Dual-Motor Tesla Model 3 VIN Registrations Near 40,000

AUG 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

Dual motor Tesla Model 3 accounts for more than 70% of production

The all-wheel drive, dual motor Tesla Model 3 became the primary version right after VIN registrations began on June 28.

The share of dual motor was almost 70% in the first several weeks and now it’s over 72% since June 28 – 39,581 out of 54,726 total. It’s possible that the dual motor will soon take an even higher 80% share.

Tesla already registered 108,729 Model 3 VINs and more than 70,000 were produced.

The high ratio of the more expensive dual-motor Model 3 should improve Tesla’s margins and in combination with higher volume, there are chances that the third quarter will not bring losses for the company.

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5 Comments on "Dual-Motor Tesla Model 3 VIN Registrations Near 40,000"

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Great Link!! – Thx.

Makes sense since they filled most of the RWD orders already — now working through the backlog of AWD pre-orders. I wonder if they start filling foreign LR-RWD orders before introducing the SR version in the US???

I don’t think that they have filled demand, people just want AWD. If they had started selling both at same time my hunch is the mix would have been similar.

I really hope they do start selling premium long range version in europe/asia/Australia before releasing the SR. Those who want tesla to survive will wait a bit longer for SR.