years to design a Tesla sports car. Following his days at GM, Volkswagen, and Mazda, with his name on models like the Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, and even an iteration of the “new” Beetle Concept One, the Roadster has been in his sights from the beginning.

Franz has been Tesla’s Chief Designer for the Model S, X, and 3. However, the original Tesla Roadster was before his time at the Silicon Valley automaker. We’ve been pretty confident all along that an updated Roadster was in the cards, and Musk has been making that increasingly clear as of late.

While it will be a while before the car is available (at least 2020), it’s coming now for sure with specs to top any production car ever produced. Tesla Roadster 2.0, in its base configuration, will be capable of a 1.9-second zero-to-60-mph sprint (which was proven at the recent Tesla Semi reveal event), and a top speed of over 250 mph.

Not to mention that there’s room in the back for some kids or luggage (or perhaps a few small adults), it will boast a range of 620 miles, and it’s priced at only $200,000.

Franz posted a Model 3 sunset image too:

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Fabulous accomplishment. Dying to see the battery layout and know the technology.

So is Tesla! LOL!


That seems like the old Dangerfield joke:

Dad: “Someday, you’ll have kids of your own!”

Son: “So will you!”

I asked the cab driver to take me someplace I could get some actions…

He took me to my place.

I don’t get the joke.

yeah exactly Dav8or, the prototype new roadster people drove at the truck launch event must have been a figment of our imaginations. Tesla clearly have no clue how the new roadster will work. Ye?

Yep, do you think we’ll see an iFixit teardown soon? 😀

knowing elon ,the car will be avalaible earlier ..
maybe 2019

Then you obviously do not know Elon.
Knowing Elon, He will want in 2019. At best, it will be out in 2020, but far more likely in 2021.

Do not get me wrong. We all want to see this sooner. But Elon/Tesla have the following issues;
1) manufacturing the M3. It is going slow and will take another 3-6 months just to get it up to speed.

2) building out 1-4 new gigafactories. That includes several car making, solar panel/cells, likely a new battery plant.

3) start manufacturing the MY. That is supposed to be next year. It will require separate lines for that.

4) start manufacturing the commercial tractor, though this one will be easier than the rest. It is based on current Tesla tech, so…
5) he is part of a new steel foundry in Mi.
6) he hired a number of ppl from simbol materials. So, am guessing that he will start his own Li mining/processing.
7) gut says that he wants passenger truck out by 2020, but, I’m sure he also wants roadster out at same time. Question is, which will be first.

Oh last real issue. Elon is great at tech, but sux on time lines. He misses them all.

He miss all his timelines, but beats all the timelines of the other brands.

*Except for the Model 3, released a full year later than the Bolt ev – it was SO late, that NOW, the Model 3 is considered the more Modern, up-to-date car.

*Except for the VOLT. They still don’t have a low priced model available in that market range, although a Model 3/Model Y variant may eventually make it. But Gm was there in late 2010.

*I’d almost say, except for the EV1, – but the old GM truly didn’t want to make that car other than as a test model.

I see why you said they are late compared to the Bolt, but why are you dragging the Volt into this?

A) It is a hybrid.

B) It battery only range is small.

Tesla never makes hybrids!

I bring Tesla into this since the first Tesla mechanic who came to my house got his first test drive of a VOLT in early 2011 and he said he was VERY impressed. Then one of the few remaining Tesla Roadster techs said that his next car will be a Used VOLT, he was so impressed with its value.

If you only drive the avg 30 miles a day or less, the VOLT will use little gasoline and it will be substantially an electric car. And if you live in a cold area as I do, its operation in the wintertime will be cheaper than a Tesla, or even a BOLT.

If you remember though back during the original Model 3 reveal Elon said the M3 would be ramping up production at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. It was only later that he revised the timetable to Summer of 17.

So if they followed his original production target they are right where he said they would be with the M3.

So wouldn’t be surprised if next year he might out of the blue claim that the Roadster will be ready at the end of 2019 only to miss that target with production being yet again pushed back to his original target of 2020.

What are you smoking? He has not made a production date on any car yet and no price has been correct or range so again ?????

Are you really that uninformed, or are you just another Tesla hating troll?

The Model 3 didn’t merely get into production “on time”, it got into production months earlier than was planned!

And so far as I recall, the Model X has never had a price increase in any trim level. Now, Tesla has introduced new and higher priced trim levels… hopefully that’s not what you’re trying to paint as a “price increase”?

On the other hand, Tesla certainly has added new standard features to trim levels of the Model S and Model X… thus effectively lowering the price, contrary to your assertion here!

The Model 3 also has not had any price increase, despite a staggering amount of drivel and stages-of-grief denier posts from serial Tesla bashers.

Go Tesla!

He is right about the range. All the Telsa cars release end up having a greater range that he predicted! 🙂

Boy, he should be wrong more often.


I believe the New roadster & Semi will be using solid state batteries, that is what gives then their impressive range, and is what will delay their production. Elon says Semi in 19′, Roadster in 20′. Add 1 year to each, and you’d be pretty accurate.

did anyone see the picture of the roadster broken down on reddit though?

no but I’d like to.

Relax people, driving uphill will be available in the next ota update. Jeezzzz….


You seem to be saying Tesla should take FORD’s example of Hugh Downs driving a Ford Galaxy on a road that only goes downhill, where he got unbelievable mileage.

That would be a great advertising slogan for Tesla:

“Unless you want to wait for a future enhancement, you can get Extreme Reliability and Mileage, by driving this car only on downhill roads.”

It was a cheap shot at a car that doesn’t even exist yet. You do realize that this has nothing to do with Tesla reliability as this is just a prototype. You get all wet when bashing T i see.

Hey I at least put down hard cash for a Tesla, not like you big experts who never bought one.

You guys spend too much time in Mommy’s basement. Too many armchair warriors.

you have nothing better to do than insult other intelligent people.

I guess it lost all its power. The e-brake couldn’t even be engaged judging by the blocks behind the wheels.

Also, a nod to that on

Out for an afternoon photoshop session is more like it. Still, nice wallpaper I guess.


Yep, and I’ll bet they faked all the ride alongs at the Simi reveal as well?

Here’s an unrelated question, do you think we landed on the Moon? ?

Nope, we Shrunk the Moon, and it Landed on Us! How Despicable can you Be?
? ?

And shortly afterwards, the new roadster broke down in the middle of the road.

I’m impressed at how true they’ve stayed to the original roadster experience.

The serial bashing Tesla hating trolls certainly do show their true colors in discussion threads like this, don’t they?


Six E, you are such a moron. Over and over.

Six Electrics you can’t crack jokes here nor talk about any really serious subjects.

The magpies will always drown you out.

I’m sure you notice the Big Experts have absolutely no sense of humor about anything.

And they are the biggest bunch of closed minded little minds I’ve ever met. So feel free to keep commenting here.

Some of us have skin thick enough to tolerate it.

Not as impressive as how true you have stayed to your serial anti-Tesla trolling and FUD.


Obviously it appears to be a BAD case of Roadster 2.0 envy.

Tesla reliability at its finest…

Shame but I don’t think we’ll see Frank diving around in this anymore for awhile…

Unlike show offs in ICE Supercars that lose control and put them in the ditch or trees, 200 meters or less from putting their foot down!

Relax, dumbo…..this is just a prototype to show its shape and speed. It will be much improved by the time it gets out. And it’s not like you will afford one anyway….

When the Roadster 2.0 is finally released, it will shame legions of gas-guzzling supercars. In 2 years, supercar prices will plummet. If I owned one of these 2-seater gas hogs, I would dump it now, while I still can still find rich suckers to buy it.

Yeah, sure. Just like the digital Casio put Rolex out of business.

Nice analogy.


On the other hand, if you keep your steam car long enough, perhaps you can sell it to a collector. 🙂

Maybe it’s just me, but as much as I love Tesla and what they’re succeeding in doing – killing ICE cars, I find the Roadster2 just a little boring to look at? pretty yes, but boring – too much NSX not enough energy. needs to look special… like it can actually do 250mph – this could, dare I say it.. be the next RX8/9

You must not understand design simplicity. Roadster is design perfection. It doesn’t need to be any other way

Ohhh, so there is something wrong with me… thanks for clearing that up Brandon! I’ll put my fanboy goggles on .. wait a minute…….there we go…. no, sorry Brandon, still dull as dishwater ?

Personally, I like the idea of driving what looks like a dull and slow car, then blowing away any hotrodding dude with all sorts of mods to try and get the extra speed that just comes normally.

No, No, No….. I think the question everyone has (me included), but possibly afraid to ask is, precisely what ‘car’ he was driving. Firstly, the Original Tesla Roadster was the ‘FULL’ car. It did have a 2 speed xmission, and aluminum rotor bars which the production car didn’t have, but it was an ‘honest Roadster’ in that the it had a FULL SIZE battery, full sized charging facility, full hp motor and gearbox. Then VW with their now over 100 ‘models’ comes out with the 154 kwh BUZZ that has seemingly futuristic capacity sitting right there at the CONCEPT CAR shows. (Except then we realize, the 2017 BUZZ actually seen: 1). Can’t get over 25 mph or go over 50 miles. 2). Has a whimpy motor in it and small battery. 3). Few of the advertised features actually work right now, – that is if you don’t want a ‘cobled’ Neighborhood electric vehicle. But the kicker here is VW is TELLING you its a 154 kwh model (or strongly implying it anyway) when the reality just isn’t there. So likewise, not to be ‘One Up’d’ by VW, does the 1000 hp, 200 kwh, 620 mile roadster ACTUALLY DO ALL THOSE… Read more »

How can he legally drive this w/out side mirrors?

On a private test track?

This doesn’t look like a private test track.

You don’t need side mirrors to drive a vehicle. The car drives without them

I think you missed the word “legally”

Weird that the Roadster 2020 labeled 2.0?
When at least as listed on Wikipedia
Tesla Roadster 2.0 was released 2009.
With the First Roadster being 2006,1.5 2007,2.5 2010,2.5 Sport 2010,and 3.0 Upgrade R80 in 2014.

Which is why the up coming Roadster is 2020 when all the vapor ware cars will be released. Nice to see Roadster 2020 outside. Must have been so boring to carry it around in a truck to test locations or some indoor testing. Ah, well if had been paying attention little tidbits about testing..