Byton M-Byte Electric SUV: The EV Dark Horse: Video


Let’s take a deep dive into the upcoming Byton M-Byte electric SUV.

Sean Mitchell from calls the M-Byte the EV dark horse, so we’re going to take a look at his reasoning. Just the other day, we shared Sean’s video comparing the Byton SUV to the Tesla Model S and Model X. Now, he provides us with a more in-depth look into the M-Byte.

Sean saw the M-Byte and the K-Byte for the first time at the recent LA Auto Show. In this video, he focuses on Byton’s tech, the M-Byte’s performance, and the financial and leadership aspects of the company as a whole. As we’ve stated on numerous occasions, our own Tom Moloughney has been working closely with Byton and has spent a great deal of time with its prototypes. As far as Tom is concerned, Byton seems to have what it takes to become a viable force in the EV segment.

Why does Sean call the M-Byte the EV dark horse?

Sean seems to agree with Tom. Not much is known about Byton, but its vehicles appear to have the potential to become solid competitors in the EV space in the not-so-far future. First of all, its massive infotainment display is incredibly impressive. The company says its vehicles will be the world’s first “smart” and “intuitive” vehicles. The automaker also has plans to partner with Amazon Alexa, but even without Alexa, its prototypes feature innovative technologies that have never been seen before in a production vehicle.

Byton is actively raising money through multiple funding rounds. Thus far, the company has raised about $700 million. While that’s a lot of money, much more will be needed to get production off the ground. In addition to its work on financing, Byton has a compelling list of executives at the helm.

As with any automotive startup, the road will be long and it’s not going to be easy. Rivian is in a similar situation in terms of having great products, money coming in, and top-level leaders. However, consider the fact that Tesla has been at this for many years and is just beginning to make notable progress.

What do you think of Byton? Moreover, do you believe the M-Byte will make it to production? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell on YouTube:

Byton M-Byte: The EV dark horse

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Hopefully there will emerge successful Tesla competitors in the future… as I’m certain eventually there will.

But when you step back and look at the significant hurdles Tesla has cleared over the course of the past ten years and along the way the competitive advantages Tesla has methodically build for itself (Tesla Supercharger Network, Gigafactory, three EV models in volume production, multiple EV concept models in pipeline, Tesla Semi, Tesla Energy, Tesla engineering cooperative with SpaceX, Tesla overall brand recognition, etc.)…

Not to say an emerging EV competitor has no chance to compete against a Tesla but a prospective Tesla competitor getting to the production intent design phase is like standing at the base-camp foothills of Mount Everest… with a vertical climb still ahead that even experienced mountaineers will likely face multiple life and death situations on the way up.

Looks good from the side and back – but the front could be better. The huge screen seems too huge. Maybe that is different if you sit in the vehicle. Larger images, lots of info and Alexa would be cool.
Just hope they succeed in pushing EV tech. Competition will hone the skills of the companies.

One of the main features of EV that will definitely decide market success is the driving range. Therefore the future will belong to EV developers who can assure on-board fuelless ac/dc generators to replace battery banks. That would cut size and weight and also provide more environmentally compliant technology besides providing reliable energy source. Quite feasible these days with advanced PWM circuitry. I have personally realised such a generator at 1/10th scale. An EV so equipped would prove versatile in all domestic situations and provide auxiliary energy output.

Hope Byton can make a good go of it.