In a recent interview with the YouTube channel, E For Electric, Sandy Munro explains what he believes are Tesla's top 5 Model Y improvements over the Tesla Model 3. Sandy has practically elevated himself to rock-star status in the eyes of Tesla fans (really any car fans) for how interesting his Tesla Model Y tear down videos are.  

Alex Guberman, from E For Electric, has Munro on his channel for monthly interviews and in this month's episode, Guberman asks him to explain the improvements that have impressed him the most. 

Sandy begins talking about the exterior body fit and finish. He says the panel gaps are much better than what he observed on the Model 3 he took apart, but that they are still trailing the quality of some of the established premium automakers, like BMW or Lincoln. Munro was also glad to see that Tesla eliminated all the chrome on the Model Y. 

I wouldn't say it's on the level of a BMW or a Lincoln or something, but it's a vast improvement over what we saw on the Model 3 - Sandy Munro talking about the exterior fit & finish of the Tesla Model Y

Munro then moves on to how Tesla eliminated as many as 80 parts and many spot welds by moving to die-cast parts in the rear of the vehicle's body. He calls it a "vast improvement" over how Tesla has been building cars before the Model Y. 

Number three on the list is Tesla's new induction motor for the front of the Model Y. Tesla is using aluminum instead of copper as they do in the Model 3 front induction motor and Sandy explains why he thinks that was a good move. 

Munro Model Y

Sandy then lists weight reduction and aerodynamics as number four on his list. He still hasn't done extensive testing on this, but from what he sees, he thinks the Model Y will have better aero characteristics than the Model 3. That combined with the weight savings they made in various areas of the build, will add up to help offer a longer driving range.

Finally, Sandy says the fact that Tesla didn't change the electronics bay, and added the octovalve and heat pump to improve heating efficiency as his favorite things about the Model Y. 

Do you agree with Sandy? Remember he's talking about manufacturing and build aspects, not things like improved interior room, or a hatchback instead of a trunk. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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