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JUN 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 8

The Fisker EMotion all-electric sports car was recently seen in Los Angeles and, as expected, it’s a rather spectacular looking machine when spotted amongst regular cars.

Henrik Fisker gave it a short test drive and expressed his impatience on the upcoming solid-state batteries. This public display confirms one of the questions we asked of Henrik Fisker in a recent exclusive interview:

Is the prototype drivable, and if so, how much of the hardware/software that motivates it will be carried over into production?

  • Yes, not much, as we still have a lot of development to do.
The company claims that its solid-state cells show high durability during 5C charge/discharge cycles:
Insider news: Last week we did several cycles of 5C rates (12-minute charge, discharge) and our solid state cells recovered to 100% capacity. Now this is getting really exciting.
Moving on, the production EMotion will see its energy needs fulfilled by LG Chem batteries for now until solid-state technology is ready for commercialization.
Lastly, as for when we’ll see production begin on the EMotion, Fisker responded to that question of ours too:

How far along is the engineering of the production version of the EMotion?

  • We have at least 20 more months to go, and we may delay the launch to incorporate our solid-state batteries from the start.

Fisker EMotion specs:

  • 400-mile range (145 kWh LG Chem battery)
  • 575 kW electric motors (all-wheel drive)
  • 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds
  • 161 mph top speed
  • starts from $129,000

Insider news: Last week we did several cycles of 5C rates (12-minute charge, discharge) and our solid state cells…

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philip d

But will it be a reverse Tardis on the inside like the Karna?




He should leave the interiors to someone else. Outside is spectacular.


Well, that was a fascinating. Can he at least show us something happening. Be like Jaguar, Tesla or Missouri, SHOW ME!
Solid state batteries could be 4 or more years from commercial viability. Will investors keep doling out the cash till then?


He showed a drivable car and expressed initial testing of the batteries to be successful

Carmi Turchick

Making progress, now the prototype can get up to 20 MPH. I love how “journalists” are still taking this guy seriously and believing what he says after he literally claimed to have a patent on a DVD Burner with those supercapacitors he told that fantastic lie about, including how they were already in production. Did you guys all take Gullibility 203: How to Believe Without Question for your degrees? Or was it Write Like You Were Born Yesterday 426 that did the trick?

Over a year and a half ago Fisker claimed his company was “coming out of stealth mode.” Where are the facilities? Who works there? Who invested in it? Are there any photos of anyone working on the car?

With other start-ups when they reveal their prototype we meet a bunch of the top staff…with Fisker we just get more of Fisker. Just Fisker at CES, just Fisker in interviews. Is Fisker intending to be the first one man automotive company?

Bill Howland

Yes, Fisker historically gets a C- from me on the electrical end of things – and I’m an easy grader.

Their Fisker Karma had a perfectly fine 3600 watt charger, and was trouble-free, yet the drive inverters would
‘COG’ at low speeds – and the 3 Karma’s I test drove over varying periods of time still did this. Ok for an experimental car but not acceptable for an over $100k one. And it appears they never EVEN ATTEMPTED to solve the issue.

The other much more serious problem was the lack of a fuse or circuit breaker in the cooling fan circuit, which ended up burning down several garages and homes.

When I was a kid even 10 year olds knew you don’t put pennies in the fusebox.

So now when Fisker claims they are going to be releasing breakthrough technology in several areas, especially in the electrical field, I’m beyond skeptical – they should have shown their ‘Electrical Expertise’ with their FIRST CAR.


Those are the worst headlights I’ve ever seen, just horrible. Looks like they stole them from one of the those old racists Asian cartoons.