Watch As China’s First Electric, Fully Self-Driving Taxis Hit the Road


Electric autonomous taxis are being tested in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Public Transportation Group and state-backed carmaker Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) launched trials of the first three autonomous all-electric taxis in Guangzhou in Guangdong province, China.

The vehicles driveĀ as shuttles between the university and the station, which to us means that there is fixed, programmed route and in the video we see that a test driver is required to take control of the car in any situation.

Anyways, the developments moves forward and passengers can take a ride to experience what it’s like to be driven by a robot.

“Equipped with radars and cameras, the electric vehicles developed by a GAC unit monitor their surroundings via 360-degree images. One or two supervisors ride along with passengers to ensure safety., a leading autonomous driving company, provides technical support.The partners hope to eventually expand the area and the duration of the test runs to cover the entire city.”

According to Nikkei, similar tests were recently done in Japan by taxi operator Hinomaru Kotsu and robot developer ZMP.


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Wow. It can navigate easily and even negotiate the traffic lights. The future is here.

This is no different than the autonomous Bolt EV’s. With the autonomous Bolt EV’s they could only go on streats that have already been mapped. But they could honor lights, 4-way stops, etc..

Yes, the Chinese are pushing it hard!

Is the youtube thumbnail of the blue & white EV car a picture of a GAC GA6? Me likey.