BYTON Dreams Big, Claims Its Electric Cars Will Go Up To 311 Miles Per Charge

DEC 12 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

BYTON, a new electric car brand established by Chinese company Future Mobility Corporation, launched its North American headquarters in Santa Clara, California.

Byton electric car

The company states it is developing innovative, affordable – premium electric vehicles, being focused on the user experience of the connected environment in the car. Its first public presentation is scheduled for the upcoming CES event in Las Vegas.

BYTON means: “Bytes on Wheels”

Sales of a mid-sized electric SUV in China are expected to start in 2019, while Sedan and MPV models are planned on the same platform at a later time.

U.S. and Europe will follow at a later stage. Ultimately, China is expected to represent 50% of total sales, while U.S. 30% and Europe will take the remaining 20%. The SUV’s target price $40,000-$42,000.

A production plant in China will be able to produce 100,000 cars in 2019 and up to 300,000 after ramp up. The factory will cost $1.1 billion. Those are all the goals at least.

“The new Silicon Valley center is focused on autonomous driving and user experience, but BYTON’s global headquarters, R&D center and manufacturing base is in Nanjing. (The R&D center responsible for the design of prototype and concept models is based in Munich, Germany. ) The company is building its plant in Nanjing, with start of production slated for 2019, said Dr. Daniel Kirchert, President and, with Dr. Breitfeld, one of the co-founders of the company.”

The industry partner for development is Bosch. BYTON already highlighted its own battery pack design with two options:

  • 71 kWh for 350 km (217 miles)
  • 95 kWh for up to 500 km (311 miles)

Two powertrain options are considered:

  • 200 kW rear-wheel drive
  • 350 kW all-wheel drive (200 kW rear motor and additional 150 kW front motor)

BYTON: battery packs

The interior stands out with a “coast-to-coast” screen (49-inch by 10-inch), which is large enough to show everything at once and to be the biggest distraction ever found in a car.

BYTON, in partnership with Faurecia, implemented:

  • voice and gesture recognition and hand tracking
  • touch-screen steering wheel
  • facial recognition to identify its drivers and passengers
  • autonomous driving Level 3

BYTON: Future is all-screen, but not only for the phone. Last week, we presented our world first invention of Shared Experience Display and Driver Tablet. No more buttons and a revolutionary user interface for the most intuitive and immersive experience yet. Concept car reveal at 2018 CES Las Vegas, say hello to the future.

Source: Green Car Congress

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all fine but please deliver…

When the steering wheel airbag inflates in a crash, where do all the splinters from the screen in the wheel go..? Your face??

Uuuh, plastic screen maybe?

Faraday future part 2?

An SUV that costs $40,000 for a 311 mile range is fantastic and its interior is great.

I hope they don’t spend R&D money on Sedan and MPV as sales in those 2 segments have started declining. Sedans declined 4.8 % while MPVs declined 8%.

Meanwhile the electric vehicle sales has taken off like a rocket.

Out of 119,000 total NEVs, 102,000 are electric with the other 17,000 are plugin.

I wish them well but how many “premium” start up car manfuctures can their possibly be and how many people are willing to pay for premium from a start up when Tesla is now relatively established and in 2019 Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Jaguar will all be selling real premium BEVs with a known premium label??
A new vehicle brand will work much better in China than the west but in China they will also be facing an onslaught of BEVs from every established brand internal and external with a mandated sales quota from the goverment…
I think the time for startups is quickly passing without some type of differentation as established brands start turning out BEVs…

Wait for it.. “in about 3-5 years…”

VDA monster!

Bentley called…

Say it with me folks…

Until it for sale in Pennsylvania, it’s vaporware to me.

Another Euro point of view

Who is funding this venture ? If they don’t have at least 5 billions $ they might as well forget about the all thing. One cannot assume to be as gifted as E. Musk to raise funds & to design attractive products.

I like the large screen. One advantage is that when they build the right hand drive version the dash remains the same, just software to change the screen.

That 95kWh battery is probably going to cost them around $25k with that design. There is no way this vehicle is going to sell for $40K unless its a battery lease deal on the side.

Good Luck Byton,you’re going back I need it against the Big Dogs!

I agree your going to need luck and lots of it against the BIgG DOGS!!