UPDATE: Elon Musk Assumes New Role Of “Nothing Of Tesla”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk


The man formerly known as the CEO of Tesla is no more.

Elon Musk, previously listed as the CEO of Tesla, has just announced via Twitter that he’s deleted that title and all other associated Tesla titles.  He should now be referred to as the “Nothing of Tesla.”

***UPDATE: Musk now says that he’ll be legally required to assume role of President. Here’s the Tweet:

Here’s the Tweet:

The Nothing of Tesla notes that everything seems to still be functioning just fine for the automaker, despite the title deletions and change.

Musk’s absence on Twitter over the weekend is likely connected to this title change, as it surely took a while for him to adjust to his new role.

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Oh Elon….

Maybe he feels unappreciated? Definitely looks like his diminished role has actually boosted investor’s confidence in Tesla. He has himself to blame though with his increasingly eccentric behavior as demonstrated once again by this tweet.

I hope this isn’t a sign of mental health problems, the world can’t really afford to lose a great mind like his.

Sure genius Tesla without Elon better, what a troll.

Stock still rising. You seem to be the one with the mental (and financial?) health problems. Another short bites the dust.

So anyone criticizing Musk is a “short” now?

Mostly yes.

“Short title”: CEO

The stock has gone sideways for almost two years, with large movements up and down.

Look at the five year view:


Boosted investor confidence? What makes you think so? While there have been some comments to this effect directly after the settlement, the stock price only went back to where it was immediately before the law suit was filed; and it crashed back down a couple of days later, only to recover now with the excellent Q3 results. Nothing there hints that investors actually prefer his diminished role…

That’s my assessment, too. I’ve stated several times that I’d like to see Elon step back from the CEO position to a lesser role at Tesla, but I don’t think most stockholders agree.

I am happy that some of the execs at Tesla have been promoted to more senior positions, even though still under Elon’s control. If that’s a sign that Elon will shoulder less of the total responsibility, or even better if it means Elon will relax his tight micromanaging grip somewhat, then I think that’s a positive step.

Guess Elon isn’t tired yet of making a sideshow of himself.

Elon never quits

Like rust, Musk never sleeps.

“The king is gone but he’s not forgotten
This is the story of a Johnny Rotten?”

I never did figure out that dissonant chord. Maybe the SEC could ban Neil Young from playing lead guitar? Jimi Hendrix made a joke to that effect once.

Narcissists have gotta do their thing I guess… The world is beating a path to his door and yet it’s still not enough. I preferred it when he tweeted about cool geeky stuff, now it’s just getting a bit sad.

People overuse the term narcissism. It’s more stinging than vain, but it has another meaning.

Words generally have two meanings: denotation & connotation.

And each of those terms are more like a continuum like infinite shades of gray (or grey) versus the binary black or white.


PS I tend to interpret those Elon tweets as humor in the self-deprecating kind.

I dunno, the shoe seems to fit pretty snugly: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissism

Except for empathy, which I do think Elon has in spades.

But then the shoe doesn’t fit at all. Narcissists are, kinda by definition, lacking in empathy. Call him a showman, or even a salesman (as long as you acknowledge that he isn’t ONLY that), but narcissism and empathy are pretty much orthogonal.

One definition of “narcissism”:

Extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.

* * * * *

I’d say Elon doesn’t qualify. He doesn’t have an inflated or grandiose view of his own talents as a visionary and innovator; he merely fully appreciates them! 🙂

And yeah, Vexar, I am ignoring that other meaning. That is entirely inappropriate for civil or meaningful discussion here.

“Nothing” is narcissist? You have a creative definition for the word.

Wish I had his ‘mental problems’.

Show us YOUR list of achievements. Please.

What a king!

King of Nothingham!

He will Now Rule from All Low!

Wait… SEC said he couldn’t be chairman of the board but he was able to keep the CEO title, right?

What about the big bonus he was going to get? Can the nothing of tesla get that bonus if all those parameters are met?

(Disclaimer: I’m a Tesla owner and long for Tesla)

SEC allows him to remain CEO, yes.

I think the bonus language was vague enough to allow this. If not, he’d just have them change it.

Thank you for bringing up the possible implications for the bonus. That’s something I hadn’t on my plate, very interesting. Here’s what the board said at the time:

“For vesting to occur when the milestones are met, Elon must remain as Tesla’s CEO or serve as both Executive Chairman and Chief Product Officer, in each case with all leadership ultimately reporting to him. This ensures that Elon will continue to lead Tesla’s management over the long-term while also providing the flexibility to bring in another CEO who would report to Elon at some point in the future. […]”

As far as I understand he can’t be chairman (due to SEC ruling). So he can’t leave the CEO title to someone else and just look over everything, as the quote suggests might be an alternative for the current (or recent?) state.
I guess it now depends on whether Tesla accepts a de-facto CEO postion of Elon.

The Board can adjust the terms to suit. I think he should remain President of Tesla.

“For vesting to occur when the milestones are met, Elon must remain as Tesla’s CEO… with all leadership ultimately reporting to him.”

Hmmm. I could be wrong, but my impression of the restructuring of Tesla’s organizational chart, promoting some excecs to have greater authority, is that it’s no longer the case that “all leadership ultimately reports to him”. Well I suppose technically they do provide him regular reports, but I’m not sure he has ultimate authority over everybody as he used to.

But as others have pointed out, the Board can always adjust the terms of Elon’s compensation.

He can just consult Tesla, remaining the largest shareholder and get his big payout.

Regardless he’s smart enough to do whatever is best.

He can’t be chairman of the board. I don’t think it’s the same as “executive chairman”?…

As far as I can tell, all leadership is still reporting to him — so I think he is fine on that score. (Abandoning the CEO title didn’t change the reporting structure. I think that’s kinda the point he is trying to make: the formal titles are just a rough orientation, but ultimately quite meaningless… Actual leadership structures are way more nuanced than the rigid terms can express.)

Yes, I used to work for a company (small) where the teller for my division was the mother of the president/owner of the company. It did not matter that she was near the bottom of the organization chart, if she said something to the boss of it all he listened.

And one or two customers who did not know who she was got a surprise when they tried to boss her around claiming “I am a good friend of the owner”, she was not impressed.

How about the “Ghost of Tesla” since it’s Halloween. Alternative … CTO chief twitter officer …

Stock dipped $8/share (~2.5%) when he tweeted that in after-hours trading. Jumped back up to where it was but now its drifting down…

Not sure he’s actually saying anything at all… if he’s resigning, this tweet is not the proper way of announcing that.

Musk and “proper way to announce” are antonyms. This may formally become part of our language:

“Did she announce that through proper channels?”
“Nah, she just Musked it.”

“When I heard that news, I went to the bar and got all Kavanaugh-faced”

STOP trying to blame stock dips on Musk. I have been watching the market ALL day. It has been DROPPING SINCE NOON! I wish people would stop GUESSING at why Tesla stock drops. The short sellers and their faithfuls have been at this FOR YEARS!

It is bizarre that people — even stock analysts — try to point to one single cause of the movement of stock price. There are times when a major event certainly does trigger a rise and fall, but usually there are many factors involved. Furthermore, most individual buying and selling activity is based on emotion and/or following-the-herd behavior, rather than rational reasons.

Abrupt stock movements are usually not many factors. Stock market is mostly psychology, so if Elon Tweets, stock goes down is probably a direct correlation.

Long term movements are usually many factors, but I think it’s fair to say that Elon currently does everything to compensate for the price premium he accomplished with years of good work.

The momentary dip can probably be attributed to some confusion created by his tweets — but since it recovered very quickly, it likely didn’t make a real difference. The slow drift in after-market trading is likely entirely unrelated.

He is definitely not resigning. His job description (on the Tesla site) hasn’t changed in any substantial manner — just dropped the formal titles used in describing his role…

But …… I thought that I was “Nothing of Tesla”?

Now Elon Musk has taken that title from me.

And he didn’t even ask for it.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Do you feel violated?

You can be “The Former Nothing of Tesla” or “Formerly known as Nothing of Tesla”, either of which retains the full extent of your importance to the company.

You can revert to “the former Nothing of Tesla” or “formerly known as the Nothing of Tesla”, and fully retain your importance to the company.

Well, why don’t you sue him? People seem to think they have a right to sue Tesla without any good reason; why not you too?

Wow… Ok… Makes me nervous about what led to this… What with the Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal tearing at the company while their son vies for the Chairman of the Board of Tesla… I sure hope the board isn’t screwing things up now… Would be a shame if FBI rumors being amplified caused more damage. We investors need Tesla stabilized but still bold, in the face of the establishment… Not mellowing or dumbing down. Hang in there Elon and all the other folks actually working there…

Eh, he’s just having fun. He likes to question conventional wisdom in all areas — now he has taken to the area of job titles 😉

He. Is. The man.

As a huge, huge fan of both Tesla and Musk, I sadly believe we are seeing the corrosive effects of a mental disorder, and/or substance abuse. We desperately need him to help lead our transition to carbon free sustainability. Elon, please, get some help.

What are you doing to help him?

I think Elon has gone off the deep end….
Over the course of the past few weeks, he has gone from the worlds most likable CEO, to a circus that is his Twitter account…

I see the desperate shorters are still around, talk about clowns.

Q3 is out, record profits, best seller products, the end. You lost, get over it.

Are you calling me the shorter? If you look at my posting history on this site, you will immediately notice that I am very supportive of Tesla…. I am just pointing out that his posts on Twitter ever since the SEC fines have been weird. Usually, a marked rapid change in behavior is a sign of some underlying issue. In Elon Musks case it could very well be stress-related, but still, he should seek help, or at least, some way of removing stress….

Your post above certainly does come across as FÜD, even if you don’t have a pattern of posting such. Just because you don’t appreciate Elon’s graveyard humor, doesn’t mean Elon has “gone off the deep end”.

The anti-Tesla “Wolf Pack” has shifted to making negative comments about Elon’s twitter posts, since their #1 Tesla bashing claim — that Tesla will never be profitable — has now been disproven, just as all their claims are, sooner or later.

You appear to be buying into that FÜD, even if you’re not a FÜDster. Take care you don’t become a “useful idiot” helping them spread their B.S.

Thanks for the tip…
It does seem like for a minute, I may have been sucked into that FUD mode(after reading a few articles on the web’s). And when you think about it, as long as Elon is posting about dank memes and changing his internet titles, he is not doing anything that would attract that much unwanted attention… He is just demonstrating that he is indeed a human(a very important quality, we all know Mark Zuckerberg is a robot….)

Really, Elon does something and we are look at his actions rather that the results.

I used to get that all the time in my computer work, and I would say “If you don’t like how I do things than do it yourself.”.

Interesting thing, my methods while weird as they may seem to be, worked and I would write documentation too. Often, their methods did not work and if they did work they would say they would write documentation later but never did get around to it.

After a while the bosses started telling the other workers to leave me alone unless they were ready to personally stand behind their work. Many did not.

Ya, his digital text is reminiscent of a serial killer’s inhibitions

“Circus” is probably an apt description. I think he is trying to tell the world that they shouldn’t be taking his tweets too seriously 🙂 People have been reading way too much into them…

(Regarding “likeable”, I don’t see any damage done — unlike some of the unnecessary spats he has been getting into during the months prior…)

Spreading fud?

Humor is lost on some people.

Thanks David. You “get” it!

Yup. Elon’s self-deprecatory joke obviously whizzed right over the heads of some commenting here.

Thanks for stating what Captain Obvious would have mentioned, had he not been previously occupied doing his usual routine of classic goat yoga.

Maybe Elon needs a deep breath of fresh air, and some tiny hoofs on his well stretched back?


He is the same old person. Only the crazy person will start companies like Tesla, SpaceX and Boring Company, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

It’s a sad world when a CEO causing people’s death in search for profits is considered normal, healthy behavior but questioning the status quo and transparent behavior with self deprecating fun is considered a mental disorder


You should not have been worshiping him so much. People surrounded by uncritical worshipers and without any control eventually loose touch with reality, it is just human nature. Plenty of examples in history, from Mao to Jim Jones, they all were “desperately needed” to make this world better place.

Jealous much, dude? 🙄

Pull the other one

I’m a fan too. Even if Elon disappeared today at least the seed of the EV revolution has been planted on more fertile soil than when GM’s EV1 hit… Or maybe a more appropriate analogy is the EV sapling has been nutured into a stronger young tree thanks to Elon.

Ambien will cause strange behavior. Also cannabis does disinhibit some folks and that’s legal in CA. Fortunately he seemed quite coherent in his Marques Brownlee interview which was during these recent months of intermittent erratic behavior.

Trying to characterize Elon as a dopehead just because he took a single puff off a doobie which was offered to him during a marathon late-night podcast… This shows how very desperate the anti-Tesla pravduh brigade has gotten! If there is anything which Elon’s workaholic, overachieving behavior does not indicate, it’s smoking too much weed, or taking too many sedatives.

With “fans” like you, Elon doesn’t need enemies.

Lol, go Elon! I’m surprised how many people, even on this website, seem to confuse “mentally unstable” with having a sense of humor. He’s just poking fun at the people who think that Tesla is going to be any different just because he’s dropping the chairman title. He can call himself whatever he wants and he still runs the place, and does a fantastic job of it.

Absolutely nobody else has been able to replicate his success in EVs or rockets. I would much rather have a successful CEO who says funny things on Twitter than another Eddie Lampert.

While I don’t necessarily think he’s any more unstable now than he’s ever been, his sense of humor comes across as vindictive to me, and he has shown on more than one occasion that he is more sensitive to criticism than most others in his role.

These attributes are risky for someone who runs a company, as they can lead to unpredictability and internal strife. Mr. Musk has so far avoided too much of these consequences by using “moon shot” visions that others did not think were possible. The next question is: can he run an operational car company or will he need another moon shot to get people on board?

“he is more sensitive to criticism than most others in his role.”

That’s because he gives a damn.

No. He welcomes constructive criticism. Just check any number of valid complaints he responds too. He can’t tolerate double standards or targeting him for the wrong reasons

There certainly seems to be some bitterness in Elon’s graveyard humor, calling himself the “Nothing of Tesla”, but vindictiveness? Just who is he being vindictive toward?

Looks to me like you’re doing exactly what you’re accusing Elon of: Being overly sensitive.

A 500,000+ per Year, F150 Competitive, Tesla Pickup, with 350+ Miles Range, & 15,000+ Lbs Towing, could be a Tesla “Moon Shot!”

1. The Big 0 of Tesla
2. He who shall not be titled.
3. Titles forgotten Man alone. (the 9th stage of enlightenment)

I like number 2.

Sarcastic, well done Elon, we know what’s your role of Nothing…… Go Tesla, Go Elon

Mad Scientist of Tesla!

That’s redundant. 😉

(Nikola Tesla is the archetype, the inspiration for, the Mad Scientist stereotype.)

Hah! Good on Elon – this time…. He tweets that he’s deleted those titles from his ONLINE presence – which nobody had noted or commented on before and so far as I can see really isn’t significant…like, AT ALL….just to watch those inclined jump on his every move clearly blow it out of proportion. At least this time, I’d say the trolling’s fair play.

Seriously – I’m no fan of some of Elon’s Twitter antics over the last several months, but last Friday, burried in a string of _COMMENTS_ under an obviously tongue in cheek post of his about how difficult likes are to come by on twitter, he responds to one comment asking him what the ratio of likes was for the tweet that cost him 20 mil that the LIKES/DISLIKES were ‘worth it’ – again, obviously by the very nature of the exchange somewhat facetiously.

In not more and probably much less than ten hours, there’s a story on Reuters claiming with no context that Elon had tweeted that the tweet led to the settlement had been worth it!

That smells of flat out headhunting. And I’d be looking for ways to laugh about it to. 😀

Thank you for putting Elon’s “worth it” tweet into context…. which is something that none of the anti-Tesla Wolf Pack would never, ever do! 🙂

They can be pretty hilarious. One actually asked whether that tweet violates the terms of the settlement… LOL

It’s about time. His title was way too big for some minimum wage employee who spends way too much time on Twitter.


I’m lovin’ it 🙂
His name is Nobody. Nobody has a 20% stake in Tesla and Nobody would already now deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

“My Name is Nobody”

Nobody loves you!

He’s a real nowhere man….

Nobody is more important to Tesla.

Note to outsiders…this is a common Silicon Valley thing. People in start-ups often give themselves weird titles just for the fun of it.

I’ve worked with a “Grand Commander of Allied Forces”. I’ve worked with “Geekmaster Extraordinaire”

Elon being the big guy is having fun going the other way with it.

There’s even a joke Silicon Valley Job Title Generator:


He’s just making sure everyone knows who puts the Zero into Zero Emissions here in the United States, like the scorecard proves!

Tesla has retained the #1 title in Worldwide sales and also extended the lead with #2 BYD. Thanks to genius of Elon Musk and his team. Soon he will become “Something of Tesla”.

Elon is upset that Sodium and Silicon batteries are challenging Lithium batteries, so he threw up.


This article has some very interesting links (especially the last one) — though the author seems to be somewhat confused how these developments relate to each other…

(You seem to be even more confused: silicon anodes do *not* challenge lithium batteries — they are one way to increase the capacity of Li-Ion batteries. Tesla in fact uses some amount of silicon in their current cells.)

Elon Musk is the Preston Tucker of our time.

Preston Tucker may have had the ambition of Elon, but only dreamed of being as visionary as Elon, and very definitely did not have Elon’s business acumen.

However, I think Elon was fully aware of what happened to the Tucker Motor Company, and when Detroit started to move against Tesla as they once did against Tucker, Elon was ready to fight them in court, State by State. Elon also doesn’t spurn the use of lobbyists to protect Tesla’s interests in D.C.

Elon has learned from history, and isn’t doomed to repeat it.

I don’t think that’s a fair assessment. Tesla hasn’t been paralysed by a phony law case in their early days preventing them from bringing their car to production…

Well, perhaps you’re right. What I know of Preston Tucker comes mostly from the movie “Tucker: The Man and His Dream”, and certainly some of that is “history by Hollywood”. Perhaps Tucker was not as naive as the movie made him out to be.

It looks the guy is looking for a way of graceful exit. These criminal cases dragging behind don’t help to fudge numbers.

Lmfao at the serial anti-Tesla zzzzz who is a shill for fool cells and big oil having a wet dream.

Like always, you got it exactly backwards zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

He is saying titles don’t matter, he’s still doing what he’s always done at Tesla. He’s going nowhere as removing the title changed nothing.

Let me know if I need to type slower if you still don’t understand. Keep putting the zzzzzzzzzzzz into boring.

“It looks the guy is looking for a way of graceful exit.”

Hmmm… I can think of at least one of our Üsual Suspects who needs to exit permanently, altho we certainly can’t expect anything “graceful” from you!l.

Its real simple. A puppet will be found to be Chairman for 3 years. Perhaps his door will say “Elon’s Puppet.” The small print: (Take that SEC. You got your cosmetic change for political reasons, as you cater to Big Auto. Yet nothing changed. Welcome to Big Government).

Nobody does it better. Makes me sad for the rest..

Though sometimes I wish someone could

As long as he keeps delivering more cars, no one cares what he is called.

Just keep doing what you are doing.

Hey EM, Stay Well…We ALL Need You

I read this about an hour ago and I just realized what this means. The Shortsellers Enrichment Commision expected Elon to be replaced as chairman of the board by an “independent” chairman but the law does not require a corporation to have a board of directors at all. Pure genius!

Pretty sure a publicly traded corporation must have a board of directors.

Now we know what the Tesla logo means; “The CEO formally known as Elon”
comment image

I see what you did there. 😉

And then he got spanked, again. Public traded companies do have some rules… I love ya Elon, but man do you make it hard!

Elon’s joke can be seen as an intelligence test. Clearly some here failed.

Having a CEO is apparently not among the rules.


I used to think he was just the immature little boy who’s been bullied and now wants to wade in universal love and admiration. But I’m starting to wonder about his mental stability.

I wouldn’t mind if an adult took the helm.

Terawatt complaining about immaturity. Almost like irony.

“I wouldn’t mind if an adult took the helm.”… Like… At Ford? Where are their EV’s?

Certainly seems to be some bitterness underlying this joke on Elon’s part. I can’t say I have much sympathy; I think the SEC was pretty generous in letting him stay on Tesla’s Board of Directors, and allowing his demotion to be only temporary.

In the State of Missouri, corporations are indeed required to have three corporate officers. My memory of the details has dimmed over the years, but it may well be that these are designated — by default — as President, Treasurer, and Secretary. But the law also states that corporations can choose their own titles if they wish. I don’t know if California law is the same, but it seems likely. (Would California law really mandate what title a corporation gives to its corporate officers?)

So, from that perspective, if Elon really wants to be the “Nothing of Tesla”, then likely Tesla can designate one of the corporate officer titles as “Nothing”… 😉

He sucks at standup comedy.

Might want to stick to running Tesla.

Not only is Elon saving the world but he also keeps us thoroughly entertained

Best wishes to all the nothings of Tesla and all others that identify as humans.

Short sighted Jim (Polyphemus) Chanos: ” Help, Help, No Man has blinded me”.

Grow up Elon.

Deleting titles from the web page had no legal ramifications, and aside from lowering the stock price when people question Musk’s mental state, it has no bearing on anything.

The SEC penalty was not for him to glibly delete the text of his title on the company’s webpage & his Twitter profile. He is required by the letter of the law to be removed as Chairman of the Board and *not* engage in the actions of that role. – Mock the penalty all you want, or the -0.1% affect on his net worth or Tesla’s stock chart movement since. – he has no choice but to abide by penalty imposed on him (like an average citizen). He is legally not the Chairman of Board & not permitted to act in that capacity…(secretly or overtly) and no-one may engage with him as COB. – Such is the law.
He may laugh-it-off (as an eccentric Billionaire) but it’ll probably be a tough change for him personally.