Electric 2018 BMW 3 Series eDrive Sport With 90 kWh Battery To Challenge Tesla (w/video)


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BMW is reportedly readying a pure electric version of its all-new 2018 BMW 3 Series.

The new 3 Series will arrive in gas and diesel form within 18 months, but beyond that there’s lot of speculation that a pure electric 3 Series, called the eDrive Sport, will launch to directly challenge the Tesla Model 3. A plug-in hybrid is planned too.

Reports suggests that the 3 Series eDrive Sport will come equipped with a 90 kWh battery pack, which if true, is massive given the relatively small size of the 3 Series.

Auto Express states:

“…the manufacturer is also planning to take on the forthcoming Tesla Model 3 by offering not only a plug-in hybrid version of the car, but also a fully electric edition.”

The new 3 Series will ride on a mostly carbon fiber platform, similar to the 7 Series. This will reduce its weight by up to a couple hundreds pounds. That’s important if you’re going to stuff it with 90 kWh of battery.

Auto Express adds:

“BMW is working on a radical, fully electric solution as it strives to fend off competition from the forthcoming Tesla Model 3 in key markets like the US.”

“The CLAR platform is claimed to have been engineered with electrification in mind, and BMW’s engineers are said to be working on the installation of a 90kWh battery pack, potentially giving the 3 Series EV – which is likely to carry the badge eDrive Sport – a range of around 300 miles.”

Some reports suggest that the pure electric 3 Series might not arrive until around 2020, but the PHEV 3 Series will be available very close to the launch time of the new 3. Regardless, there’s a long-range electric 3 Series in the works and it’ll likely be the strongest competition out there for the upcoming Tesla Model 3, even if it’s a couple years late to the party.

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“Reports suggests that the 3 Series eDrive Sport will come equipped with a 90 kWh battery pack, which if true, is massive given the relatively small size of the 3 Series.”

No one needs a trunk right? (see Ford Energi)

BMW knows how to put a battery underneath the car. (see i3)

90kWh would be almost 5 times what the i3 has. A BMW 3 series is a small car, and definitely not 5 times the size of an i3.

Well, 3x what the 2017 i3 will have. Still you’re right, the 3 series is not 3x the size of the i3. But in a few more years, batteries will likely be even more dense. Also, have you seen the cutout view of the i3? The battery hardly spans the entire length of the car (like Tesla’s batteries to).

i3 is on a dedicated platform, so battery placement can be optimized effectively.

Extensive use of carbon fiber implies a fundamentally new platform for the 3-series as well.

“BMW knows how to put a battery underneath the car. (see i3)”

When designing from the ground up. But this seems to be a conversion of an ICE car. I wonder what it will be like.

Not necessarily. BMW could absolutely be working on a new platform which can hold 90kWh of batteries under the floor. They have a lot of experience with EVs, going back to the e-Mini. I doubt they would take the Ford method of shoving that many batteries into the trunk. I could be wrong, but I suspect BMW will do it right (since they clearly know how).

Shoving them all in the trunk would monkey with the weight balance of the car…something BMW is fanatical about.

I’ll take mine in black.

Any game plan for locating 90kwh? They may use CFRP frame, but that’s a “from the ground up” design. Hope 2020 isnt the first delay point. Noise is always free, to these OEMs.

No-one needs a trunk, But., Everybody needs a Frunk !

Great news! Only, 90kWh in a BMW sounds very expensive, probably Model S money….

I predict 70000€

Yeah, this will probably be pretty expensive. But at least it gives them something to compete against Tesla with. The i8 and i3 don’t do the job.

I wonder what will the energy density be in the Tesla batteries in 2018!

If it’s engineered Properly , It should/will have a frunk plus a trunk….

A 300 mile 3-Series EV would be nice. Tesla has been working to get 500 miles under the Model S, so 300 under the 3-Series and Model 3 makes sense.

300 miles could be the ‘premium’ range vs 200 for consumer brands, and both keep moving up as costs drop.

BMWs challenge will be pricing. They have no lower cost high volume brand to help bring down the battery/component costs. A base $70k 3-Series seems a bit more of a stretch than a base $70k Model S full size sedan.

Electrification is where I think brands like Ford, GM, VW, Nissan have an advantage, where they can get the volume on the consumer brand vehicles, that brings down the electrification price on their luxury brand models.

Didn’t Elon say putting in more than 300 miles of range didn’t really make sense?

I’d be very happy with 300 miles in crappy weather. That would probably translate into about 400 in good weather.

Why does it matter whether Elon said it? Isn’t it of more interest to discuss whether it’s true?

The OP stated Tesla was working on getting 500 miles into the Model S, but the CEO said anything much more than 300 miles didn’t make sense.

That’s why I replied. I know a couple years ago Tesla said they “could” do a 500 mile car. And this it was “possible”. But that doesn’t mean it makes sense to do so.

300 miles in -25 or while towing a caravan/boat then we don’t need much more.
The problem is that it translates to ~500 miles current EPA.

Even if most will be satisfied with less we are far from done in the range/kWH increases.

Once you can tow 25,000 lbs up Mauna Kea, HI in -65 degree driven snow and ice for 1,000 miles with a bad wheel bearing you don’t need much more range.

Feels like the goalposts keep moving. 🙂

probably it would be 2x 3rd gen i3 pack, but I can’t imagine stuffing 2x amount

The BMWi3 will most probably have around 44kWh in a smaller format in 2019. So a pack between 60kWh-90kWh is more then probable. But I expect something closer to 60kWh, same as the TM3

No reason BMW can’t have multiple battery sizes like the Model 3 will.

Has that been officially announced? I suspect it will have different capacities as well, I just don’t remember ever seeing confirmation.

Tesla seems to have accomplished their goal in spurring EV innovation. Good times in motoring.

I agree. What the haters don’t realize or want to accept is that even if Tesla folded tomorrow (as some or most of them wish), they/Tesla would have been wildly successful in achieving their primary mission — ie, to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport[ation].


“Electric 2018 BMW 3 Series eDrive Sport With 90 kWh Battery To Challenge Tesla”


“Some reports suggest that the pure electric 3 Series might not arrive until around 2020”

So not a 2018 3 Series eDrive Sport. Maybe a 2020 3 Series eDrive Sport…maybe.

From Auto Express:

“BMW plans to fight back against the Audi A4, Jaguar XE and Mercedes C-Class by introducing a hi-tech 3 Series within the next 18 months – and the compact exec is set to get an all-electric version during its lifetime.”

So a pure EV will happen sometime during this platform’s lifetime. The latest 3 Series platform began sales in October of 2011 and will continue until the fall of 2017. So if we add the same ~6 years from 2018 on it could be by 2020 or midway as a 2021.

Big question is what are they doing about battery cell supply to ship any kind of decent volumes in 2020 or 2021.

No way the 3er eDrive will have a base price of $35k with 215 miles.

Not a chance.

iNext /

The primary competitor for the 3-series BEV will be the 3-series ICE and PHEV cars. Two possibilities: 1) It is way overpriced, limiting its impact all around, or 2) is is competitive and becomes the best selling 3-series car (because it will be better than the ICE-based cars). Hoping for 2) (and I think Elon is too).

I wonder what the fast charge rate will be.
Probably going to be CCS?

Or maybe they are the OEM that was in talks with Tesla on jumping into the SC network…….hmmmm.

Tesla said it was a non-German company.

90 kWh, I think more 2019/2020 when new battery technology arrives with 350 Wh/kg.

Car simply doesn’t look big enough to get a 90kwh pack underneath. Maybe fill the area under the hood with batteries?
It won’t be anywhere near 50/50 weight distribution, but at least it’ll have a trunk. I wonder if they’ll swallow a little German pride and utilize the supercharger network?

Great, now where are you going to charge it on a trip? Automakers keep forgetting Tesla’s not-so-secret weapon with the supercharging network.

Pretty certain 90 kWh for 2018 ain’t happening – at least not for 3-series money!

I do hope they launch a pure EV competitor to face off Model 3 ASAP though. Competition is always a plus, and so far no real M3 competition has been announced.

Awesome! BMW will have a car to compete against the Model S 90’s only 3-5 years after Tesla brought theirs to market in July of 2015.

I say that half sarcastically, and half in actual joy. Because if they hit 2018, I believe that would actually put BMW ahead of all the other ICE car companies claiming they are planning on building a Tesla competitor.

We definitely need more competition in the EV sector. It’s not like there is only 1 ICE car sold with a V8, but EV buyers really only have the Tesla to choose from in its category. That’s not good for the EV market in the long term.

Things are heating up!

I would love that option in the marketplace. Unfortunately, the known facts don’t at all support the likelihood of it happening. Battery supplies, weight, size, and cost combine to make that rumor fall into the borderline ludicrous territory. And not the way Tesla uses that word.

And I very much look forward to hearing the announcement of a BMW equivalent SuperCharger network opening… some time in the next 10 years or so?

The factory does not even exist yet. The ICE version will be built and sold long before any EV offering. Long Long way out even compared to the Tesla 3.
the there is the no supercharging thing…..

BMW says, ” please please wait until 2020 for us to have a really cool EV. So go ahead and lease a BMW gasser for the next 4 years…”