Buick To Launch New High-Volume BEV & PHEV In China

Buick Velite 6

JAN 2 2019 BY GASGOO 30

Buick goes big on plug-in vehicles in China

Buick is going to have two NEV (new energy vehicle) models code-named K226 and K228 locally produced in China with a total annual capacity of 88,000 units, according to local media. Meanwhile, the annual capacity of the Buick Excelle (code-named K211) will be decreased by 88,000 units.

The K226, Buick’s next-generation PHEV sedan, features a planned capacity of 48,000 units on an annual basis. The new model measures 4,672mm long, 1,817mm wide and 1,487mm high with a wheelbase 2,706mm. Besides, two variants of seat arrangement will be offered to customers for free choice—the 5-seat and the 6-seat layout. The K226 is expected to be China’s first joint venture-made compact PHEV sedan model, which is ready to rival such models as the MG6 PHEV and the BYD Qin Pro DM.

Under the hood is a turbocharged plug-in hybrid powertrain includes a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that can churn out 105kW and produce peak torque of 220N·m, mated to a 6-speed or 5-speed manual transmission.

The K228, positioned as a new-generation BEV coupe, is Buick’s first BEV model. With a planned annual capacity of 40,000 units, the BEV model is expected to hit the market in 2019. The K228 measures 4,670mm in length, 1,817mm in width and 1,490mm in height. Wheelbase for the new model is 2,710mm.

According to relevant reports, the K228 is equipped with the Buick-specific charger with a variety of charging modes. The chassis system gets a proper four-link rear suspension system to go with front MacPherson struts. The concrete power parameters still remain known.

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I was afraid of this. GM is going electric, just not in the US. I would absolutely love a manual transmission PHEV.

I suggest Mary Barra be Fired.

You realize that this is a badge engineered Bolt coupe. They are just adding capacity in China using a brand that is preferred locally, not taking any capacity away from the US. US production of the Bolt has been increased by more than half this year.

Are you sure? That would make some sense.

Why? She’s smart and honestly believes in EVs.

She honestly believes in EVs that she cut the Spark EV and Volt

HAHAHA!!! And the ELR and the CT6 (in the states) – of course the CT6 PHEV was a joke. And it wasn’t given a ‘slow-selling’ moniker like the ELR even though the ELR sold 10 times as much for only being manufactured for 12 months.

As I stated earlier Barra will cash in her mutlitudinous stock options before GM’s stock tanks.

that’s fine. just buy a tesla or some other competitor. gm is not the only game in town. they can just focus on trucks and suvs until those get replaced by evs as well, then they can just go away like xerox, sears, and kodak.

Waiting for the Kona

You’ll never see a PHEV with a manual transmission in the US, but you very well may see one or more of these Chinese made cars being imported to the US. Yes, it’s all about China now and North America is a secondary concern. Since the average American doesn’t give a damn where their consumer products are manufactured, focusing on China and then importing into America those products that are designed and built for China makes sense profit wise.

I for one, refuse to buy a Chinese made car from anybody.

Problem with that stance is that unlike most autocratic states, China’s government has hitched it’s wagon to the march of the middle class – basically the equivalent of your average Joe. I find it rather hard to get fired up about not giving business to the company employing China’s Bill and Jane, from down the lane, just to spite their rulers. It somehow doesn’t feel like I’m helping anyone. :-/

It’s called economics. Diss the home market and it’s workers/ jobs to give to another country economic power

Do you also prefer rotary dialed smartphones?

Why do you want a manual transmission PHEV. The single speed transmission of the Volt and Outlander seem far superior.

The VOLT, as long as you’re attaching ‘speeds’ to it is more like 2 speeds. The GEN 1 could have used 3 – but if you accelerated a bit slowly at a stop up to 20 mph it was ok, efficiency wise.

Afraid? That’s exactly what Mary Barra has said their EV plan was all along. Use truck and SUV profits in North America to fund the transition to EVs with a focus on China. This really should not come as a surprise. China is the largest auto market in the world, and the most important EV market to bust into.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

So, these are going to replace the Velite 6?

I doubt it. These are in addition to those models.

More proof GM only supports EVs when forced.

GM supports anything that makes them profit. Selling cars in China makes them profit and if the Chinese government says they have to be a “NEV”, then yes, GM will support those vehicles. China is that important.

If they can make a profit on EVs in the US, then they will support those too. Thus far, there has been little profit for EVs in the US for GM. One has to remember that GM and all the other corporations on the planet are not like Tesla and have no mission statement to save the human race. They do have a mission statement to make profit for their shareholders and that’s about it.

Two or three months ago, a local Chevrolet dealer in N. Texas couldn’t get enough Bolts and Volts to meet demand. Even though GM never adequately advertised these vehicles, there is demand for them. Are the margins bigger on the gassers? Maybe that’s why GM doesn’t want to sell their EVs in the U.S.

Ever since the Volt cancellation announcement, the Volt are effectively out of stock (only 24 left) in entire SF Bay Area dealers…

It seems that people only love it when you about to lose it…

Maybe as V. Lenin stated, she’ll be greedy enough to sell them the ROPE.

And the difference between Tesla and GMs missions statements is every reason to not support GM and to support Telsa. GM should care about all of their stake holders not just their stock holders. Mission statements like GMs will be our downfall, all stakeholders are important and need to be fully supported. If corporations cant handle supporting all stake holders their corporate charters should be revoked.

I think your comment is extremely apropos. I’m so pissed at their lack of concern for North American workers that I will spend the rest of my life avoiding their products.

Should probably note that the picture is just a stock photo of the Velite 6, and not the same as the vehicles mentioned in the article?

Need more EV options in the US. How about an EV Colordo pick-em-up truck?

Don’t turn blue first waiting.

Hopefully we will see these at NAIAS.