BYD Debuts 3 New Electric Buses At 2015 Busworld

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Busworld 2015 - a milestone show for BYD with three premieres

Busworld 2015 – a milestone show for BYD with three premieres

Chinese President views BYD world leading electric double decker

Chinese President views BYD world leading electric double decker

BYD unveiled three new electric bus models for the European market at 2015 Busworld.

The first is a pure electric double decker – one of five, which right after the event will be used in London! With 345 kWh it will go 300 km (186 miles) on a single charge.

“Designed especially for service in the world’s ‘double decker capital’ – London, BYD’s 10.2m double decker (making its World Premiere) is the bus some said could never be built: a pure electric double decker. BYD took up the challenge and delivered the bus in just two years – five go into service on a key Transport for London route straight after Busworld.”

Another new model was the green 18-meter articulated bus with capacity of 150 people. Battery capacity stands at 270 kWh, so the range will be up to 220 km (137 miles).

“Also making its World Premiere is the BYD 18m articulated bus . With capacity for 150 passengers, this is the largest pure electric bus ever built and is configured for the many European cities where double deckers cannot operate. The Busworld vehicle is fitted with an optional overhead pantograph which allows recharging in just 1.5 hours from 0 to 100% when the bus is in the bus station or depot. The bus has a range on a single charge of 220km under UITP SORT conditions.”

And the last one was a short midibus, 8 meters long. Range is 230 km (143 miles).

“As well as the two high capacity buses on its stand, BYD is introducing another new pure electric bus to the European market – the BYD 8m midibus which has previously only been sold in China. This is the first time it has been seen in Europe. The show bus is to China market specification but a European version will be available shortly.”

All there models will expand BYD’s previous offer of 12-meter ebuses to fulfill the needs of every city.

BYD Electric Double Decker

BYD Electric Double Decker

BYD Electric Double Decker

BYD Electric Double Decker

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe, said:

“We can now offer operators an emissions free solution for every bus type meaning there can be no reason to further postpone going electric, not tomorrow but today. We have effectively eliminated range anxiety with our ever improving battery technology, we can offer innovative financing packages and we have enhanced our support team in Europe.”

“Sales of our ebuses are now taking off – the latest contract for 51 for Transport for London with bodies by Alexander Dennis (ADL) is a milestone and follows the fleet of 35 ebuses now in service at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. With the much wider range of products we are unveiling today we can now meet every demand”, said Mr Ho, who went on to hint at a further imminent development of the BYD-ADL relationship.

Commenting on the new bus, Leon Daniels, Transport for London’s Managing Director for Surface Transport, said at Busworld:

“BYD is a big player in this market and has invested heavily in developing the battery technology and also battery management technology. BYD has excellent facilities which I have seen for myself for manufacturing and testing. BYD is a world leader and we hope its commitment will continue to grow and that we will see rising numbers of all-electric vehicles produced with longer ranges and lower unit costs. It is also exciting to see BYD work in partnership with Alexander Dennis who have a well-established reputation in London and Europe. So, this is an exciting time to be enhancing the fleet with rapid developments in battery technology and benefitting from BYD’s research and development in this area.”

BYD 18m

BYD 18m

BYD ebus 8M

BYD ebus 8M

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If they keep pushing R&D aggressively Tesla would have a partner in China that Tesla could actually learn from. And Tesla will need partner for a local production there anyway.

An impressive extention of a lineup btw!

It’s not an article about Tesla.

This is the future, Stanford will have thirty BYD electric buses soon!

Does anyone keep an electric bus sales scorecard? Who sells what and where are the most buyers?

That would be interesting, because it seems as if we are frequently hearing good things from BYD and Proterra.

Hi John,

This is Big!

Here are the some of the major and minor players in the Masstransit Division of the surging Global #ElectricFueledVehicle Industry:

Links Go To Corporate Home Pages-

-BYD Company (China-Global):

-Proterra Inc (USA):

-Volvo Bus Global (Europe):

-Zenith Motors (USA):

Optare – Metro City (UK)

Finally, A report from Austrailia of a local company’s efforts. I can not validate this at this time:


Thomas J. Thias



The Bolloré bluebus is also doing well in France, and the Bolloré group has started to sell it to Africa (Cameroun).

New Flyer is also selling very nice all-electric buses into the North American market — Winnipeg and Chicago are the first major orders.

Since InsideEVs track electric car sales maybe they will start tracking Electric Bus sales? I love their cars sales data by month

I know, let’s ask Sven!

I would like it if they started make a EV RV to really rack up saving the dino juice in that I remembering reading that nearly a million people live in RV’s in America.

Remember RVs are parked much of the time- particularly those owned by retirees and other snowbirds. Even employed owners use a daily driver, not their RV most of the time.