DragTimes Publishes First Test Results From Tesla Model S P100DL (w/video)


Leave it to the fine folks over at DragTimes to not only get the chance to drive the very first delivery of the P100DL Model S, but also publish some highly documented test results.

The results…impressive. That’s for sure!

DragTimes states:

“While we impatiently wait for our Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous to arrive from Tesla, we had the awesome opportunity to test out what is mostly likely the first P100D to be delivered. A Tesla enthusiast family with 5 Tesla’s took delivery of their P100D in Palm Beach Florida and headed right over for us to take a look as well as do the first set of real world performance tests.”


In terms of power, DragTimes found that the P100D put out “567 kW which converts to an astounding 760 HP.” DragTimes adds:

“Previous test data on the latest P90D Ludicrous refresh hit 500-512 kW, so this puts the P100D with around a 70-90HP peak gain over it’s predecessor.”

Configuration matters when you’re conducting speed/performance tests, so DragTimes notes the following:

“This P100D was configured with the standard 19″ wheels with all season 245/45/19″ tires and no panoramic roof. Other options included autopilot, premium upgrades package and ultra high fidelity sound.”

With a full charge, DragTimes says the car showed 317 miles of range and testing was set to begin.

The results:

  • 0-60 MPH  in 2.54 seconds
  • 0-100 MPH in 6.5 seconds
  • 1/4 mile time of 10.7 @ 124.5 MPH.

Check out the video above for more details and to see the P100DL in action.

Video description:

“We have the exclusive first performance tests of the Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous. Just how quick is the all new Tesla P100D from 0-60 MPH, 0-100 MPH and 1/4 Mile?”

Source: DragTimes

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2.54 sec! Pretty soon, only cars to drag race a Tesla will be other Teslas.

And that’s with the 19″ wheels. It should be even faster with the 21s.

Not actually, 21s have more weight and more inertial mass, so it will be a bit slower.
For dynamic is best to have the smallest rims possible.
The big ones are just to make the other people envious!

If P100DL is power limited, then smaller tires would yield quicker times. But if it’s traction limited, larger tires may result in quicker times. They should try 21″ tires to find out.

Or do what some Dodge Hellcat owners do, and get a set of dedicated race slicks just for the drag strip.

Well the P90D was traction limited on 19s…. so I assume that’s the case for the P100D.

Put on some Tyo’ss 888 semi slicks – what many GT-R also do – and probably “lower 10’s” are possible too

My friend’s modded GTR had a hard time getting traction with drag radials. Ran 10.30’s at 138mph. Tesla would literally need 150 more HP to trap 138mph.

Big tires are also generally worse for cornering and efficiency, but should be more comfortable to ride on, and make potholes less noticeable too.

Faster, yes. Quicker, no.

Those words generally mean the same thing, and the new Model S is both.


I hope they sell a lot of them. 🙂

I really wish this BS lately about faster and quicker meaning different things would die already. THEY MEAN THE EXACT SAME THING. There is NO distinction!

Says the one who does not know the difference between the first derivative of position with respect to time, and the second derivative.

According to EVERY English dictionary they are exactly the same thing!

No, there is a difference.

Fast refers to velocity: “155 mph is very fast.”

Quick refers to time: “2.5 seconds is very quick.”

Here is another example: “The P100D can go fast very quickly and the P90D can also go fast, just not as quickly.”

No, that’s BS invented by some gearheads. Is a rapid car faster or quicker than a snappy car? Rapid, fast and quick are synonyms. Instead of coming up with new meanings for words you should be talking about “fast acceleration”, for example.

The dictionary may say they are the same but most car guys know the “difference” when talking about fast/quick cars.

Most people in the world would say they are synonyms.
If u come in first place in a race, are u faster or quicker then the others?

High 10’s in the quarter, 124 mph… Looks like all the ICE fans who always bring up trap speed will start to quiet down a bit…

Nope! They’ll just find something else to bitch about!?

Will be interesting to see what the next gen Roadster will do (if it ever happens….).

Yeah, that is clearly not a priority. But maybe in a few years after things have become more routine they can build a small lightweight Roadster with some huge motors and big battery to have a drag race beast. Something that can do white zombie numbers.

I want to know which is faster:

Maximum Plaid



I think it depends on whether you use the Romulan quantum singularity drive or not.

Wasn’t the efficacy of the Romulan quantum drive called into question by Starfleet and the Vulcan council??

Still waiting for a bugattti vs Tesla vs Rimac showdown

Model S is heavy and how much cheaper than the other 2? That’s why I want to see carbon fiber Model S/X.

They already did a Tesla, Rimac, Ferrari race:

Rimac Concept_One 1/4 Mile Races The Tesla Model S P90D, LaFerrari – Videos


Poor gearbox 🙂

Yeah. 🙁

So he hit 139 mph in a 45 mph speed zone. Nice. 🙁

Not sure he lauch in that zone, but he end up there.
It doesn’t matter anyway because there is no 139 mph speed zone anywhere in USA.
I call him a moron!

No worries if an accident happen is autopilot’s fault

Popular saying in China, is not a popular one here. 😉

For the record, that wasn’t me responding above, but some other dude named Sven. I’d never say anything to disparage Autopilot, Tesla, Elon. 😉

And yet you claim to be a prospective Tesla customer.

I don’t think you could handle it.

You need a last name or something. There are lots of Sven’s where I come from.

Ya there were many elderly people and children at play on that long stretch of empty open road where they had someone scout before they launched a 130+ run

So what would happen if something went wrong and one of the wheels flew off the car at 138 mph. How far would that wheel go? Last month in my area a wheel fell off a car going 50 to 60 mph, bounced and rolled over the wide grass median and struck a car traveling in the opposite direction many hundreds of feet away from where the wheel fell off, instantly killing the driver of that car. How far would a 138 mph wheel bounce and roll? How do you know they had someone scout the road? Did they also have someone scout the road in the opposite direction for oncoming traffic in case a wheel or other car part broke loose? Paul Walker and his buddy might have been high speed driving on a public road, but the wreckage of his Porsche ended up far off the public road, wrapped around a tree in a parking lot. He was lucky there were no people standing around or walking in that parking lot. That Tesla involved in the fatal crash in the Netherlands a week of two ago, hit a tree near the road, but didn’t come to a stop… Read more »

I’ve seen the road they do these tests on. It’s literally an open boring straight road surrounded by open, visible fields and low grass. They could see an oncoming car or any people/animals/property in the fields for MILES around.


What would be the real life range of this P100D in basic trim?

P100D is gonna kick some gas guzzling super car ARSE…LOL

Man, the ultrasonic sensors on that car are amazing!

I raced one of these with my Hyundai, just barely beat him. The Tesla driver was headed over to congratulate me, when my darned kid woke me up!?

Lost 6 miles off that launch. Yikes

Nice seeing a reading of 317 miles full charge.

Yeah, I thought this was a 100, but you can only launch it 50 times!?

I would guess that part of that is due to the computer changing the algorithm it uses to extrapolate how much electricity it will use per mile. It isn’t a direct measurement of what percent of the battery was used.

If they went down a long hill after that, my guess would be that the range would go back up.

That’s the predictive part of the algorithm basing the future off of what has just happened.

AWD is impressive for traction, but electrics seem to take it to a new level. Unlike regular automatics (much less sticks), they just don’t “shock” the tires as hard (i.e. no torque converter flash, etc.) so that slight ease of the line makes for incredible, repeatable acceleration runs.

Electrics do AWD better because you don’t need a differential to distribute power from the engine to the different wheels. By incorporating a motor in each hub, or in Tesla’s case one front, one rear, you can independently control power to the wheels almost instantaneously in response to loss of traction. A traditional AWD system has some delay/lag as energy is transferred through all the moving parts, but the computer powering the motors in the EV can respond much quicker. It’s all around a superior system.

I wonder what it would do with sticky tires!

Well it depends if the tyres are peaking on grip or not. If the existing tyres aren’t slipping anyway then extra grip won’t make any difference. I don’t know for sure if the existing acceleration is hampered by traction control or not.

Drag racing is a neat trick for teenagers at stoplights but what I want to know is, what’s the Ring time??

Do you spend a lot of your day to day driving on the ring??

I spend a lot of my day to day driving time stopping and going at stoplights.

The Ring?

Where’s that at in California? Or on my commute to work? Lot of stoplights on my way to work, no ring.


I’m not so sure drag racing is age specific.?