Cadillac Starts Shipping ELRs Early (w/video)

DEC 17 2013 BY JAY COLE 24

The First Cadillac ELRs Head Out To Dealerships Around The Country

The First Cadillac ELRs Head Out To Dealerships Around The Country

Just In Time For Christmas?  Or Drinking On The Job In Michigan?

Just In Time For Christmas? Or Drinking On The Job In Michigan?

Although the Cadillac ELR was not expected to land at select dealerships until January of 2014, General Motors has announced that brand, plug-in Cadillacs are now leaving its Hamtramck, Michigan facility where the Chevrolet Volt is made.

The ELR shares much of the componentry with its sister car the Chevrolet Volt, but features a slightly more aggressive performance portfolio, as 0-60 is a tick quicker in ‘range extender mode’ at 7.8 seconds (the same in EV mode).

The Caddy also has a gaggle of extra interior/luxury features seen no where else…like a heated/cooled front cup holder with motorized cover.

All the specs on the Cadillac ELR, from $75,995 can be found here.

Along with some photos and a promotional video on the event (above), GM notes the following:

“The ELR luxury coupe is the first application of Extended Range Electric Vehicle technology by a full-line luxury automotive brand. It blends dramatic design and industry-leading extended-range technology to deliver a driving experience that is sporty and environmentally friendly.

The ELR’s driving range, which combines battery-only electric power with a range-extending gasoline-powered electric generator provides total driving range exceeding 300 miles (480 km). The extended range technology is uniquely tuned for Cadillac in the ELR. Most daily commutes will require no gasoline and emit no tailpipe emissions.”

Cadillac now estimates the ELR will have an all-electric range of 37 miles, up from a previous number of 35 miles.

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The Voltillac is finally here…. will be fun to test drive when they hit the local dealer…


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

And without a $20k price cut, will likely stay there :p

Nice. It’ll probably still be an eternity (or never) before I see one in the wild on the roads. I rarely even see a Volt around these parts.

I can’t test drive them unless it has substantially more headroom than the tiny volt… Love the style but for the 80 grand… I think I’d rather get a Tesla.

Currently loving my LEAF which has plenty of headroom compared to any volt or volt clone. Hope they bundle a charger too so the drivers will drive more electric miles than the guy who racked up 120k miles and only 1/3rd were electric… Might as well be a prius at that rate.

Interesting that those “tiny” Volts rack up more EV miles than the Leafs. And how many gas miles do the Leaf owners rack up in their 2nd cars? In case you aren’t aware (since you don’t fit in a Volt) the Volt’s ride/handing/etc is much better than a Pri. And just because you are not in the 95 percentile of drivers doesn’t mean a car is bad.

I’m a tick over 6’1″ and I have head room to spare. Me thinks you’ve never actually been in a Volt. Troll.

I’m 6’1 and could not sit up straight in the back seet of the volt I test drove

You must sit weird…

I admit that Volt backseat is tight. But I have taken my co-workers out to lunch multiple times, they are 6-1 and 6-3. The 6-3 guy has his head touch the roof, but the 6-1 guy is fine. In fact, he made a comment that he felt it was more comfortable than his Prius.

Now, everyone has different torso or leg ratio. So you might have a long torso and short legs…. Maybe you are Michael Phelps clone….

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

I’m 6’4″ and the Volt is indeed cramped in the headroom department. My head routinely touches the headliner especially around the door during entry/exit, and I usually see a hair or two hanging down off the headliner by the B-pillar. I really wish GM had a midsize/CUV option with enough head and door room (so’s I could get my big feet in the car!)..

Also, the seatbelt height should be adjustable, its single config is way too low.

Do you have your seat adjusted all the way down?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Yup, as far as the lever will crank it. I could likely recline the seat further, but that would put my shoulder into the B-pillar, reduce side visibility further, and be more uncomfortable.

I’m curious to see if the i3’s more upright boxy style results in easier entry/exit and more headroom for the driver, though I’d still much prefer something quite a bit larger (like the Model X).

Good lord, Jeff, how tall are you? I am 6’4″ and there is room in my Volt for me to wear a baseball hat without it touch the headliner. I agree that the Volt has some size issues, but the Volt’s problem is that 20% of the potential purchasers really want more legroom for the back seat passengers and another 20% really want a fifth seat back there. I have only heard one or two people say that there isn’t enough front seat headroom.
But the gist of this discussion is simply that a car maker has to build their cars for the 80% in the middle and realize that they can’t make money building cars for people that are the 10% on one end of a spec or the other.

Good. Let’s dispense with this mistake as fast as possible.

Um, video?

Yupe, it’s in the middle of the story this time!

/mixing it up

Something about this vehicle, it’s range and pricing is just not right.

Just today it’s being re-reported that by MY2016 or 2017 General Motors is planning the next generation Volt to offer 50+ EV miles at the same or lower price, around $35k. At the same time offering a 200 mile EV with an option for a range extender running on gas, diesel or natural gas, starting at $30k.

So why in the world would they expect anyone to buy/lease this Volt based ELR with 37 EV miles at $75k today? When they can buy/lease a Tesla Model S with 265 EV mile range for about the same.

Makes no sense. It can’t be a ‘halo’ car if it does not sand above anything.

I know right? Similarly, why would anyone buy a 15mpg Cadillac Escalade when they can get a 15mpg Chevy Suburban for so much less?

Oh yeah, vehicles have more than 1 dimension to them… 😉

Brand recognition, brand loyalty, brand reliability, drive train, range limitations, efficiency, performance, luggage space, seating capacity, serviceability (in and out of warranty), store locality, etc. Take your pick, there’s many ways to skin a cat. 🙂

“at $75k today? When they can buy/lease a Tesla Model S with 265 EV mile range for about the same. ”

B/c you can’t.

A 265 EV mile Model S 85KWh would cost at least $89K with similar equipment. That is a $15K saving.

Sure, it is faster and “cool”. But let us at least get the facts straight.

Its my opinion but, it just seems to me that they would have been better off dropping the back seat altogether and made a CorVolt….This one is certainly interesting however, I think I read its gonna be a limited production model.

Why is GM calling the ELR an “extended range electric vehicle” (EREV)?

It does not meet GM’s own definition of an EREV, since it has less performance when the ICE is not running. This is similar to the Fisker Karma, PiP, Ford Energi’s, Porsche Pamamerica, and other run-of-the-mill PHEVs.

It does not meet the “full performance EV” capability of the Chevy Volt.


PS. I realize the ELR does this by increasing ICE performance, while keeping EV performance on par with the Volt, but the end result still is less performance in EV mode. Not an EREV.

I understand an EREV to be a vehicle that can be fully propelled by electric at all speeds, without use of the engine, and when the battery is out, the engine makes electricity to go further, versus a conventional transmission with mechanical linkage to the wheels.

I think the ELR meets that definition of an EREV.

Never liked cadillacs styling, car is nothing special, volt is much nicer.

Here’s my prediction:
In the next model year we will see the 1 liter turbo 3 cylinder in both the ELR and the Volt.

Hope not, Turbo’s I’m no fan – read dollars for maintenance later.

I’m sure they can build a small efficient generator engine without using a Turbo.

Sure glad the current Volt does not have a Turbo.