Fisker EMotion Pricing Insanely High At Up To $190,000

Fisker EMotion


The Fisker EMotion attracted the eyes of many onlookers at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, and now we have a price tag to go with the flair.

We knew the EMotion would not be cheap. This became even more obvious when the model showed up at CES with four butterfly doors and a curved flat screen taking up a significant amount of real estate in the back seat.

Fisker EMotion

The Fisker EMotion rear-seat

Not to mention carbon-fiber and aluminum materials, LiDAR, eventual Level 4 autonomy, a 400-mile range, superfast charging, 24-inch carbon fiber wheels with custom Pirelli tires, expansive interior capacity, and the unbelievable list goes on and on and …

Fisker has said that it believes BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class buyers are its primary market for the all-new, pure-electric EMotion luxury sedan. So, the automaker is pricing the vehicle accordingly.

Previously, we reported that the base model will start at $129,000. Now, Fisker Inc. is qualifying the numbers further. The EMotion will be priced between $130,000 to $190,000. That’s beyond Tesla territory.

The EMotion is set to arrive by 2020. However, the automaker is said to be very serious about the potential for solid-state batteries. If the 500-mile solid-state batteries will be ready for the EMotion very near the 2020 launch, Fisker has admitted that it may delay production in order to release the car with the new battery tech.

Source: Motor Authority

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Clearly if you don’t need to care how those doors open you will have no problem whatsoever affording this bad boy!

Meh, no thanks. I’d either take a loaded Model S now or wait for Roadster 2.0 that will carve it’s name into the Fisker’s forehead..

For that kinda Dough , it makes the Tesla or anything else But, A No Brainer..

After the tax rebates it’s not so bad.


A big “IF” they can make this car, $190k is priced about right with all the luxury items they put in this thing.

Fisker Emotion is targeting super high luxury market, Tesla is absolutely not.


They gotta Delete some of the Ugliness Out 1st!

That front-end still gives me nightmares.
The rest is quite attractive.

Ugliness? Have you seen what else is priced similarly or even higher?

80-150k for a Model X – perfectly sane
130-190k for E-Motion – insane
210-280k for a Roadster2 – perfectly sane




Roadster will come 2020 – ha, all other car makers are doomed. Tesla will deliver as they have always done in a timely manner
EMotion will come in 2020 – ha, there is literally no way for Fisker to ever produce anything

It would surprice me if they make it by 2020. Add a year or so.. maybe two?

They have to reach full production volume with TM3, and Model Y .. and the truck..
Most things are possible, but even Elon can’t freeze time . . I think 🙂

Either Fisker have to assy. the car in China, or at Valmet in Finland, or maybe Magna Steyr in Austria?
To get a factory of their own takes time, cost a lot of money and then comes all the time spent to set up the assy. line, make tooling and stuff.

Because the E-motion has the performance of a $35k Model 3 with the looks of a crappy kit car.

Fisker does not have supercharging network like Tesla. It might be “sane” if priced at Bolt price range, definitely insane if over $50K.

Personally, it’s insane for me even at Bolt price range since one would be waiting at DCFC due to free charging Bolts. Nowadays, I hardly ever wait for Leaf or i3 thanks to free charging Bolts.

Free charging SUCKS!!!


Right reg. price.

But infrastructure for Fisker roatrips ?

Delivery ?

Quality ?

Looks good but looks is not all.

What is the most interesting EV news from the NAIAS in Detroit?

Probably won’t happen. Excessive.

MEH, Does anyone really care?

Yes but the DeLorean, was a iconic design and got into production! and so is the Fisker EMotion, This is statement of a dream that you can buy,and I believe there is a market this where that kind of money does not matter.
But it is not my wallet!

Until Fisker actually has investors to make any kind of production possible, it’s all noise. Given the guy’s reputation of quarreling with people, being lawsuit-happy and not having basic business common sense, I wouldn’t be surprised if no supplier would be willing to sell him components except on a 100%-cash-upfront basis.

Funny thing… There use to be a Fisker dealership near me… In Pennsylvania.

So there’s that.

I looked up available Fisker Karmas as a lark; there’s a CPO (?) one available on the Main Line for like $40k…

Ugly. No thanks.

It looks like a SEAM car from the early 2000’s, just needs a big stereo and some neon lights ?


Clearly high end but mainstream and practical cars like S-Class and 7-Series are not serious competitors for this extravagant car but Porsche’s Mission E definitely is and no doubt the reason right there why Fisker doesn’t stand a chance.

Beautiful car but for that price I’d rather have Tesla Roadster and Chevy Bolt for winter driving.


Interesting, yes. Expensive? Oh yes. But what the world really needs is a 300 mile electric car for the masses – $20,000 to $30,000 range. The infrastructure will fall in place. Most folks will charge at home anyway.

I am getting tired and bored with cars promised always two years after the current calendar year.