BMW iX3 Order Books Now Open: Deposit Puts You In Line


In Norway, at least.

Though not even slated for production until 2020, individuals in Norway have informed us that orders book for the BMW iX3 electric SUV are now open.

In fact, the ordering process for BMW’s first electric SUV kicked off on September 1st.

A tipster informed us of the process:

iX3 reservations in Norway started, September 1st, as the first country in the world.

It can be done through and costs NOK 15.000 (approx USD $1.800). The whole amount is refundable. The payment goes to a chosen dealership and there is no queue system. All who reserve now are added to a “group” that will be able to customize and place an order before it goes into production in 2020.

Seems simple enough. And it’s refundable, so you’ve got nothing to lose by reserving one today.

Though no official specs or pricing is available on the iX3 at this point in time, we do expect it to be similar to the concept shown in Beijing, which we described as such:

The iX3 concept showcased in Beijing had a battery pack with a capacity of 70 kWh providing enough juice for more than 400 kilometers (249 miles) on the WLTP cycle. Based on BMW’s fifth-generation electric drive system, the zero-emissions crossover had an output rated at 270 horsepower (200 kilowatts) and took advantage of fast-charging capabilities to fully “fill up” the battery in only half an hour.

Does the iX3 entice you? If so, and if you live in Norway, you might want to consider putting that deposit down soon.

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Nice option, but don’t need a big SUV, waiting for the lower, more aerodynamic, longer range, better handling i3-series.

BTW…does anyone know how much the iX3 will cost compared with the ICE version?

I’ve signed the purchase contract for Kona and have my Model 3 reservation, but it’s tempting. Right now the first few “used” Konas are being advertised for sale with a premium of 60k NOK upwards… although I don’t know if anyone’s biting the bullet. Still, it seems pretty likely I might be able to get my Kona, then get Model 3 somewhere down the line and sell either that or the Kona for at least a bit more than I’ll pay for it. I guess we have Tesla to thank for this new reservation fad – and, of course, all manufacturers inability and/or unwillingness to supply the market demand. For me though, I think I’m in deep enough! When I reserved the Tesla I didn’t quite believe their hype estimate of late 2017, but I did think I might get it (it being the base version btw!) by mid-2018… That now looks like late 2019 at best, and maybe never (though they still say the $35k base version is for real). And that’s why I eventually reserved the Kona (sadly not as soon as I should have; I might have had it now if I’d paid more attention) and now… Read more »

The reservation fad is probably a very good thing for BEVs as it lets the manufacture gauge if they might need to order more batteries…
That is if they wish to meet demand…

@Terawatt, those figures for used Konas are very interesting. Do you have any source website or further info for where I can look at that. I would be very grateful. Thanks!

If the WLTP range is 249 miles, that suggest that the EPA highway range will be at best 186 miles (300km) in ideal summer conditions at highway speeds (70-75 mph, 110-120 kph). Given that you drive down to 10% before a top up, that gives you effectively 168 miles on the first stage, and 130 miles per subsequent stage (from 80% down to 10%). That’s in ideal summer conditions, in adverse winter conditions, you can cut those by at least 25-30%, giving you 130-140 miles first stage and 91-98 miles on subsequent stages. That’s not quite going to cut it for an all-rounder EV. It’s nowhere near the Kona 64 kWh’s range for example, whilst likely costing more than twice as much. Good to see BMW getting into the game, but they will have to do a bit better on efficiency and range to compete with the market leaders.

Unlikely that the difference in WLTP and EPA ranges will be that much. For the Kona EV it is 292 miles WLTP and 258 miles EPA so the BMW will most probably be still above 200 miles EPA.

Why off busy. Wltp is why closer then NEDA

Anyone have any intel on annual production numbers BMV plans?

BMW will produce as many as the market want. They can scale up if needed. BMW produce their cars by order, hence no waiting for e.g. the i3 (just 3-4 months due to production time etc.)

BMW makes inventory, not to production.

I placed a deposit for the iX3 yesterday. Love the ICE X3 and hope the iX3 will end up as close to it as possible. It MUST get 4WD though.

The BMW i3 was genius.
This “design” is a warmed over ICE with an electric powertrain inserted.
I’d wait for the Model Y reveal before pulling the trigger.

Although this will have a BMW suspension and interior, they should be very nice.
Either wait for the Model Y or the iNext.