BMW Sold Record Number of Plug-In Electric Cars In June

JUL 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 16

BMW Group significantly increased sales of plug-in electric cars in June reaching a new all-time record.

In total, 13,806 new electrified BMW and MINI vehicles were sold, which is 47.6% more than a year ago, and slightly more than the previous record in December 2017 (13,271).

The share of plug-ins compared to total volume of sales also increased to a record level of almost 5.8%.

BMW i + BMW iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales worldwide – June 2018

With some 60,660 sales in the first half of the year (up 42.5%), BMW Group is still on track for its target of 140,000 sales in 2018 (it needs only to sell another 80,000 in the second half, compared to 60,000 in H2 2017).

Here are a few highlights for the first half of the year:

  • three quarters of the vehicles we sell in Norway are electrified
  • one in three BMW 5 Series delivered in California is now a plug-in hybrid
  • China: 6,295 (five-fold increase) – With the introduction of the locally-built BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid in China, electrified sales in the BMW Group’s largest overall market have increased five-fold in the first six months year-on-year,
  • USA: 12,015 (+51.3%)
  • UK: 8,823 (+41.4%)

BMW i + BMW iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales worldwide – June 2018

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Remind me again how Tesla is hurting BMW? This doesn’t even show their considerable ICE line up, this is only plug in and only a little less than Tesla for cars with plugs, worldwide,and they will increase faster in China that Tesla does worldwide, having such low output from Fremont.

Tesla has never hurt BMW and probably never will. The only one bleeding is Tesla. Btw, impressive numbers by BMW. Again!

Tesla Is NOT in Business to Hurt Or Take Away Anything From Any One . Tesla is in Business to Build EV’s And To Encourage Other Traditional Car Makers To Make The Transition To EV’s & Sustainable Energy So That We can Clean Up This BIG MESS That BIG 0IL and BIG ICE MAKERS Have Created In The Last 100 Plus YRS..Of Polluting & DESTROYING OUR PLANET…..IF THEY WAKE UP & DIE RIGHT , THERE MAY STILL BE A CHANCE TO SALVAGE WHAT’S LEFT ,THAT THEY HAVEN’T YET DESTROYED….

These custmers aren’t hurting. No more stop start. They have arrived.

They Love Selling Hybrids (DOUBLE TROUBLE) TW0 Drive Trains To Maintain & Repair ..It’s Great For Their Parts & Service Business …That’s The reason They Hate Selling Pure EV’s…I’d Rather Drive Straight ICE Than a …(DOUBLE TROUBLE)….. Hybrid, Never ! ….

I wish Beamer wouldn’t brag about this. Most of their plug-ins have electric range in the low teens. It’s hardly a cause for pride.

“Electrified” is code for: mild hybrid, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric. What’s impressive is when Tesla *crushes* Toyota Prius sales in the US, and that’s a thing now. @BroncoBet, check out this sales data:

Tesla is doing 6000+ / month (and climbing like a billy goat) of the Model III. If BMW doesn’t break 4000 once for the rest of the year on the BMW 3-series, you have the answer: Tesla ate 30% of their sales like a greasy cheeseburger!

By your logic, Model 3 causes cancer because Model 3 sales and cancer incidence rates correlate. 3 series is in the last year before model changeover and on the decline in the US for years. It is a sure bet sales will be bad this year, so why not claim Tesla ate them. By the way, BMW doesn’t sell mild hybrids or hybrids at the moment.

As The Brits would say., “RUBISH”

“Climbing like a billy goat;” I like that. I’ve never heard it before, and now it’s mine 😉 BTW I’m not at all affiliated with the other Chris S who’s trying to rain on your parade 😉

Most commutes are in the low teens.

Where did they brag about it?

Years ago BMW said all you need is a four cylinder and an eight speed.

BMW ………..SUCKS …Owned a few BMW’s . They Look Half Decent ,But., Cheaply Built , Don’t Last ….NEVER AGAIN!

They’ll grow harder on the next generation i3(2020/21) and new i4(2021/22) plus iX3(2020). That’s when they’ll actually see big numbers, plus with the solid state batteries they are promising on i4, I’ve already saved up for it. All I wish is for the electric industry to grow, Oil is going up like crazy.

Please pardon my english. I’m from cental Europe. BMW stopped accepting orders for any plug-ins except for 5 series. All other are gone. It has something to do with new WLTP cycle. How do they wan’t to breake another records as they say if they only sell stock cars right now and probably will run oft of them shortly. The case is valid for all European Union as far as I’m concern.