Faraday Future Wins Arbitration, Releases New Teaser Video

OCT 29 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Faraday Future is always in motion, just slow motion

Despite bad news about layoffs and cut salaries, Faraday Future still is producing decent video teasers. The latest one is entitled Always in Motion and shows us progress with the development of the production version of FF 91, now scheduled for 2019.

The more important news is that the company released an update about its clash with major investor Evergrande Health Industry Group Limited (Evergrande). According to FF, Evergrande didn’t provide the full promised amount of money, while at the same time it blocked the company from seeking other investors. The arbitrator concluded that FF can no longer be prevented from seeking funding.

“Today FF achieved a decisive victory on our emergency relief application. FF is, and will continue, to seek funding from investors around the world who share our vision.”

Faraday Future press release:

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“Win” for Faraday, but with all their negative press I can’t imagine enough folks trusting them enough for them to gain any traction. Especially considering that stable alternatives like Tesla, Jaguar, Audi, Porsche, and GM already exist.

The potential upside is a lot smaller. Sure, you can get 20-400x returns on TSLA still, but it’s not as good as the 400-8000x you could have gotten if you had invested in Tesla even earlier (namely, right at the IPO, or when they were still private.)

With Faraday, you might see a potential investment with a 10,000+x upside. Of course it’s incredibly risky and very likely to fail – that’s why you can get it for so cheap.

I actually meant buying one of their vehicles, not their stock. But the theorem applies to both.

So, FF was in a dispute with its biggest investor; a dispute that was only resolved through arbitration. Not that we really needed yet another sign that FF wasn’t, and isn’t, being well managed…

FF’s press release is just their version of events. I’m pretty sure that if we asked Evergrande, we’d get a rather different side to this story.

I don’t know – winning arbitration suggests FF was in the right and Evergrande was in the wrong. It sounds like Evergrande wanted to strangle FF, ensure they went bankrupt, then acquire everything from them on the cheap. Sounds pretty nasty. Yes, FF is desperate to have gotten themselves into that situation, but I think they made the right move here in wrestling free and letting themselves get additional funding elsewhere.

I still expect them to die, but we’ll see how much longer they can drag this out.

Well Tesla was close to dying at one point so you never know. But the EV landscape has changed since then. Perhaps Ford or Toyota can simply buy their designs or patents if they are of value.

That is a big if! What would they have that TM or F can’t easily get by investing a few mil?

“Always in motion;” yes, sinking is indeed a motion.

(Couldn’t resist a cheap shot.)

A Faraday Future cryptocurrency can’t be too far down the road, lol.

“just slow motion”
ahh I see that Insideevs just hate anything that is not Tesla.

How is that not a true statement? Take your conspiracy theories elsewhere.