Here’s What’s Known Of Porsche’s Upcoming All-Electric SUV


It’s looking like Porsche will introduce its first pure-electric SUV in 2022, and here’s what we know so far.

The all-electric Porsche Taycan is coming soon. Well, the plan is for it to go on sale in 2020. Following that effort, Porsche will release an all-new battery-electric SUV to compete with the Jaguar I-Pace. Apparently, the automaker is already in the development stages of its electric crossover, which will also work to compete with the Tesla Model X and Audi e-Tron, though the latter is under the same VW Group brand umbrella.

According to a recent article by What Car?, the upcoming Porsche electric SUV will come standard with all-wheel drive by way of two electric motors. In its base configuration, it will churn out some 400bhp and have a real-world range of 250 miles or more. These numbers parallel that of its corporate cousin, the Audi e-Tron, which comes as no surprise. In addition, several variants will be available, with a top-of-the-line model pushing some 600bhp, but potentially less range.

The SUV will follow in the footsteps of the current Macan, although it will be an all-new offering. Essentially, it will be a four-door crossover with seating for five people. It will be sized much like the Macan, but offer the cargo volume of the current Porsche Cayenne. Fortunately, the EV powertrain will allow for more available space due to the lack of a large internal combustion engine.

Porsche already announced that it will offer an electrified variant of all of its vehicles by 2023, so this all-new SUV will have to be released ahead of that timeline if the brand is going to stay true to its word. Unless, of course, the automaker decides to come to market with another plug-in hybrid or traditional hybrid SUV by 2023.

What Car? assumes the upcoming crossover will share similar pricing with the current Cayenne E-Hybrid.

Source: What Car?

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This will be the third all electric Porsche, the article makes it seem like it is the second.

Following 2020 every month a new VW group BEV will hit the road.

Seems for now that indeed they will put 1 BEV on the road per month as of 2020 at the earliest. 🙂


2020? That stinks.
The sooner we get models like the Taycan, the faster the move to EVs.
I do not think that Taycan can compete against MS, but I DO think that it can sell as many.

You do realize it’s 2019, right? I’d hardly say that timeline, “stinks;” it’s not like 2020 is ten years away. And, most model years begin selling in the fourth quarter of the preceding year, meaning potentially this year.

Great news! Taycan in 2020, Cross Turismo in 2021 and the CUV in 2022 with all other models offering plug-in hybrid versions by 2023. Next gen Macan as a 2023 model and the last in the line to be electrified; the 992.2 version of the 911. Exciting stuff!

An electric Maccan is all I want.

You should mention the platforms. One of VW’s manufacturing specialties is sharing designs across different cars. Many of their ICE cars are based off of the same MQB platform. For the electric car they came up with the MEB platform–a motor/lower battery/wheel skateboard assembly that will be the basis of a large number of their upcoming electric cars (at least 27 plus it might even be shared with other car manufacturers).

For performance cars they are starting with the J1 platform, to be followed by the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) and even later, a platform called SPE (Sports Platform Electric).

The Taycan and Audi e-tron are based on the J1 platform.