China Sets New Plug-In Electric Car Sales Record In October 2018

NOV 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Total sales are expected to exceed 1,000,000 this year.

China has not only set a new all-time record for plug-in electric car sales in October, but beat the previous one from September by a huge margin of 14% or about 14,500.

The total result is roughly 119,400 (up 85% year-over-year) at very high 5.8% market share (also a new record)!

Taking into consideration sales of almost 751,000 during the first 10 months of 2018 (at average 3.6% market share), there is a big chance to exceed 1,000,000 in 2018 (sales in the last months of the year are usually the highest in China).

October brings a huge record for the BAIC EC-Series, which the new version (with 30 kWh battery) priced at around $25,000 before subsidies went through the roof. 20,648 were sold last month (a new record for a plug-in model in a single month).

New highs were set by BYD Tang (6,037) and BYD Yuan (5,803). Fourth and fifth place in October were taken by the Hawtai EV160 (5,736 – new record) and Chery eQ (5,547 – best result in 2018).

Plug-in electric car sales in China – October 2018

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With more new models from Chinese brands, sales growth will continue in November, December. From 2019, 10% of all cars should be NEVs (New Energy Vehicles). NEVs can be BEV or PHEV or fuel cell vehicles. That share will be increased to 12% in 2020. The companies that does not meet this, should buy credits from the other companies.

Also, companies now releasing EVs with good batteries. This is because of policy change that gives more subsidies for high range, high density and better efficiency models.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Companies require credits worth 10% and then 12% of sales.
Credits range from 2 to 6 per vehicle. If only getting 2 credits per vehicle, that would be 5% and 6% of sales, with lower percentages if longer range.

I think this is the first month Tesla didn’t have any vehicles sold in China. Xi offered buying 100 billion more and lowering auto tarriff down to 15% from 25%. Trump said no and added $250 billion in tarriff on China. China than imposed 40% tarriff on autos. Xi also allowed Tesla to set up factory without a Chinese partner a first and a sign China is heading in the right direction.
Trump will ultimately accept Xi’s previous deal and claim a great victory.

As long as there is $375 billion trade deficit with China, USA will keep levying more import duties on their goods.
Don’t be silly.

If Chinese start selling their electric vehicles in USA, then this country will lose its auto manufacturing as well.
We lost millions of our precious manufacturing jobs, if trends continue this way, all Americans will end up just cutting the hair and polishing the Chinese shoes.

Of course, our leader is not strong enough to stand up to Saudi Arabia although he could stand up to China.
So what does this mean. Its the Saudis who are controlling this country more than China, Japan, Germany.
So take your gasmobile to a dealer, trade it for a plugin and start reducing oil consumption.

No. Trump will NOT accept that kind of a deal.
I am not a trump fan, but I am hoping that Trump quit taking bribes and will go after China and stop this insanity.
Europe will do the same.

In fact, America is supposed to really increase tariffs on all the rest by 10% (or was it the full 25%?) at end of year.

Wow, 120 000 is a big #.
While the overall auto sales decreased by 12%, the plugin sales increased by more than 50%. If we include heavy plugin vehicles, the sales is 138,000.

Share of plugins is 5.75%.

BAIC EC series rising to the top with a stellar 20,000 sales is so nice.

With a price of $25,000 for 30 KWh battery pack, BAIC EC sold 20,000.
Nissan Leaf with a price of $30,000 for a 40 KWh battery pack could sell only 7,000 units Worldwide.
This clearly shows that Nissan is not interested EVs. And now they have arrested Mr. Carlos Ghosn who launched and led the Leaf.

So, how many ICE were sold? My understanding is that it is normally around 25M. So, we are looking at 1/25. That is EVs and hybrids. Yes?
And if 1/2 of those sales are EVs, then it means that 1/50 of all cars sold in China are EVs. Not really all that impressive.

However, according to insideEVs, America should end up with 350-400K EV/hybrids, of which it is fair to assume 3/4 minimum of these will be EVs (and not hybrids). So, 300K out of ~16M = 1.9% or close to 2%. Meh. Again not that impressive

Actually 1/50 for china is around 2% as well.Again, meh.

Need to get these up to 5%. Once 5% hits the market, it will be jump quickly.

97000 we’re pure electric in October, so only ~20% are hybrids.

Last month (september) there were 649356 sales overall. This month 119401 => 649 + 119 = 768k. But numbers dont match. Total yearly commulative sales by this month – 750k. 12k sales difference.