More Info Leaks Out On Cheaper Versions Of Polestar 2


A more affordable Polestar 2 is coming. Eventually.

At $63,000, the Launch Edition of the Polestar 2 is priced well above what many can shell out for a car. If you’re a fan with patience, however, there will be more affordable versions available down the road. Now, we’ve gotten a couple of nuggets about how the company will pull off these cheaper options.

As it made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, Polestar executives Hans Pehrson and Christian Samson spoke with Autoblog, and filled them in on some of the Volvo subbrand’s future intentions for the Tesla Model 3 competitor. During the Polestar 2’s original reveal CEO Thomas Ingenlath said the outfit would offer a 39,900-euro version ($44,707 at today’s rates). In their reporting, the website rounded this figure down to “around 39,000 euros” and “about $44,000,” respectively and went on to divulge how this would be achieved, at least in part.

Similar to the Tesla approach, the “affordable Polestar” would have a smaller battery than the 78 kWh pack that powers the top-spec model. No exact size or range estimates were given. They also didn’t say if this shorter range version would be available in all of the same markets as the one boasting the bigger battery.

In addition, and again similar to its American benchmark, they confirmed that a less expensive Polestar would be motivated by a single electric motor. This would, of course, effectively make it a two-wheel-drive vehicle, which we think is fine for most consumers. It should be noted that they didn’t specify whether it would be the front or rear axle that would be blessed with the propulsion unit. In its single motor versions, Model 3 is rear-wheel-drive, which is generally touted as preferable for driving dynamics.

As we mentioned, prospective buyers will need to have some patience. As we understand it, lower-spec variants of the Polestar 2 will only begin production in February of 2021.

Source: Autoblog

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holy moly, 2121? thats a while to wait

I think he means 2021

2121 is correct

LOL, at least they are thinking long term

That’ll probably still beat VW to market…

By then, I will not need a car. I’ll be able to teleport everywhere. Either that or we’ll all be slaves to our AI overlord.

And likely be better off that way…

Oh my Lord! Not waiting for this one, i will be fossilized by then XD

that’s my estimate also.

> A more affordable version of the Polestar 2 is planned for 2021.
> Here are some of the ways the company will bring down the price.

Let me guess… no referral program and online-only sales?

I’m afraid January 2021 is a bridge too far away. 🙂

quite uninformative also because, unlike in the US, usually prices in EU include VAT (which vary by EU country). So, is it 39k Euro including VAT or not?

https://www.polestar .com/us/polestar-2/configurator/534EDPI1E00070700RF8000_00000__R14B

Configurator for USA has Polestar 2 launch edition as starting at $63k. No VAT or any other tax.

So it is almost certainly $44k Polestar base without VAT.

No VAT for US, but huge tariff on it because it is built in China.

I’m trying to imagine how cars will look like in 2121… and they’ll probably fly to outer space! Oh my, I want to be frozen and only be awaken in the 22nd century! 🙂

Be carefoul with what you want. You could wake up in a 20kM world were cars are forbidden because there is too many people.

39k euros is including 19% German VAT.
Si exVAT price is 39000/1,19= 32 773

USD 36 674 exVAT (certainly not 44k$ !

+ Tarrifs.

Thank the D.

Hard to build a sub $40,000 or €40,000 if your battery costs $20,000 or €20,000.

Not at all, it’s called the Chevy Bolt…

Bolt battery is supposed to cost ~$12,000…

I’m very happy to see all the automakers now competing as hard as they can to bring down the cost of EVs. That is going to grow the market.

The limited edition Polestar 2 appears to have a 3P 108S battery configuration with 150KW charging and 408hp. I’m guessing that the base Polestar will have a 2P 108S battery giving it 52KWh and one motor at 204hp and 100KW charging. Range I’m guessing to be about 210 – 220 miles or about 350kms. The smaller battery will likely be flat loosing the top T section.

Am I the only one that thinks this looks like it could be sitting in the Dodge tent with a “Next Gen. Dodge Charger” sign on it?

I see what your saying, but to me it looks like a 4 door Scion TC ‼️

I browsed past the article the first time because I didn’t read the title and just assumed it was a story about a Dodge getting beaten by a Model S in a race. I don’t think this vehicle is one of Volvo’s best styling efforts.

thanks for playing. But there is no way to beat $35K tesla.

$45K base is not particularly competitive with Model 3. That price might include a 25% tariff though, so if there is a trade deal with much lower tariffs it would be quite competitive.

It is supposedly 39k€ with VAT, which is very close to what a black SR 3 without AP is expected to cost, when it becomes available in EU.

Price in € are with VAT included, so you can remove 20% of the price and add the % cost for the import to the USA to know the price in US$.

Ahah i love to see when they say affordable is almost 40k ahah. what is that? peanuts right?