If you follow Jay Leno, or simply pay attention to the Tesla and EV space, you're likely well-aware that the retired talk show host is enamored with the Tesla Model S Plaid.

There has been plenty of coverage surrounding Leno and the Plaid in the recent past. However, now it's official, Jay has taken delivery of his own Model S Plaid, which joins his huge car collection in his famous garage.

As you can see from the official tweet below, which comes directly from the Jay Leno's Garage Twitter account, Jay is showing off his brand-new Model S, and he's got a very special guest joining him.

It's not Elon Musk, at least not this time, but instead, Tesla's chief designer . Does he try to break the car's window? It's not likely, but we'll have to wait and see exactly what Jay and Franz were up to since we assume these photos were taken while Jay was filming for an upcoming episode featuring the Plaid. Maybe Musk is there, too, perhaps behind the scenes?


Leno is no stranger to Tesla. He's been a fan and owner for years. He's also no stranger to the Model S Plaid. While many folks taking delivery have not yet even seen the car in the flesh, Leno has already driven one, possibly on multiple occasions. In fact, Leno was the first to report on the Plaid's ridiculous quarter-mile time.

To take it a step further, the famous late-night talk show host drove the car on the track himself.


Leno also tried to break the current quarter-mile land speed record for production cars. Tesla says the Plaid can tackle the quarter mile in just 9.23 seconds. Leno pulled it off in 9.247 seconds.


We'll be watching closely to find out when and if Leno plans to feature the Plaid (and Franz) on an upcoming episode of Jay Leno's Garage. If it happens, you can be sure to find coverage here.

In the meantime, check out the video below. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment. If you hear anything about the potential Jay Leno's Garage Tesla Model S Plaid episode, drop us a tip.

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