One of our favorite hosts, Rory Reid, put the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model 3 under the microscope to help determine which is best for you. Reid has plenty of experience driving and reviewing EVs, and it seems he rarely misses an opportunity to check out the latest arrivals. 

Back in December 2020, Reid reviewed the refreshed 2021 Tesla Model 3. His final thoughts were quite simple, "It's better, but with room to improve." More recently, Reid hosted another AutoTrader video about the all-new Ford Mustang Mach-E. The video was about just how much Mustang DNA the electric Mach-E really exhibits. Is it a REAL Mustang?

Fast-forward to the present, and we now have the culmination of Reid's detailed analysis. This time, he asks, "What's the best electric family car? The Tesla Model 3 or the Ford Mustang Mach-E?"

As we've noted before, the Mach-E is clearly a direct competitor with the Tesla Model Y, at least by design. However, just about every new EV can be compared to the Tesla Model 3. This just makes sense since the Model 3 is arguably the electric car all rivals could only wish to beat. It's the best-selling EV across the globe, and the best-selling EV of all time, though the Model Y stands to catch it and pass it eventually.

The base Model 3 Standard Range Plus carries a starting price of $39,490. You can get in a base Mustang Mach-E for $42,895. If you live in the States and are able to take advantage of the $7,500 US federal EV tax credit, the Mach-E can be had for as little as $35,395. However, once you start moving up the trim ladder to get either of these cars with all-wheel drive, quicker acceleration, and longer range, the prices climb quickly.

Inside, both the Tesla and Ford have modern and roomy cabins, good cargo capacity, and the latest tech features. 

Deciding between these cars isn't an easy task. Honestly, they're both great EVs, and each has its own clear strengths and weaknesses. In the end, it comes down to your priorities and budget, as well as how you plan to use the car. However, in order to figure out which electric car best satisfies your priorities, you'll have to do your homework. With that said, we think Reid's comparison is a fine way to start.

Check out the short video to learn what Reid has to share. Then, head down to the comment section and let us know which car you choose as the better family EV.

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