Fastned Temporarily Shuts Down 175 kW Chargers With Liquid Cooled Cables

JAN 26 2019 BY MARK KANE 28

HUBER+SUHNER investigates potential safety issue with liquid cooled cables

HUBER+SUHNERS, the supplier of liquid cooled cables/plugs for CCS Combo ultra fast chargers (150-350 kW) issued a recommendation for its customers worldwide to stop using those cables, as the company investigates potential safety issue.

First, we saw the announcement from Electrify America, which decided to shut down most of its chargers (only 50 kW CCS, CHAdeMO and AC Level 2 remain operational). In Europe, Fastned also announced that temporarily shut down of 175 kW chargers. In the case of Fastned, operational are all 50 kW chargers and a small number of 175 kW, which had cables from another supplier.

We can assume that other charging networks also decided on a temporarily shut down.

According to the supplier, a “safety issue was identified with a cable from an old sample series that has a different design and which were tested against less stringent standards”. It’s not known whether the majority of chargers will need a fix or just double check to confirm everything is safe.

For the charging operators such problems could significantly impact their business – in the case of Electrify America especially, ultra fast chargers were shut down at about 90 stations, making them useless for CCS-compatible cars (besides a small number of 50 kW CCS).

Press release:

Fastned temporarily shuts down 175 kW chargers as supplier investigates potential safety issue with cables

At the recommendation of HUBER+SUHNER, the supplier of our liquid cooled charger cables, we have decided to temporarily shut down a number of chargers. The recommendation was issued to all of HUBER+SUHNERS’ customers using the technology worldwide.

The shutdown only concerns the 175 kW chargers with liquid cooled cables. Our 50 kW CCS/CHAdeMO/AC chargers are not impacted and available for use. This means that customers can still charge at all Fastned stations. Some 175 kW chargers with different cables also remain available.

Although we understood from the supplier that the safety issue was identified with a cable from an old sample series that has a different design and which were tested against less stringent standards, we still decided last night to shut down the use of all liquid cooled cables as a precaution to allow the supplier to investigate and confirm the safety of the cables we use.

We regret having to take this decision, but the safety of our customers is our primary concern. We will keep you up-to-date via social media, our website and email.

Fastned charging station

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This is bad for the industry as a whole.

When amateur operators get involved… it can leave long scars in the minds of EV buyers

Everyone here knows that Tesla has NEVER shut down its Supercharger network. Not even once… since 2012. 100% uptime (although sure, one here or one there might be occasionally down)

Tesla also doesn’t have any chargers capable of 150kW – 350kW and has no plan to offer such capability. So when some of the newer high priced vehicles come out Tesla will be the slowest charging of the bunch.

And just about no one cares about charging any faster than 30 minutes.

Well, if there could be an issue with the cables, better shut them down and check them.

A short shutdown stays mostly unnoticed, having someone electrocuted won’t. Well they could name it beta charging, but there would still be bad press, if something happened.

Troll on!

What are you smoking? Amateur Operateurs? Tesla is running a line in a tent, but ABB and Huber+Suhner have a 100+ year history of high quality products. Also, this is a voluntary recall issued by the company, the threshold for a lot of Swiss companies to no longer release their product is often the standard quality in other places. Why do you think Switzerland still has about 30% jobs in manufacturing despite it’s incredible high salaries and living costs. By the way, I am not Swiss, but I do respect the quality of products.

I agree that this is nothing big and will be over quickly. Multiple suppliers are a big deal and they have a at least two suppliers for cooled cables.

btw ABB recently got terrible reputation on HVDC cables

No, what would be bad is if they ignored the issue and hoped nothing bad happen (GM Ignition, Takata airbags, etc).

This is great they rolled out these stations when the 350 kW cars aren’t available yet so they can have a solid network by the time they are.

To be frank, Tesla has nothing comparable, and if they did have liquid cooled cables it is likely they would choose a supplier that could even be the same one and subject to the same shutdown.

FYI — Tesla put liquid cooled cables on one of their supercharger locations way back in 2015 for testing. It worked fine, they just figured out they weren’t actually necessary. Tesla could easily restart that program if needed.

It was reported right here on insideevs:
” JUL 9 2015 BY

KmanAuto tests out the first liquid-cooled (cable) Tesla Superchargers and provides thermal imagery.

This Supercharger is in Mountain View, California, which is home of the first liquid-cooled version.”

Yes there have never been overheating charging adapters or melting supercharging plugs…. Oh, wait there have.

Safety first is a professional way to handle problems. I think Huber+Suhner have done the right thing. And i bet they will manage to exchange these cables quickly.

Oh, the photo appear to indicate that he was charging a rare open top Tesla S. 😉

It seems to be a parts quality issue. Definitely no CCS problem, as other liquid-cooled cables such as Phoenix Contact don‘t report any issues.

There are no Phoenix liquid cooled cabels installed in numbers and they dont have same rating as the affected cable mentionned in the article (500A). The affected cable supplier H&S is the onlynone world wide with relevant installed base (CCS1 and CCS2).

Lol…posters concerned about 350kW stations closures…now you will have to charge your Prius at regular stations.
Seriously now, how many on here can actually take advantage of these speeds? They can be down f9r a year and still no one will miss them.

VW cheaters and killers. They did this on purpose. They are trying to sabotage EVs. Who killed the electric car huh?
Edit: Sorry. Wrong article. Meant to comment on the following article: VW temporarily shuts down 175 KW chargers.
Edit 2: Yes, sarcasm

Downvoted for bas sarcasm.

Statement from manufacturer:
-shortcut happened in the plug
-plug was older revision but they still want to be cautious
-they are absolutely certain that the cable or the cooling has nothing to do with it
-the liquid used is non conductive anyways

No mention of the conditions under which the plug on the testing rig failed. It was a third party test rig at one of their customers test facilities.

My take: I wouldn’t be surprised if it failed due to being used outside of specification.

We will have to wait for the “forensics” to come back.

I was suprised to find some facts in the comments, thank you!

I’d like to think that my comments are either obvious jokes or factual.

It sounds more like a failure to meet their regulatory requirements. Not that the cables were dangerous but that they were not approved. Not that all cables are affected but that an unknown number non-compliant parts were put into service.

Only Elon blames regulatory difficulties.

It was perhaps while using an older 400V connector for testing 800V charging.

Has someone already been able to use those at full capacity?

Did they get brought off by big oil

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