Dodge Demon Disclaimer Admits Its Slower Than Tesla Model S


Or not…

By now, our loyalists know that the Dodge Demon Challenger stands no chance in a race against the Tesla Model S P100D and now, in a rather hilarious (to us at least) advertisement, Dodge openly admits to the fact that the Demon is outdone by electric cars.

See this embedded Tweet:

The issue with the Demon is almost always related to lack of traction. The Model S simply blows it away off the line and then, the race to 100 MPH, is easily won by the electric Tesla. That’s not to say the Demon isn’t capable of beating the Model S. It is. But the circumstances must be perfect and the driver of the Demon exceptionally skilled.

Meanwhile, 9 times out of 10, even with an amateur racer behind the wheel, the Model S will win this matchup.

We see a similar scenario play out with other electric cars too. Coupling the instant torque from an electric motor to any capable AWD setup usually results in a car that’s lightning quick off the line. So quick that even though a gasser might gain ground near the end of the quarter-mile, it’s often too little, too late.

We eagerly await the arrival of the now-cheaper Performance variant of the Tesla Model 3 so we can see if it too can become an immediate drag strip champ.

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Hah. As if there is a shred of overlap between the Demon and Tesla markets. This ad makes perfect sense. Apples to apples.

Tesla that costs $100k could advertise their car saying that it’s the cheapest in the world and put in the fine print that it excludes cars that are under 100k…and that would be ok in your bizaro world. You are fricking wired!

Seems anyone in the market for a car which blows away everything else on the road, would want the faster car, not the slower Demon.

People in that market often are looking for the roar of a V8. Odd but true.

That is very true lol if you search youtube for videos of demons and hellcats many of the videos begin with a shot of tailpipe while car is idling and they believe that muscle cars are manly electric cars are girly. GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS thanks

Not odd, but stupid.

They defined fastest by 0-100 mph, which the Model S does in 6s and the Demon in 5.1s.
Honestly I think this is more to exclude the 918 (4.9s) and maybe Rimac (I can’t find the numbers), but Model S is geared almost perfectly to have the flat maximum amount of torque up to 60mph after that it falls off quite quickly and allows the Demon to catch up.

Or maybe they’re talking about the real-world reports coming back about the soon-to-be-released Roadster 2.0. And the Rimac. And others to follow. The dominoes aren’t falling, they’ve fallen. ICE has been dethroned- Nurburgring, Pike’s Peak, 1/4 mile races, it’s happening.

Maybe that’s what the Demon is alluding to.

I doubt they are eluding to the the Roadster as its not in production. Plus chances are it wont be on the road for some time.

@Seven Electrics:

Nice of you to give us a textbook example of a “sour grapes” comment. 🙄

7 fake electrics is a serial anti-Tesla troll and shorter who is losing more and more of his money and therefore hates Tesla and Musk.

You got a point. The vast majority of people interested in buying a Demon probably look down on EVs like they are pond scum. I bet there really isn’t much overlap.

We will get used to seeing ads like this in the years to come. EVs are so much better in efficiency and acceleration that the ice manufacturers will have to fine print their ads when bragging about their performance cars.

I’m the fastest runner on the planet!

Fine print:
Excludes people running faster than me. Thanks for playing.

Time for an hybrid Demon.
Does not need a big battery (or super capacitors), just enough to kick in for 2 seconds, then the ICe can take over

No, because Elon will just strap rocket motors to his Roadster 2.0 to take the title back again..

The ad makes no special mention of Model S, just electric cars in general. Highest HP ice car is no match for the most powerful electric car on the drag strip.

We are talking production cars here…


Still not sure why they would want to do a disclaimer. Several Demon owners have run very low 10’s at over 130mph. Even the regular Hellcat can top out over 200mph. Max performance number’s of the Tesla still lag behind the Demon.

Here is a data base showing stock Demons runningnlow 10s with most over 130mph in the quarter. Numbers no stock production Tesla has replicated. Do the name Tesla specifically in the disclaimer or just electric/hybrid’s in general?–Challenger-Demon-Drag-Racing.html

Yes, we know. Some stripped gasser got to barely beat a stock family sedan. Impressive….lol.

The # indicates stock vehicle on the Dragtime listing. And other than Tesla”s initial launch ( which still doesn’t make it beat the Demon in the quarter mile), there is no comparison between a 122mph trap and 132mph trap car.

The # indicating stock doesn’t mean what you think it means. For example, take this car from your link:

10.240*# Dodge Challenger Demon Race PCM 2018 Demonology

This car runs oversized Hoosier drag slicks that can’t really be used off the track, and 100 octane Sunoco 260 GT race gas that isn’t even street legal in CARB states, and has a Race PCM to modify the computer to produce more power than stock.

Not exactly as stock as you make it sound.

There is no business for family sedans in 0-60 mph record department. Unless you want your kids street race and burn like these in Fort Lauderdale.

Knifes are dangerous too…

And watch out for snakes!

Yes, there is a good reason why people don’t drive snakes… they are dangerous.

“excludes non-mass production vehicles”

How exactly are they defining “non-mass production” seeing as how they’re only making 3,300 Demons?
I’d call that non-mass production numbers.
Seriously though, is there a technically and absolutely defined limit between mass production and non-mass?

Also, while I’m commenting…
“Fastest production car in the world”
It comes on tyres that are restricted to 168mph and even on different tyres, Road & Track only got 203mph. That’s not even close to the fastest cars in the world, it wouldn’t even be the fastest car 25 years ago.
I think someone in the Dodge marketing department meant to say “quickest”, not “fastest”.
There’s a difference.

“How exactly are they defining ‘non-mass production’ seeing as how they’re only making 3,300 Demons?”

Presumably they, just like any sensible person, would define it as a car which isn’t made on a mass production line. Presumably the Dodge Demon is at least partly built on a mass production line, despite your suggestion here. It seems rather unlikely that any auto maker would make 3300 of a single model entirely by hand, with no automation at all.


Even Ferrari builds cars on a production line. The question remains, at what level is it considered “mass” production? I would suggest that would be well above 3300 per year. Again, even Ferrari makes more cars that that.

This Dodge ad and disclaimer is just totally lame.


They defined fastest by 0-100 mph, which the Model S does in 6s and the Demon in 5.1s.
Honestly I think this is more to exclude the 918 (4.9s), etc. and maybe Rimac (I can’t find the numbers), but Model S is geared almost perfectly to have the same maximum amount of torque to 60mph after that it fall off quite quickly and allows the Demon to catch up.

“The issue with the Demon is almost always related to lack of traction. ” – Not just Demon but almost every other cars with ICE engine. Not because of the instant torque since the Demon obviously has a lot of it at low RPM, and they can overcome that by making bigger engine. The advantage of a Tesla car is how smart it is in controlling the massive instant torque. It has to do with intelligent electronics and instant communication with the motor (traction sensors to motor control, plus smart software). The 0-60 war is going to be between electrics from now on. ICE already lost.

Yes sure 0-60 mph. If you care so much about it for “family sedan” as some call it. But even drag racers may care more about 1/4 mile. Not even to mention the ability to go few laps around the track where Tesla falls flat on its face.

Anyway, it was supposed to be about environment and “saving the planet”. Saving the planet by burning tires? This greenwashing has as much to do with environment as adult entertainment.

And of course none of this contest relates to just how easy it is to dose out the defeat.

Timmy agrees that that is hilarious.

Pretty lame of Dodge. That’s like me saying I’m the fastest 100m sprinter in the world.*

*excluding all people in the world faster than me

IDK, it’s what, 1/3rd the cost of a P100D? Those markets aren’t’ cross shopped at all either. There is no electric car in it’s price range that could beat it, that’s for sure. It’s pretty weird though, they should have tweaked their claim to make it more true – especially since I’m pretty sure this won’t beat a Cheyron, or a Veyron, or a handful of other exotics that all qualify as production cars, but I have not checked that. Maybe they should have just said “Fastest Production car less than $100k”.

I can run faster than Usain Bolt*

*When he’s asleep.