Bjørn Nyland has told us in the past the Tesla's vehicles suffer from considerably high phantom drain while parked. Our good friend and colleague Kyle Conner went over this is his video entitled "Here's How to Keep Your EV Happy While Staying at Home." We covered it here

Now, Nyland revisits the topic after communicating with Erik Windahl Olsen. If you don't remember Olsen, he's the guy who took the Porsche Taycan on a road trip from Norway to Spain. He advised against ever taking such a trip, and also kept good track of his data to share with the world.

According to Nyland's data, the Tesla Model 3 lost 10 percent of its battery state of charge after being parked for 22 days. He asked Windahl to run the same test on the Porsche Taycan. This was possible since he's still in Spain and has another car to drive. However, it's important to note that the comparison is skewed since the Tesla was parked outside at the airport in the snow, whereas the Porsche was parked in mild, if not, excellent conditions.

Olsen charged the Taycan to 90 percent and let it sit for 22 days, which mirrors Nyland's Tesla experiment. aside from the weather situation Interestingly, the Taycan lost only 1 percent of its energy after 10 days, and then remained at an 89 percent state of charge through 22 days. In terms of range, the car lost a few more kilometers over the additional 12 days, but it's negligible.

So, there you have it. Throwing out the fact that the cars were parked in very different weather conditions still doesn't discount the fact that the Taycan performed incredibly well in this test.

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Taycan battery drain after 22 days parked

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