Boat Full Of Electric BYD Buses Arrives In Chile

DEC 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

Chile will be second only to China with the highest number of EV buses?

BYD just delivered 100 all-electric buses to the port of San Antonio, Chile. Those buses should not be confused with another 100 Yutong E12 electric buses that also were ordered for Santiago.

Together, Chile will have 200 electric buses (all in its capital), which is one of the highest numbers in the world.

“The Chilean capital will have 200 in total, the government said. The 100 that recently arrived were manufactured by Chinese firm BYD Electronic International Co Ltd (0285.HK), financed by the local subsidiary of the Italian power utility Enel Generacion Chile SA (ENGX.SN) and will be operated by Metbus, a private Chilean company.

Another 100 due to be added to the Santiago fleet are being financed by French energy generation firm Engie Energia Chile SA (ECL.SN) and manufactured by China’s Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co Ltd (600066.SS).”

According to the Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, that’s just the beginning:

“Chile will be second only to China as a nation with the greatest quantity of electric buses in the world,”

BYD electric buses in Chile
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BYD electric buses in Chile BYD electric buses in Chile BYD electric buses in Chile

Chile would like to switch to electric vehicles (scooters, cars, taxis, buses and mining trucks) because of huge problems with smog. By 2050, EVs are set to be very common, but today there are only 40 public charging points in the country, including half in Santiago:

“Energy minister Susana Jiménez told Reuters the government wanted electric vehicles to account for 40 percent of Chile’s private fleet and 100 percent of public transportation on the roads by 2050.”

“Chile offers electric vehicles exemptions from environmental tax and traffic restrictions, as well as subsidies and fast-track licensing to taxi drivers who switch to more energy efficient cars, the Ministry of Energy said.”

According to McKinsey and Bloomberg, currently, 99% of all electric buses on the road worldwide (385,000 as of the end of 2017) are in China.

Closer to the U.S., Mexico City considers the purchase of 300-500 electric buses.

Yutong E12 electric bus for Chile:

Source: Reuters

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It’ll be interesting to see if they hold up. Didn’t some US city just reject a batch of Chinese made busses as they were unreliable and didn’t have the range claimed? China does not yet seem to have QA procedures in place for domestic companies. (they do fine, mostly, building stuff to other people’s specs and QA processes.)

China has >300,000 electric buses already domestically deployed, and thousands exported to date. Most exports followed lengthy pilot periods with only a few buses for a couple of years.

There were isolated issues – the city in question being Albuquerque, whose climate is quite different from most other destination cities, so that might be a problem.

The “These Orientals don’t know how to do things right” canard has gotten old. In the 70s the bigots said it about the Japanese, then about Taiwan and Korea.

The fact is, without the Chinese industry there would have been no solar energy revolution. Not to mention your own computer and smartphone.

Meh. The NYC MTA, which runs the nation’s largest municipal bus fleet with 5,700+ buses, tested BYD electric buses and rejected them. The BYD electric buses didn’t cut the mustard in the Big Apple.

NYC is currently testing Proterra and New Flyer EV buses. I’ve been on both, but can’t really compare the rides since one bus’ route was crosstown on 42nd street and crawled through traffic from stop to stop. However the build quality seemed better than the BYD bus I rode in London, which by the way used a diesel heater to keep the bus warm in winter. I’m pretty sure that neither the Proterra or New Flyer electric buses have fossil fuel heaters.

Why NYC MTA rejected BYD electric buses?

Largest doesn’t mean best. As a frequent user of the MTA, I would use other adjectives that are not appropriate here.

Curiously just New York and Albuquerque, then… whereas every other nation BYD has sold buses to (about a dozen) seem to get on fine with them. I wonder if the unions might have something to do with it?

I’d say China is quite different from Japan or South Korea.

They probably mean, second per-capita. To my knowledge the US has substantially more e-buses deployed already.
The UK too should have more than 200 by now.

Germany has definitely less than 200. Maybe the mean “per-capita”, but also in absolut numbers, they are easily in the top five.

Nice to see Chile ramping up the electric buses. USA is also getting in the game. But many cities have to face resistance from lobby groups, still its growing.

How many buses does Santiago have. 300 sounds like a huge dent.

So Yutong is expanding globally following BYD. We might see a good competition between these two giants in the global E Bus race. Till 2016 Yutong was the clear leader all of its sales being in China. Hopefully BYD catches on soon.

Hi Mark – thanks for the article. An interesting sideline is that the company that brought these buses to Chile is the same company that builds JuiceBox charging stations in the US.

NO, these 100 to Chile this time are made in BYD Nanjing city factory; BYD deploys many bus assembly plants all over the world, and several joint companies like GAC-BYD, with BYD directly supplies batteries, motors, control units, and assembled locally, their integration level is already very high, its K9(12m), K8(10.5m) buses are with dual rear wheel-side motors(this is unique in China market, and only available on Benz, Scania or Volvo ones.), over 500V high-voltage system, air-suspension chassis, full-aluminium exterior, keyless lock/wake-up/ boot, gas-bag driver seat, high-power AC-output(powered by its OWN Si-based IGBT, SiC-ed is to released in the coming year), Li-iron batteries, three-in-one control unit, they’ve sold nearly 50000 pure-electrical buses, with 95% over 10m.


Wow, Chile Euro Latam. Stunning and solid busses.

Tesla needs to modify the semi design or open the platform up to 3rd party manufacturers. This seems like low hanging fruit.

It’s a ship’ not a boat