In this video, Cleanerwatt pits the upcoming all-electric Tesla Cybertruck against the current gas-powered Chevrolet Silverado to give you an idea of what it might cost to own each of these vehicles for the long term.

Electric vehicles aren't cheap. In fact, they're much more expensive than their gas-powered stablemates, which is one main reason they don't sell very well. However, over the life of an EV, you'll likely save an incredible amount of money, but it's hard for most people to look past the upfront cost.

YouTuber Cleanerwatt has created a unique and well-researched formula for comparing the 5-year cost of ownership of two vehicles. While there's no way to make it absolutely precise, he can even compare vehicles that haven't yet come to market. This is because there is related information available that provides at least a fair assessment of what the numbers may look like.

Ever since Tesla unveiled its upcoming Cybertruck, talk of electric pickup trucks has skyrocketed. In fact, it seems most other automakers are now ready to join the club, perhaps more rapidly than they had been in the past. In addition, several startup automakers are boasting about their upcoming electric pickups.

The whole electric pickup truck topic can be seen as much more interesting than EV talk in general. This is because people who buy smaller, fuel-efficient cars, and especially hybrids, are probably on board with EV adoption. However, those who love burly, loud, diesel-powered, gas-guzzling pickup trucks may not care much about efficiency. Moreover, they may not be supporters of electrification in general. Yet still, it seems electric pickup trucks are all the rage right now, though none actually exist.

Not long ago, just the thought of the possibility of an affordable and capable electric pickup truck was far off. Most companies haven't even succeeded in making smaller electric cars compelling or affordable. A few automakers have just started producing little electric crossovers. but they're not true SUVs, they're not very capable, they're not widely available, and they're expensive. However, Tesla has all but proven that electric vehicles are capable of incredible performance. Can you actually afford a Tesla Cybertruck though? Check out the video for the details.

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