Are you thinking about getting a Tesla Cybertruck and still haven't put in your reservation? If so, the Cybertruck Truck Guy has some advice: Don't wait any longer.

With reservations rapidly approaching one million units, you're already going to be waiting a few years to get your Cybertruck even if you order it today. Tesla has even begun taking Cybertruck reservations in China, although we're unsure how much demand for it will be in that market. Seeing Cybertrucks shipped to China while you're waiting for yours will only add to your frustration if you want one and wait too long to reserve it. 

Tesla Cybertruck Outdoor Image

While it's true that many (some guess as much as 50%) of the Cubertruck reservations won't convert to sales, there are already so many reservations that even if only half of them convert, Tesla may have a production backlog of about three to four years once they begin manufacturing the vehicle. 

In the video, the Cybertruck Truck Guy offers his list of top ten reasons why you shouldn't wait to add your name to the reservation. Interestingly he includes some information that many may not have considered. For starters, he cites a research firm's study that revealed 20% of the Midwest construction companies that they surveyed offered that they planned to buy an electric pickup truck as their next work vehicle.

It's been generally thought that construction professionals may lag behind early adopters for electric pickup trucks to wait and see if the vehicles are capable of performing their required work duties. So a study like this, albeit a small one, is quite surprising. 

The host also explains how Full Self Driving availability will cause additional demand (although I'm still not buying that FSD will be available anytime soon). He also includes how Tesla's upcoming Battery Day could also cause a spike in orders if Elon delivers on his promise that this event will be one of the most important days in tesla history. 

Here's where to jump to in order to find the 10 reasons listed in the video:

  • 0:19 Cybertruck already near 800k reservations.
  • 2:11 Reserve your Cybertruck today and you can expect a 2025/2026 delivery.
  • 2:54 According to a recent survey, the Cybertruck already 3rd most popular pickup truck. 
  • 3:39 1 out of 5 current truck owners says the Cybertruck will be their next truck purchase. 
  • 6:14 New Cybertruck features will continue to be released and that will increase demand.
  • 8:16 Full Self Driving hasn't been released yet...imagine the demand once it's available.
  • 9:05 Battery Day hasn't happened yet - Elon has promised BIG news.
  • 9:44 Price for Full Self Driving will keep increasing.
  • 10:47 Interest will increase dramatically once customer deliveries begin.
  • 14:30 The deposit is ONLY $100 and fully refundable! What do you have to lose?

Another reason Todd, the host mentions is that once customer deliveries begin, demand will go through the roof, and that's definitely something that I agree with. But I'll take that one step further. I think that as Tesla's new factory in Austin, Texas begins to take shape, and also once we see some Cybertruck prototypes driving around during the validation process, the excitement will climb and reservations will definitely spike. 

We agree with Cyber Truck Truck Guy on this one. If you have even the slightest interest in getting a Cybertruck, it's probably worth the $100 reservation, which is fully refundable if you do change your mind. Agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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