Elon Musk Stars In Interstellar Parody Mashup Video


We laughed, we cried, it is better than Cats.

If you ever watched the movie Interstellar starring, among others, Anne Hathaway, then some of the footage in the video above may ring a bell. What might not seem familiar, however, is the presence of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company on the flight deck during a particularly dramatic moment in the film. Thanks to the magic of modern digital image manipulation and inventive editing, the entrepreneur and acclaimed actress work together to save themselves (and, possibly, humanity) in a new, short video. It’s pretty hilarious.

The clip’s creator has placed the image of Musk’s head discussing various things and placed it over that of the original actor’s (Matthew McConaughey) in the scene. Some of the more comedic moments come from footage gleaned from the billionaire’s infamous appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast. Interspersed are snippets of a Falcon 9 first stage as it plummets back to earth.

If you watched the recent SpaceX Commercial Resupply Services mission (CRS-16) webcast, you may have already been witness to the drama that gets mashed up with Interstellar clip. After it had successfully gotten the upper stages headed toward orbit, the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket headed toward a drone ship the landing pad.

Alas, after many similar successful landings, this one turned out to be less so. As it descended toward Earth, the ship started to rotate off-kilter, and it appeared to be headed for complete destruction. Apparently, a hydraulic pump operating one of three grid fins had stalled. Luckily, control was regained before splashdown, but the rocket eased itself into the Atlantic Ocean, rather than the waiting craft.

That moment, mixed with the successful landing on Miler’s planet and another infamous quote from Musk, all come together for an uproarious ending.

You can watch the original Interstellar clip, along with two perspectives of the first stage of the Falcon 9 losing control and making a water landing below. Enjoy!



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Nicely done!

Yep. Good stuff.

I’m sure some copyright infringement is involved.

Yeah – Paramount could sue, but that would be lame. Paramount should be grateful for the attention.

Yeah, ask the people who did that Hitler movie if they’ve ever sued anyone who made a parody.

lol!….. this makes the original clip (sans Musk) looks lame in comparison… lol lol…
Now I can’t unwatch this… even if I watch the original movie again… I will see Elon landing the spaceship..

I love that docking scene in the movie, and have watched it many times on youtube.

That was so awesome combining it with the recent Falcon 9 water “landing”.

That’s not the original clip that you posted above, as that is the water landing on Miller’s planet.

Here is the original clip:

Very good stuff!

Just a point of correction for the article, CRS16 was supposed to be a return-to-landing-site landing, no drone ship was involved.

Ok, that makes sense. I watched it live, but somehow missed that (now, very obvious) point.