Europe Nears New Plug-In EV Sales Record For September

OCT 30 2017 BY MARK KANE 5

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – September 2017

This September was the second best month for plug-in electric vehicles sales in Europe to date. Roughly 33,700 sales translated into 32% growth year-over-year.


Tesla Model S and Model X

The only month to show a superior result in the past, was December of 2015 (with just over 33,800 deliveries) – and was mostly powered at the time by fiscal changes (being less attractive to purchase plug-ins) happening in the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark

So we are just going to call September of 2017 the best ever*…with an asterisk.

Because historically sales have always improve over the last three months of the year in Europe, we expect to have 2 or 3 new records to report on before the year closes.

With the future in mind, plug-in vehicles did achieve a record market share in September – 2.2%, or one out of every 45 new vehicle sales came with a plug.

As the general automotive landscape is in a period of stagnation (after several years of growth/rebuilding), the EV market share will continue to expand at an even more rapid pace.

Six models exceeded 2,000 sales in September, including two Teslas. The Tesla Model S was #1 with an estimated new personal best (~2,527), followed by the Renault ZOE (2,306), Tesla Model X (~2,137), Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (2,080),  Volkswagen e-Golf (2,041) and BMW i3 (2,025).

The top 10 selling plug-in models for 2017 YTD:

  • #1 Renault ZOE 2,306 (23,938 YTD)
  • #2 BMW i3 – 2,025 (14,825 YTD)
  • #3 Nissan LEAF – 1,387 (14,809 YTD)
  • #4 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 2,080 (13,963 YTD)
  • #5 Tesla Model S – 2,526 (10,580 YTD)
  • #6 VW Passat GTE – 1,264 (9,520 YTD)
  • #7 Mercedes GLC350e – 1,191 (9,260 YTD)
  • #8 Tesla Model X – 2,136 (8,774 YTD)
  • #9 VW e-Golf – 2,041 (7,915 YTD)
  • #10 BMW 330e – 1,289 (7,862 YTD)

By way of comparison, sales in both the U.S. and Europe have seen strong gains, but Europe is still definitely leading the way in 2017.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – September 2017

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The new eGolf is picking up speed. Looks like it will end the year at #6 in Europe. BMW i3 looks like they are selling everything they have capacity for these days which is how they can get away with the price bump for the minor sport makeover.

Look for the BMW dealer trying to break sales records for the i3. That’s the dealer you want to work with.

Any idea on what the average gCO2/km was for the month? I’m still really keen to work out how fast the segment will have to grow to reach the 2020 vehicle emission standard.

That varies a lot between country to country. The average age of the cars, the diesel percentage and the EV percentage. In the EU the average CO2 emissions was 119,5g CO2/km in 2015. Below the 130g/km goal EU had at the moment. It has since dropped more. In Norway the number was 93g CO2/km in 2016, and has dropped steady since then. This includes new and old cars. I’ve included a link with two graphs (it’s in Norwegian, and I don’t have time to translate it at the moment). The first graph shows how the CO2 emissions is dropping in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and in the EU. The second graph shows how the change in fuel had been from low diesel amount in the 1990s, and increasing until 2013 – where it has been steady (until this year, with a fairly sharp drop in diesel sales). You can see from the first graph how the introduction of more diesel cars reduced the CO2 emissions more and more – since more people used diesel cars. Then in 2013 you can see that is still drops. That is not just reduced fuel consumption by gasoline and diesel engines, but the start of… Read more »

And in 2017-09 Europe plugin sales, Tesla Model-S is #1 with sales of 2.526 units and Model-X lands #3 with 2.136 units.

Total Europe plugin sales at 33.716 units is very impressive. So it is just 100 units short of all time record. And that 2015-12 saw Netherlands selling a huge 15.000+ units which is very high even for countries like Japan & Germany.

Hope this 2017-12 will become the #1.