There is little doubt as to why Ford chose to call its new electric crossover a Mustang and also style it to look like one, even though it’s a major departure from any previous car that bore the name. Ford didn’t actually intend to make an actual high-riding version of the Mustang, but more of a Mustang-flavored electric crossover, and in that respect it has succeeded.

This is Rory Reid’s opinion on the matter and, as a Mustang V8 owner himself, he can speak about what really makes a Mustang and what doesn’t. He tried out the Mustang Mach-E for AutoTrader and he actually found it pretty good for a relatively tall and big electric vehicle. He even found it quite fun to throw around and generally sporty feeling, but in his view it didn’t quite feel like a Mustang.

In his view, the Mach-E is not a good Mustang, but it is a good electric crossover, one that does have what it take to compete with the most talented models in the class. The new electric Ford has received plenty of praise from reviewers, and even though Rory doesn’t think it quite lives up to the Mustang name, that doesn’t make it any worse a vehicle compared to its direct rivals (Tesla Model Y, Volkswagen ID.4).

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