BMW Sold A Record 13,271 Plug-In EVs In December, 103,080 In 2017

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BMW i + BMW iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales worldwide – December 2017

The BMW Group once again improved its monthly record of plug-in electric vehicle sales in December, achieving 13,271 deliveries (up 79.5% year-over-year) – significantly more than the previous high set in November (11,710).

2018 BMW i3

The share of plug-in vehicles to total BMW light passenger sales volume reached a new record of 5.7%.

Last month, BMW fulfilled its promise to sell 100,000 plug-ins in 2017, exceeding the target by hitting 103,080 in total (up 65.6% year-over-year).

Cumulative plug-in sales now stand at over 200,000.

In the next two years ,BMW Group intends to deliver no less than 300,000, as the target by the end of 2019 is to put 500,000 on the road.

The biggest seller in 2017 for BMW plug-ins was the i3 – 31,482 (up 23.3%).

All of the plug-in hybrids sold under iPerformance moniker noted 63,605 (almost double), while the MINI plug-in hybrid counter indicates 5,799.

“Target exceeded: over 100,000 electrified vehicles sold in 2017. BMW Group’s leading role in premium electro-mobility confirmed

In December, the BMW Group celebrated delivery of the 100,000th electrified vehicle sold in 2017. In total, 103,080 electrified vehicles were delivered to customers during the year; this increase of 65.6% underscores the company’s leading position in electro-mobility.

The BMW Group sold more electrified vehicles in Europe than any other premium manufacturer in 2017 and the company’s position on the world market is also extremely strong.

Four years after its launch, sales of the BMW i3 grew in 2017 by 23.3% to total 31,482 worldwide. The plug-in hybrid BMW iPerformance vehicles also continue to grow in popularity, with sales almost doubling to total 63,605. Launched in June 2017, the MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid also made a significant contribution to boosting the BMW Group’s electrified sales, with a total of 5,799 delivered to customers around the world. The BMW Group is expecting strong double-digit growth in electrified vehicle sales in 2018. By the end of 2019, the company aims to have at least half a million electrified BMW Group vehicles on the road.”

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What is the percentage if you look at the hole year?


It is spelled whole year not a hole

The i3 may not be a high volume seller, but in its category it does fine. You have to remember, this car has near exotic car construction. People who understand advanced engineering will appreciate the i3 for its remarkable construction design. Others who think a econo-box derived EV hatchback is the direct competitor with the i3 will never get it. All I can tell you is look at how the Chevy Bolt roof starts folding like s cheap tent in the side impact test, with the dummies heads leaving imprints on the side of the roof. Look at how the i3 stayed solid. What is so significant if both didn’t suffer major injuries. What about just a little more speed?, the Bolt would have completely collapsed. How about One of the most comprehensive reverse engineering design analysis was done by a highly reputable company, Munro and Associates. Stunning evaluation: Try making a tight radius turn in a parking lot. The i3 will run around circles inside that of the model 3 or just about any other mainstream EV out there aside from a iMiev or something. I just drove the car from Bakersfield to Oxnard. 110 miles, over… Read more »

So, for Model 3 to beat the i3 December sales count, they need about 3,318 Model 3’s per Week being produced/delivered! So, maybe Mid April 2018 to Mid May 2018 timeframe!

That was total of all plug ins, BMW sold not just the i3.

At the moment, model 3 production lags i3 production significantly. Let them first figure out how to crawl first.


The fanbois are like the Westboro baptist church of the EV world.

At the moment M3 production is about 2X of the i3 production.

What are you talking about? There were 3.327 i3 produced in December according to EV sales blog. That makes it 3x of M3

Why are people buying the i3? It’s one of the worst, if not the worst, EV if you judge them by price per range.

IMO, it’s one of the worst EVs on the market.

because it is a real luxury car?
because it will not turn into a rust bucket in areas where they salt the roads?
because it will out handle the other BEVs?
because it is not a gigantic boat like the model S and X?
because people who buy BMWs can afford more than one car which they can take on freeway rides?
because the people who own them generally love them?
because price per range is only one factor?

because people aren’t actually paying the list prices for them?

because people are buying i3 Rex’s FULLY LOADED one year lease returns for $27,500 or better !!!

Lovin’ my 2014 i3 Rex – BEST Car I’ve ever owned that drives for free !!!!

Price per range isn’t a major consideration for many people myself included.

I value the lightweight small exterior, large interior hatchback style of the i3 which led me to exclude a similarly-priced Tesla Model 3, a too large, too heavy sedan.

I value the more expensive corrosion resistance aluminum/CFRP/thermoplastic construction of the i3 over any EV with steel body parts.

I value rear wheel drive with sophisticated rear suspension over the typical front wheel drive rear twist beam axle featured by most EV’s.

We don’t need more range than our i3 offers, so an i3 is a good value for us. I realize that others have different priorities.

It’s clearly not the best.

No, Hyundai IONIC is the best in efficiency now.

BMW i3 is now second best, but still great !

It’s a luxury vehicle, and if you know how to use a Trip Odometer, or buy the REX, you don’t need more than 120 miles of range. Of course more would be nice.

But, if the REX engine is only used once or twice a year, like most people would experience, then you can buy a Luxury EV and ENJOY it’s many exceptional attributes.

Like an electric heater that blows hot air in 5 seconds, not 20 minutes like an ICE car, 5 seconds.
Like those tall tires roll over bumps with grace.
The exceptional ride.
The instant acceleration, the quiet acceleration and the nimbleness of the handling, the ease of city parking…

Also, you might want to check out LEASE cost for the Bolt, Leaf, Prius Prime Advanced and the i3. The i3 is very close to 3 of those and Beats the Advanced on a 3 year lease in cost.

So, the i3 looks like a bargain, and the others look Over Priced.

Because range per dollar is an interesting metric that nonetheless is very far from a complete description of a car..?

Why do people not buy the ICE cars that have the longest range per dollar? Because it means very little.

The i3 is cool, fun to drive, quick and supremely capable for a lot of today’s EV buyers – the majority of which also own at least one other car, and that other car is almost never a BEV. Even in Norway, far progressed along the path of EV addition compared to anywhere else, 75% of EV buyers have another vehicle.

The EV “community” – the sort of people who come here – is naturally very interested in range and price as these are the biggest obstacles to mainstream adoption. But it doesn’t follow that people who are getting a daily driver/commute car necessarily prefer a Bolt to an i3 because it’s got more range. I, as someone who has only one car and require it to be an EV, would have preferred the Bolt, but I’m atypical.

Rubbish. Range is not everything plus it’s increasing with new year models. This is a superb car. Excellent handling, beautiful interior, carbon fiber exterior, roomy, comfortable seats, great acceleration and regen, incredible turning radius, good stability control and winter handling, medium EV range, upgradeable battery, ACC, collision avoidance, built in Nav, etc. It makes the Bolt seem like a pretty cheap car interior and feature wise. REX option too which is very practical.
Have you driven one? They are really wonderful to drive.

The 2017 at least, really is stable on the highway, and for a car with a short wheelbase that is something.
Someone with knowledge of advanced suspensions needs to tell us how BMW does it.

..and now they will fall.

When are you good folks at Inside EVs going to post an update the list of EV makers and their US tax rebate expiry estimates?

First embrace, BMW for marking The I3, this is a great little car, with I also try before buying the MS in 2015, the build quality is simply better than the MS, the chassis and cabin material outstanding but the 20 KWH battery was to small. This, and the Tesla Supercharger infrastructure made me buy the MS, I love driving my MS, and will keep it for min 5 years more, but I am not sure Tesla will be my next car, and I hope choices of EV will be more in the future!

I love how people are seeing the 103K number and immediately comparing that number against Tesla.
Re-read the article and find the 31K number which is the number of real BEVs (i3) even then BMW doesnt break out the mix of Rex/BEV
All the rest are just ICE hybrids with plugs

I pulled into the Joyce Kilmer plaza on the NJ turnpike the other day and there were no open chargers. So, I flipped to the ReX and continued on my journey to the next service area.

Yes, most of us are not BEVnazis like you. We also happen to have a life!

Why did BMW glue on dog hair to the dash and door panels of the i3? Is there a significant reason for this?

So people like you won’t buy it.

I’m not sure if I can borrow the tires off my bicycle if I ever have a blowout. Has anyone ever tried to use them if the local tire store doesn’t have the i3 tires in stock? They look similar in size.

Why does BMW give this thing a 2 cylinder scooter engine as a range extender. The thing sounds like a lawnmower and it can’t keep up when driving up any hills. At least other so called lesser brands like the volt have a regular 4 cylinder engine that isn’t so embarrassing to be heard or seen in.