This is not the first time AutoTrader’s Rory Reid has given the Tesla Model 3 the thumbs up this year. In fact, he tested the Model 3 Performance a few months ago and really loved it, and now he’s tested the Standard Range+ version of the revised model and confirms the changes really do make it even better.

The Model 3 SR+ is the base model for Europe, coming it at under €50,000 in most markets before incentives have been applied. For that you get the smallest battery pack available in the Model 3, but for the revised version the usable range has actually been increased mainly courtesy of the new heat pump.

Rory Reid points out that the interior changes, while not very notable at first sight, are all welcome and they help make the cabin better than before. The wireless charging pads, the new choice of material in place of the glossy piano black trim and the new more conventional central cubby lid all play their part.

What might come as a bit of a shock is that Reid says the Model 3 is actually better screwed together compared to its new (main) rival from Volkswagen, the ID.3. He points to how well the central screen is bolted to the dashboard in the two cars, showing that the Tesla’s is far more solid than the VW’s.

He concludes that even though all the improvements have made the Model 3 just that little bit better and nicer to live with, it’s still not perfect and that it’s still lacking some features such as blind spot warning, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto or a heated steering wheel.

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