Now that Sandy Munro has wrapped up his Tesla Cybertruck comparative analysis series, he took some time out of his schedule to sit down with the YouTube channel, E For Electric, and answer some of the host's questions on Tesla's unique future offering. 

The Cybertruck is scheduled to be released in late 2021 as a 2022 model and looks to be a disrupter in the Pickup truck market because of its radical styling and promised performance capabilities.

Munro starts out saying that he doesn't really look at the Cybertruck like a conventional pickup truck. In fact, he says he thinks farmers might use Cybertrucks like tractors, because of the great power the Cybertuck will offer. For non-farmers, he thinks the Cybertruck might actually appeal more to Jeep owners.

I don't think that Cybertruck and the conventional pickup truck are the same - Sandy Munro

Alex Guberman, the host of E For Electric, asks Munro about whether owners will confront difficulty in repairing the Cybertruck. Munro responded that he doesn't expect that to be a problem. In fact, he thinks that many Cybertruck owners will look at dents or scrapes as "badges of honor" and not even fix them. He also says he doesn't expect the stainless steel exoskeleton to need special repair shops, and won't be required to go to Tesla service centers for body repairs. 

If the Cybertruck comes out and does everything it's claiming it's gonna do, it will be very difficult for ordinary pickup trucks to compete with it. - Sandy Munro

Munro then talks a little about how "curves" cost money. He reflects back to his days at Ford in the 80's when he was part of the Ford Taurus team, and how the extensive amount of curves on that vehicle led to many industry changes back then because everybody copied them.

Since the Cybertruck's stainless steel won't have curves, it's going to save money in manufacturing, as will not having to paint it. Munro estimates that painting cars add about $250 to the cost of a vehicle and that a paint shop at an automobile manufacturing plant costs about $500,000,000. 

So check out the video and as always, let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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