Boring Bricks: 10 Cents A Piece Or Free To Affordable Housing Projects

SEP 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 39

Elon Musk to start selling bricks through The Boring Company.

Elon Musk’s other company, the Boring one, intends to make use of its excavated dirt from all those tunnels that have been announced.

The idea is to produce bricks – Boring Bricks, of course, (ready for California seismic loads) and to be ready for the first customers within two months. The price was set at just 10 cents per brick.

In the case of projects for affordable housing, bricks will be free.

The Boring Company FAQ: What do you do with all that dirt?

In typical tunneling projects, excavated dirt is shipped offsite to disposal locations. This process is costly, time-consuming, noisy, and can be environmentally hazardous. The Boring Company is investigating technologies that will recycle the earth into useful bricks to be used to build structures. This is not a new concept, as buildings have been constructed from Earth for thousands of years including, according to recent evidence, the Pyramids. These bricks can potentially be used as a portion of the tunnel lining itself, which is typically built from concrete. Since concrete production accounts for 4.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, earth bricks would reduce both environmental impact and tunneling costs.

Perhaps bricks aren’t so boring after all…

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Super Smart Idea


I cant wait to see youtube test on the bricks 🙂


Ever seen how brittle a regular brick is?

Mister G

I can’t wait to see trumpsters use them to build the wall that Mexico will pay for lol


That is a 1954 mile long wall, or 10.3 million feet. The bricks might be 8″ long and 4″ high (faced). To get to a 20′ high wall one brick thick, that is 60 bricks tall. To cover a span of 8″, there would need to a base of 15.5 million bricks, for a total of 929 million bricks.

If 50 million Trump supporters sponsored the bricks, it would cost $1.86 apiece.

This is a painful oversimplification for 1000 reasons, however, it certainly sounds cheaper than $21 Billion!

The freight on that many bricks… not so cheap.

Mister G

What if you have the bricks made on site? And have unemployed trump supporters provide manual labor it will definitely help reduce beer bellies and diabetes related health problems. Maybe even Trump will do some lifting LOL it would be the greatest lifting in the universe lol

Get Real

I doubt it, apparently even throwing paper towels for 2 minutes at dispossessed Puerto Ricans was too hard for Trump!


Shipping a 1000 ton press and power cost more than shipping bricks.

Billy G

wait a few years and the freight won’t be as much with Tesla Semi’s 😛


“The freight on that many bricks… not so cheap.”

Make the bricks onsite from the tunnels smugglers bore under the wall 🙂


Unfortunately, that will cut back on all the potential coal mining and opioide usage in “Real America”. We have an economy-from-the-past that’s desperate for labor.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

At 10 cents a brick, even Mexico can afford them!



If the mexicans buy a boring company machine, then they can produce bricks for the wall, while tunneling UNDER it…….


I just love the guy, maybe all the ideas are not coming strait from him, but he his a doer.
A lot of peoples have ideas; but unless you do something with it, it is worthless.


Who Elon or Trump


Baffles me how this man is judged by so many for his eccentricities and not his achievements. By his own acknowledgement in 1999 he could’ve bought an island somewhere and created his own fiefdom, yet he leveraged it all (and continues to do so) in the name of something higher.


Yup. There are a lot of people suffering from EJDS — Elon Jealousy Derangement Syndrome. 😉

Mister G

GO ELON GO GET R DUN LOL maybe he could sell some bricks to climate change deniers that have beach front properties in the Carolinas. LOL wait maybe trump supporters will use them to build the wall lol MAGA and make Mexico pay for the bricks lol


I like the way they look like oversized LEGO bricks.


Don’t point it out otherwise it will get changed.


Awesome idea. Hope it works with different scenarios. Not all “dirt” is the same, some minerals helpful and some not so much. If talking baked clay where does the heat come from? Solar! Do other minerals need to be added to meet needs? Maybe recycling in some of that ocean garbage! So many ways to go….


Given the right soil mixture, they can skip the baking process altogether and just use compression (Compressed Earth Blocks). Technically, it is the same as building a rammed-earth home, you are basically simulating nature creating sandstone, no firing required like baked clay.


I assumed that was the tech, yes. But it’s not really the same as sandstone; it turns to mud if exposed to much water, and can’t be expected to last long-term.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

I wonder if all of the bricks will be the 1x2s shown, or if they’ll go the Lego route and offer 2x2s, 2x4s, 1x8s, etc, etc.

Some Guy

Luckily the store will open in California. Because in a few other states, like Michigan, the government would surely be “lobbied” (=bribed with campaign contributions) by the Michigan Brick Dealer Association, to change a law in a way that prevents direct sales of bricks…

John Doe

Does he make the concrete segments for the tunnel too? When you’re at a tunnel site, the number of segments are staggering.
They usually make the segments close to the tunnel.×563-.jpg

comment image


I could use them for the wall I’m planning in the basement to conceal a cask of amontillado.


Whatever you say, Edgar. 😉

Magnus H



Most excellent, build some housing.


Rammed earth bricks? Well, that is a useful building material in places where it hardly ever rains, for very low-cost housing which is not expected to last more than a generation. I seriously question that something which turns to mud if it’s exposed to water is a good thing to use to line tunnels which are supposed to be permanent!

“…buildings have been constructed from Earth for thousands of years including, according to recent evidence, the Pyramids.”

Yeah, some very early pyramids were built of rammed earth blocks. They aren’t around any longer because… Oh, you figured it out.


Maybe coat the walls of the bricks with a moisture repelling finish?

John Doe

I was of course thinking of concrete lining. That is the only thing that is used.


PP; rammed earth works even in coastal rainforests like BC.

Michael S

Bricks are hardly used for construction in Southern California. It’s either wood for Type III buildings (up to seven stories with two floors of concrete base), which is very cheap, or steel frame for anything higher than that.


I’m glad they aren’t called “Tesla Bricks”.. could give the wrong impression.


ELon ,the builder.. the next president of the united states 😍

Mister G

No he was born in South Africa can’t be president but maybe nobody will ask for his birth certificate since he is white lol

P Roppo

The theory is great but I have serious doubts. First off, shipping is is going to kill that price. Probably won’t pan out much less than a concrete block. Building engineers and inspectors will want to know of what substance are they made? Different soils, different characteristics. Other issues can be resolved, such as water, but every brick needs to meet certain standards for building codes.