Plug-In Electric Car Sales Ranked By OEM – 2018 YTD Through July

SEP 6 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

Tesla quickly catches up with the top plug-in manufacturers

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance remains the top automotive group in terms of plug-in electric car sales YTD through the end of July (97,695), but the one that shines now is Tesla (91,201).

According to EV Sales Blog, Tesla improved its position from 5th at the end of 2017, to second in the first 7 months of 2018, just ahead of BYD (90,436).

It’s important to note that GM is now out of top 10 at just 29,570. Moreover, five groups in top 10 are now Chinese manufacturers. Just two groups are from Europe (BMW and Volkswagen), with a minority stake of Renault in RNM alliance. Tesla is the only one from North America in the top 10.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Ranked By OEM – July 2018

Chinese domination in volume of plug-in electric car sales (46%) can be seen better when comparing the origin of the brands:

World’s Plug-In Electric Car Sales By Brand Origin – July 2018

Source: EV Sales Blog

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If GM is at 39,750, why isn’t it between Geely and Hyundai-Kia on the chart?

They type wrong, it’s 29,570 sales for GM the first 7 month.

Yep, sorry. Fixed.

So GM has fallen out of the Top Ten for Global EV Sales.

Tesla is coming in a close second place, with just 6495 extra sales needed to be the Global Leader through July 2018.

Lookout R-N-M Alliance, Tesla might actually lead, when the August sales numbers are done being tallied up.

China being dominant is not a surprise. Huge population and huge need to reduce smog.
But Germany being ahead of the US given their population is 1/4 of the US might not be so obvious.

it’s about brand origin, not total market size. Germany just has a lot of successful car brands. The weakness of Japan on the EV market is more staggering.

because their biggest producer Toyota is still focused on Hydrogen (and some PHEV) not on BEV.

Another Euro point of view

Didn’t Nissan just started production of a cheap version of the Leaf 2 in China ? This may have an effect as of year end although most likely not enough to keep Tesla off the 1st place in 2018.

It’s not exactly a Leaf (sedan, not hatchback); though certainly similar.

Will it be a best-seller in China? Frankly, I’d be surprised. They just have so many other options to chose from there…


I upvoted your comment as it was the most minimal and thought provoking I have ever come across on this site.

I doubt the number for Germany. I bet it’s ~160.000 EU plug-in sales YTD or all time EV sales in Germany. Germans buy about 4000-6000 plug-ins a month.

Another Euro point of view

I think it shows the number of plug-ins sold by German car makers worldwide, so not what German buys.

The number is not sales in Germany, but cars manufactured (in different countries) by german brands sold worldwide.

Try to read this article one more time :).

Ah… right… worldwide sales from brands… hm… seems still high. Does it include Chinese-German cooperations like Denza?

Another Euro point of view

VW group + BMW group + Mercedes. The Mercedes PHEVs with ultra short EV range did sell rather well at least in Europe mainly as company cars in countries with good PHEVs incentives.

It should not as Denza should be 51 percent BYD owned and 49 percent Mercedes since when Denza was formed foreign auto companies were not allowed to have controlling interest in joint ventures…
That has changed now and BMW has already or is in the process of getting controlling interest in their JVs…

Denza also does not sell enough cars to matter 🙁

The one to look out for is the BEV JV SOL between JAC and VW…
They being VW has to sell an awful lot of EVs in China starting next year with China’s sales mandate since VW sells almost 2x the autos as the number 2 brand in China…