Super Cheap & Oh-So Cute Ora R1 Launches In China

DEC 27 2018 BY GASGOO 30

Odd name, but cute stylin’

The ORA R1, the second model under Great Wall Motor’s NEV brand ORA, officially hit the market on December 26. Prices for the four variants of the new model range between RMB59,800 ($8,668 USD) and RMB77,800 with subsidies.

ORA R1 hits market, ORA R1 price, China automotive news

The ORA R1’s compact squarish exterior shape featuring a couple of circular headlights looks pretty cute. The block-style grille carries a charging port in the exact middle. Beside, four openings on each rim resembling a cross highlight distinctiveness for the vehicle.

ORA R1 hits market, ORA R1 price, China automotive news

The new EV model measures 3,495mm long, 1,660mm wide and 1,560mm tall with a wheelbase length of 2,475mm.

The cabin, mainly covered by black and white, is designed to cater to younger consumers. The interior boasts a cute styling which is characterized by lots of round elements, such as dual dashboard, air conditioner vents, three-spoke steering wheel and gearshift. A large-sized floating center console display generates a futuristic sense, while is still in tune with the overall retro style.

To facilitate drivers’ operation, the ORA R1 boasts a series of amenities that allow users to remotely check and diagnose vehicles’status, activate air conditioner, open/close car doors as well as make an appointment for electric charging. Other standard highlights include bluetooth key, vehicle-mobile phone connected system and hill-start assist control. The top-spec variant carries daytime running lights, electrical park brake, electronic stability program, six airbags and smart front-view system.

Powering the vehicle is an electric motor code-named TZ180XS62BZ that churns out a maximum output of 35kW and a ternary-lithium battery pack. The combined range for the basic-level variant and medium/top-spec variant are 310km and 351km respectively.

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Looks like a Smart Forfour ED with the front of a Honda Urban EV… but 350 km of range is much better than Smart, maybe Urban EV too.

350 km as per NEDC. Real world it could be around 250 km which is still good enough for the price.

Yeah, real range of Smart is 100-120 km… so this Chineese “copy” is better for that.

The ORA R1 certainly looks like a Smart Forfour, and its measurements are almost identical. ORA R1 measures 3,495mm long, 1,660mm wide and 1,560mm tall with a wheelbase length of 2,475mm. The Smart Forfour measures 3,495mm long, 1,665mm wide and 1,555mm tall with a wheelbase length of 2,494mm. Definately not a copy………….

There are many ICE models with similar dimensions selling all over Asia.

VW up, e-up, Skoda CityGo, Peuguet 107, Citroen C1, Toyota Aygo, Suzuki Splash just to name a few

Spark EV is pretty close to to that.

Looks nothing like a Smart. Seems to borrow a lot more from Japanese Kei cars.

Compare it from the side. It is a complete but bad copy of the smart, they just changed the front panel. Even the color scheme is identical.

Picture of the original smart:

Good. We desperately need more, and a more diverse selection of, EVs. While I would prefer to see many more in my daily travels, sales in China or the EU or anywhere else are still good news. It’s one atmosphere, so CO2 avoided anywhere benefits everyone.

(And no lectures about how much dirtier China’s electricity is than the EU’s or even the US’s. I know, but it’s getting better, and right now, I’ll take whatever progress I can get…)

the electricity is NOT progressing in CHina. It is going backwards.
They are ADDING (not replacing) 250+ GW of new coal plants.
And copying European/American cars is not adding to diversity.

And yes, it IS 1 atmosphere. Sadly, CHina is polluting it at fast rate and far lefties that are destroying the atmosphere are backing them and trying hard to ignore that.

So does it have air cond and heating? How long will the battery life be? Has it been crash tested? Will it ever make it to the US market?
I think my used Chevy SPARK EV is safer, has about 100 mile range and can be serviced at any Chevy dealer in the USA is a much better value.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

I’m not aware of a single Chinese vehicle capable of passing US crash tests.


Buick Envision.
Cadillac CT6.
Ford Focus.

several Chinese automakers have announced that they expect to export by model year 2019 or 2020. Thanks to the Chinese government requiring technology sharing partnerships for foreign automakers to be able to produce and sell cars in China, the Chinese automakers have leaned a lot.

Your used Spark EV is doing better than mine. It has 80mile range in the summer and 60 in the winter (if Iā€™m not running the heater too much). I love the car though.

But yes, the Ora appears to have modern conveniences including airbags and L1 Autonomous features.

They should bring it to North America, then all the Model 3 buyers complaining about Rivian being too big and wasteful can swap to it. šŸ˜‰

who is carping about Rivian being too wasteful?

Pretty much all large SUVs and Trucks are wasteful.

Ron Swanson's Mustache



Great news. Without subsidies this may cost $15,000. Still this is a great price for EV with 310 km / 194 mile range. This car seats 4 passengers and this is good for 95% of the Chinese families who have only 1 or 2 kids.
I hope this gives a big boost to their Dec & 2019 sales.

But Smart-EV has only 59 mile 95 km range and a price of $23,000.
Basically Daimler is not interested in selling Smart and may just wind up if the venture partner is not interested in continuing.

For eons I have questioned automakers’ choice to hire gorgeous female models to adorn their new cars at auto shows. No matter how nice the vehicle, the sexy girl just distracts from it.

Marketing firms try to target the attention of their target market. So we see scantily-clad girls holding a muffler in a car magazine, for example. Problem is, studies have shown the err in that form of advertising. Men gawk at the girl and not the muffler! Still, these calenders and ads prevail, Mostly reflecting the male dominance in managenent positions amongst the industry.

Thus, we have images like that above. I was thinking they may be targeting the young millennial professional urban woman. Yet what woman wears skirts THAT short?! If she worked in my office, I wouldn’t get any work done.

Women buy more new cars in the West than men these days. It would behoove automakers not to offend female consumers. Asia still may not follow this trend, yet the choice of a non Asian model here is not by chance.

Why do you think she isn’t Asian?

Have you traveled outside of America?
That is a Chinese model dressed like a typical Chinese business woman.
QUIT trying to apply your PC values to others.
I suspect that more women would find you far more offensive that that dress.

Little boring urban transportation devices are an important sector to meet. A Smart clone with a Honda nose means this company didn’t have to pay big dollars to designers, saving lots of development money. They choose a proven design that has worked elsewhere.

The cute factor does sell cars. I see this car as not so cute, but more practical city transport. The tiny wheels and tires kind of limiting factors for more versatile long trip duties. Parking or stacking mini cars in megacities where space is at a premium. = crucial but boring.

Millennials aren’t generally car people. Put a big tablet in this car and teach it to drive itself and they’re good. My concern is imprinting. Funny how fast we humans mass identify. If cheap little EVs become planted in people’s minds as microwaves and toasters with wheels, ths sheer brilliance of the elsctric car versus gas ones can be lost on the masses. Such amazing, exciting and practical things like handling prowess, speed, long range ability, stowage space superiority and ease/economy of ownership in an exciting-looking car like the Model 3, for example.

Zero-sum, James. Cheap little EVs precisely highlight the benefits of electric power without compromising interest in models like the Model 3… anymore than gas economy cars comprise the appeal of BMW, Lexus or Porsche cars.

Looks cute but, in this segment, I have really high hopes for the Honda Urban EV.

Would be a great replacement for my Spark EV. A little bit shorter overall, but a longer wheelbase, a bit wider but not as tall. Much better range.

Hi there. I am two months late with my reply. Well the reason is, I bought the Ora R1 27th of January. Living in China since 2016 and have followed Chinese auto industry for the last 2 years. Interested in the development of the EV market here. There are actually more EVs here, that can be classed as similar size and price but of them only 3 is built on a dedicated EV platform and Ora is the only one from an old carmaker Great Wall what I think will commit to the service and guarantees promised so I bought one, and the first one in the Province of Guangxi in Southern China. More big carmakers here is following with dedicated EV platforms under 2019. Being 180 tall 85 kg Swede, and have many friends in the same size here I can tell you it is extremely roomy for its small exterior. No complaint, comfortable seats both front and back for big guys this is also with driver seat far back so that I can have straight arms to the steering wheel. The boot space is not big but can fit a 3 ordinary backpack or the family weekly groceries,… Read more »