Over eight months after first deliveries commenced, numerous Mustang Mach-E owners are now posting online about their long-term experience with Ford’s electric crossover.  One such owner is YouTuber New Ride Reviews, who picked up his Standard Range RWD Mach-E a number of months ago. Due to his long commute he has driven almost 9,000 miles in it, believing it to be one of the highest mileage Mach-Es.

New Ride Reviews traded in a 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid for his Mach-E, and stated there is “no comparison” in terms of build quality between the two cars. For him, the Mach-E is a much better made vehicle. He noted ceramic coating is a must however, and that doing it yourself can save a lot of money. Inside, the seats are holding up very well and there appears to be no creasing. The Mach-E reviewed is specced in Premium trim, meaning you get a host of extra kit as standard such as Ford Co-Pilot360 (which enables hands-free driving on certain mapped roads). Overall, after around 6 months of ownership there has been no fit or build issues, or rattles whilst driving.

One complaint however, is the Phone As A Key application. Following what he claims was the reversion of a recent update, New Ride Reviews’ Phone As A Key entry stopped working. Even worse, his Bluetooth and  Apple CarPlay also stopped connecting. New Ride Reviews admitted Tesla is no doubt superior when it comes to software and infotainment, however he also noted Ford is winning when it comes to build quality and finish.

Gallery: Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Mach-E’s efficiency is solid according to New Ride Reviews, who has so far averaged 3.3 miles per kWh. However, he noted highway driving with passengers and cargo can see around 2.6–2.7 miles per kWh. In general, he keeps his Mach-E in Engage Mode as he finds Unbridled too extreme and Whisper too slow.

Another minor issue he has found is the Mach-E’s tendency to rock back and forth when you put it in park. That said, he doesn’t believe it to be a major deal. Before concluding his review, he mentioned two of his favorite features – the B & O sound system and power fold mirrors, both of which come standard on the Premium trim Mach-E.

In summary, New Ride Reviews appears to be very happy with his Mustang Mach-E. Although there may be a few minor issues, the Mach-E is undoubtedly a seriously compelling EV.


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