Chevy Spark EV Now Available For Rent Through Hertz


Chevy Spark EV

Chevy Spark EV

The Chevrolet Spark EV is now available for rent through Hertz.

The Spark EV is offered through Hertz at its San Francisco and Los Angeles airport locations, along with select local facilities throughout California.

Chevrolet Spark EV.

Chevrolet Spark EV.

This subcompact was the most fuel efficient vehicle, reaching a miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) of 128 city, 109 highway, and 119 combined, according to the 2014 Fuel Economy Guide released by the EPA and Energy Department.  However, the BMW i3 easily beat the Spark EV is all MPGe measure, making the i3 the current champ in terms of efficiency.

CEO & Chairman of Hertz, Mark P. Frissora stated:

“Hertz is constantly looking for opportunities to improve and grow our sustainability efforts and we’re excited to offer this year’s most fuel-efficient vehicle for rent.”

“In addition to Hertz’s EV program and Green Traveler Collection, environmental sustainability is integrated throughout the Company, from our car wash process to the way we build our rental locations. Having a selection of leading electric vehicles in our fleet gives customers a valued selection of smart mobility option when renting.”

The Spark EV is one of several Smart Mobility choices for rent through Hertz. The fleet includes many fuel efficient vehicles, hybrids, 100% electric vehicles, and car sharing.

“Smart mobility” is part of the companies goal to reduce environmental impact of driving, without compromising a customer’s needs. The other part is to is to make smart and sustainable mobility into a worldwide reality. This program was originally just a vision, but it’s now a reality in over 10 cities and on 3 continents.

We’re not yet sure of the rental fees attached to the Spark EV.

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David Murray

Its good to know you can rent some sort of EV if yours has to go in for body work or something. Doesn’t do me any good here in Texas, though. When my Leaf went in for hail damage repair last Summer, I couldn’t find anyone renting an EV or PHEV in DF/W. In fact, I couldn’t even find a hybrid of any kind. I had to settle for a Hyundai Sonata. That was the most fuel efficient car I could find available at the time.


According to the Hertz website, it’s $99/day.
Same price for Volt/Leaf/Spark EV

George Bower

Then get the Volt!!


I dunno, I think I’d like to try zipping around a Spark EV for a day 🙂


That’s really too bad. I tried with our corporate discount and get similar-sized ICE cars for $50/day + taxes/fees. Why are the EVs so much more? If they were even within $10/day I could justify the difference.

Al S

Same here. Much more expensive than an ICE with the same MSRP.

However, it could be worse, the LEAF was going for $145/day at SFO last year.

The best rental deal on EVs appears to be the 36 euro/day for a LEAF with free access to extensive CHAdeMO network in Estonia.

Does free access to certain networks at least come with those 99$/day rentals?


At least you don’t have to worry about filling the tank before returning it.

Brian Henderson

RE: “This subcompact was the most FUEL efficient vehicle”

Shoud read …
“This subcompact was the most ENERGY efficient vehicle”.

A pet peeve: it is impossible to fuel a BEV with a material … an BEV is charged by moving electrons in the battery from one plate to another. The charger is just a pump to move the electrons in a closed loop. No electrons added, or removed.

Fueling an BEV is like saying the wind fuels a wind turbine … air isn’t added/remove from the planet; rather power is in the movement of wind and energy is converted. The energy that can be stored in a battery, and later back into power to drive a vehicles motor … converted back to wind energy (and heat).


Oh don’t be so pedantic. People need analogies to things they are familiar with in order to adopt new technologies.

Brian Henderson

Sorry … an analogy to fuel a cell phone is just wrong. Horses were feed, but we don’t feed cars. 😉

Nissan’s: IF_ Gas Powered Everything Commercial

Chris O

I3 efficiency (124MPGe) may beat Spark EV’s (119 MPGe)by 4% but Spark EV is actually still more energy efficient than i3REx (117MPGe).