BYD Electric Car Sales Skyrocket: Pull Total Sales Up

MAR 12 2019 BY GASGOO 12

Lift off!

China’s automaker BYD reported that its Jan.-Feb. sales in 2019 totaled 70,753 units, edging up 3.12% year on year. Of that, the Feb. sales were 26,833 units, only 560 units more than that of a year ago.

For the first two months, new energy vehicle (NEV) sales reached 43,097 units, skyrocketing 174.73% over the year-ago period. The sales of new energy PVs significantly surged 173.02% year on year to 42,010 units, among which 24,179 BEVs were sold with a marvelous leap of 3637.09%, and PHEV sales grew 20.97% from the previous year to 17,831 units.

As to monthly performance, the NEV sales in Feb. were 14,429 units, soaring 72.66% from the year-ago period, while slumping 49.67% month on month and even plunging 69.07% compared with the peak level of 46,650 units for last December.

From January to February, BYD’s fuel-burning vehicle sales sharply shrank 47.74% to 27,656 units. Especially, the sales of the sedan and the MPV segments presented year-on-year slump up to 52.67% and 60.26% respectively.

Regarding the month-by-month tendency, the monthly fuel-burning vehicle segment posted the second-month-in-a-row decline in February with 12,404 units sold.The installed capacity of new energy vehicle power battery and energy storage battery of BYD for the first two months of 2019 was approximately 2.32GWh.

BYD is ambitious to sell 650,000 vehicles in 2019 and plans to roll out nine or ten new models, including the all-new BYD Tang EV600, the Song MAX DM, the Yuan EV535 and the Song Pro, etc.

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BYD Yuan EV360:
January + February = 11,826

The Tesla Model 3 has already taken the first position on the global top 20 list of Plug-In sales, with about 12,250 Tesla Model 3 deliveries in the US alone.

Can someone rewrite this article? I can’t make head or tail if it!

It might be directly translated from Chinese, Gasgoo is a Chinese website

The headline is wrong. BYD total sales did not skyrocket, they were only up 3%. The NEV portion skyrocketed (especially in January) while the ICE portion declined. This continues the trend of BYD converting ICE sales to NEV.

The article contains some other confusing language. It might be better to just post the numbers.

@ Doggy

“It might be better to just post the numbers.”


Yet another ugly-truth-exposing contrast to most of the world’s non-Chinese carmakers – for at least 5 years it’s been obvious that they’ve all quietly agreed not to get real EV-wise until 2020…with many hoping that with Trump in the White House they might just be able kill off or stall the EV transition yet again. But now even VW, BMW, Mercedes, Opel could finally be facing up to the prospect that they may be forced to deliver the goods in 2020. But even in 2020 expect the usual box of unsubtle tricks ie. very low initial production volumes, last-minute delays, very limited export destinations. Of course the chronic fork-tongued fakery and foot-dragging may have to end sooner if Chinese manufacturers like BYD do finally decide – en masse – to break through America’s official and unofficial anti-Chinese protectionist barriers. And if Trump is replaced by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2020 armed with the Green New Deal we’ll finally have the EV Revolution that could and should have kicked off 20 years ago if Al Gore had not – by fair means or foul – been denied the Presidency by oil-men Bush & Cheney in 2000..a year before 9/11′ . Paul G

@ Paul

That’s right

AOC can’t run for president must be 35year old.

2.32GWh of battery capacity installed by BYD in Jan/feb. (EVs plus storage) annualized thats 14GWh but will probably be much higher than that as EV sales usually grow in China as the year goes on peaking in December.

I wonder if BYD’s current sales trend is a bell-weather moment for them as an automaker… or is it just a speed bump in a gradual ICE to PEV transition?

It disappoints me that the grill of the EV on the picture isn’t bigger. Why not instead of making a car just make a huge grill? Because a grill has such a huge function on an ev!