Hundreds Try Chevy Bolt At GM Pilot Program In Pennsylvania

Chevy Bolt EVs chargers at Geisinger Medical Center


10 charging stations were also installed as part of the Chevy Bolt program

A fleet of Chevy Bolt EVs are hitting the road as part of a pilot program between General Motors and Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA. Over 260 Geisinger employees got to drive the Bolt EV. A small number were also picked from a lottery for an extended test drive of the vehicle.

Todd Merritt lucked out in that lottery and stated “it was a great experience to be able to drive it.” The Geisinger employee was able to drive the Chevy Bolt for a full week.¬†Merritt feels the car “matches what you would expect from a car and also it is more environmentally friendly.”

Michael Ableson, Vice President of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure at GM, spoke before a crowd at the medical center. He explained that people living in large cities are becoming more and more interested in sustainability and better quality of life. “And that’s what the healthcare industry is all about: how to improve quality of life. And it’s certainly something we see from our customers as they move into these mega-cities. So we get this challenge of more people living closer together that have to have their transportation needs met. But they expect to do it in a greener way and a more sustainable way.”

Ableson also expressed optimism about future autonomous driving electric vehicle efforts at Cruise Automation.

Chevy Bolt EV at Geisinger Medical Center

As part of the program, 10 electric vehicle charging stations were also installed on the property. While the Chevy Bolt fleet will leave in November, the charging stations will remain. Employees were given a survey before and after test drives to gauge their opinion of driving electric.

This program is interesting not only because it increases electric vehicle awareness, but it also gets “butts in seats.” Hundreds of people likely experienced electric driving for the first time. Best of all, there is now a row of electric vehicle chargers installed as a daily reminder of the event.

Perhaps on their next vehicle purchase they will think to themselves: “Why not get an electric this time?” Check out the link below for a video of the event.

Source: WNEP

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My Little cousin with cerebral palsy went that medical facilities when was young. I use to go with his father. Not that far from Hazleton

Plus the just built EA fast chargers off the exit on i80 from there

Some good community outreach efforts by GM to get “butts in seats”!

Strange they started in rural central Pennsylvania.
You’d think Philadelphia, Pittsburg or Harrisburg would have much larger populations and much larger number of people interested in the switch.
But, I suppose this is good to start with a small test project.

My guess is they targeted a community that mostly have garages and can charge at home. These are also folks who probably don’t drive very far (60 miles?) per day. Folks who live in Philly are mainly on Septa daily.

So what were the results from the survey on the “opinion of driving electric”????
“Perhaps on their next vehicle purchase…” isn’t proof of a change in opinion.

This is a great kind of marketing that the Bolt really needs and GM has been so slow to deliver. The Tesla line used the strategy of showing an EV that is better than ICE, but this comes at a price. GM simply needs to fill the gap by showing an EV you can afford, today, with both the Volt and the Bolt. This is such a simple sell …