First Look Inside Tesla’s Model 3 Delivery Center

Tesla Model 3


Tesla’s new Marina Del Rey delivery center is open for business and delivering Tesla Model 3, S, and X vehicles.

We recently published a few reports about the new property in Los Angeles that was assumed to become a Tesla delivery center. The first of which pointed out the automaker’s lease of a new 131,000 square-foot facility near Silicon Beach with plenty of room to park hundreds of vehicles. Tesla acquired the building in early November and has obviously been on the fast track preparing it ever since.

About three weeks ago, we reported that the doors were open, the official illuminated “Tesla” sign was glowing, and the parking lot was packed with Model 3s. Now we have proof that deliveries are underway.

Tesla owner and Twitter user @TeslaMS60 posted a look inside the new facility, which was originally discovered and shared by Teslarati. TeslaMS60 shared that the new Marina Del Rey center is not unlike the automaker’s typical service and delivery centers, complete with the usual comfortable waiting room with couches, coffee, and a kid’s play area.

According to Teslarati, there is a substantial quality control area for inspecting the final finish of each vehicle prior to delivery. Tesla has always been under strict scrutiny for its fit and finish, and lately, some Model 3 owners have taken delivery and happened upon a minor issue that went unnoticed until after the transaction was complete. It appears Tesla is trying to assure that these type of situations become a thing of the past.

The inside of the new delivery center could handle about 100 deliveries at a time, while another several hundred or more could happen in the parking area in front of the building. This is a very important step for Tesla since it doesn’t have a vast network of traditional dealerships throughout the country. While manufacturing 500,000 vehicles is a huge challenge for a small automaker, delivering them may prove even more difficult.

It’s hard to even fathom delivering some 5,000 vehicles a week. Facility space and manpower alone make this seem like almost an impossibility. However, if this single facility could be capable of doling out ~400 cars a day, Tesla is in much better shape for the surge to come.

Source: Teslarati

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Zack & Jesse, in your face Model 3 navigation.

Wow! Impressive.

Damn! That is a nice looking nav!

Currently, I use either Google maps or Waze on a cell phone, either isn’t as good as the navigation shown in this video.

I disagree, Ware is much better at rerouting while en route and also for knowing where police or hazards are. Tesla nag doesn’t do that as well.

5,000 vehicle deliveries will not be from this one centre. Ultimately Model 3 is available world wide, so 5,000 deliveries across the globe shouldn’t be a problem.
Now getting 5,000 per day out the factory and into their distribution network is going to be the challenge in the short term.

5k a day? Ya, ok…

The article is talking about 5000 per week, not per day.

At 400,000 TM3’s per year, that’s 7692 per week and, assuming a 6-day work week, only 1282 per day.

Since this obviously won’t be the only delivery center — not even the only one in the USA — that goal doesn’t appear to be that big a challenge. Also, I expect Tesla will continue to do some deliveries at the customer’s home or work place (perhaps with an added fee?), so these delivery centers won’t have to handle all of the customers.

I like the Kia/Hyundai solution in their cheaper models. Just put Android Auto and Apple Carplay in it and leave the brains/development to those companies. Allows for outstanding Nav and other features while saving unnecessary costs. I’m not arguing some carmakers don’t have better nav but certainly Google is good enough. Let someone else worry about that development.

Not possible if you want to combine Autopilot and navigation. Tesla need control both of them.