Unlike many manufacturers that bit the bullet and made their first ever EV a high-riding SUV or crossover, Porsche chose to stick to what it does best: sports cars. That’s why even though the Taycan sedan is a three-box vehicle, its behavior out on the road is every bit that of a Porsche and it is currently acknowledged as being the best-to-drive EV, a real electric car enthusiast pleaser (one of the few currently on the market)

But what about those people who wanted Porsche to make an electric SUV instead of the Taycan? Well, they will still not be pleased, because the second electric Porsche is a raised wagon variant of the Taycan, called the Taycan Cross Turismo (a fully-electric Macan is around the corner, though). It not only provides more practicality and carrying capacity, but its taller suspension allows drivers to take the fun away from smooth tarmac and onto unpaved roads - the Cross Turismo even has a dedicated ‘Gravel Mode’ that the normal Taycan lacks.

If you’re a wagon enthusiast or just someone who likes Audi Allroad models, and you are also a fan of EVs, then you are probably already fidgeting with anxiety at the prospect of a tall, electric Porsche wagon. Well, the Taycan Cross Turismo is finally here and according to the first reviewers who have had a chance to drive it, it’s every bit as good as you were expecting it to be.

And the fact that you are no longer limited to driving it on well paved roads opens up an entire world of new opportunities. The best thing about it, in my view, is that it’s not a big and tall SUV that compromises handling to give its occupants the feeling of safety and go-anywhere ability, even though the latter is a check many modern SUVs (electric or otherwise) can’t really cash.

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