BYTON Releases New Interior Teaser Image Of Electric SUV

JAN 4 2019 BY MARK KANE 11

You think Tesla Model 3 has an unusual interior? Look at that!

BYTON will be back at the 2019 CES and it’s expected that the Chinese company will present a production-ready version of the M-Byte, scheduled for market launch later this year.

The all-electric SUV will be the first model in BYTON’s lineup and needs to blaze the trail for its special features like the wide display in front and another one in the steering wheel. The company says that the interface will be most intuitive in the industry:

Time to put a promise into action.

Stay tuned for the reveal of the world’s most intuitive automotive interface. Tune into our livestream to take part in a journey that will revolutionize your mobility experience.

The teaser above reveals that displays will really be implemented in the production model, but at the same time doesn’t show much (check images of the previous concept down below).

BYTON M-Byte concept specs:

  • Battery: 71 or 95 kWh for 250 miles (400 km) or 323 (520 km) of range
  • Powertrain: 200 kW rear-wheel drive or 350 kW all-wheel drive

BYTON M-Byte concept interface

Byton electric car (source: Reuters)
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BYTON: Future is all-screen, but not only for the phone. Last week, we presented our world first invention of Shared Experience Display and Driver Tablet. No more buttons and a revolutionary user interface for the most intuitive and immersive experience yet. Concept car reveal at 2018 CES Las Vegas, say hello to the future. BYTON Concept SUV BYTON Concept SUV BYTON Concept SUV BYTON Concept SUV BYTON Concept SUV

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Jeeze with a screen like that I’d never take my eyes off it. Oops.

When I’m driving I like to see the road. That huge screen pounding white light at you will kill your eyes driving at night. I’ll bet the next model moves it off to the side like Tesla.

I’ve actually driven it it five or six times at night. It’s not distracting at all. It auto-dims at night and the height of the screen isn’t a problem either. It looks like it would be in the picture, but it’s maybe an inch or two higher than a typical dashboard, and the driver’s line of sight isn’t impacted one bit.

Ewww, guess this is why I like the Bollinger B1, lake of screens so you can look out the windows.

That screen if allowed will be a major cause of distracted drivers accidents plus its height alone blocks the drivers view.

Another day, another EV render that will never come to market. On the very small chance it does, a selling point is you’ll get a sun tan from that screen.

LEDs emit next to nothing in UV spec.

They are ex executives from Tesla, Nissan, and others. They have a factory in China already producing pre-production test vehicles. They seem like the real deal. This could be the first car from a Chinese automaker, to get exported to US and EU markets.

That dashboard looks very distracting.
It is overdone.

Actually, that could be pretty cool. I have to say that somebody pushed the design a bit.
For those carping about it, it is just the image on there, that would not be allowed when driving.

Will be interesting to see what markets they plan on selling and delivering to.