BMW iX3 Electric Spied With Proper EV Front Fascia


In the world of electric cars, nothing is worse than seeing a gaping grille.

Well, in these latest spy shots of the upcoming pure electric BMW iX3, that once-gaping grilled is now more properly closed off as it should be. As our spy photographer tells us, this time we see that development is moving forward as this prototype has the correct bumper and grille under what’s now just a bit of camo.

If you glance back at our last round of spy shots of the iX3 from March, you’ll immediately see the difference. These changes lead us to believe that the electric SUV seen here is now close to production ready.

As a refresher, the iX3 concept showcased in Beijing had a battery pack with a capacity of 70 kWh providing enough juice for more than 400 kilometers (249 miles) on the WLTP cycle. Based on BMW’s fifth-generation electric drive system, the zero-emissions crossover had an output rated at 270 horsepower (200 kilowatts) and took advantage of fast-charging capabilities to fully “fill up” the battery in only half an hour.

Those figures still haven’t been fully confirmed though for the production version of this electric SUV, though we do know that it will be produced in China and exported from there. It’s U.S.-bound, though an exact date is still unknown at this time. However, we expect it to arrive sometime in 2020, which means it will surely be late to the now-growing electric crossover/SUV party.

Grab some more views of the BMW iX3 in the gallery below:

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Looks like glasses pushed up onto somebody’s forehead.

Looks like BMW is also well into their testing as this looks to be a beta model, and not an early mule…

“nothing is worse than seeing a gaping grille”

IMO nothing worst than Grille-less Design.Teslas are Ugly without a BadAss Grille.I do not want my car to look like a freak show.

So no ferrari or porsche for you then.

yee haw

So you also think all mid- or rear-engined ICE cars need a fake grille? While there were never very many such cars in the US, quite a lot of midrange and inexpensive cars worldwide were rear engined.
How about you show us how the original VW Beetle should have looked with a grille (-;

You forgot the /s for sarcasm. Grills are for the backyard, on cars it’s ugly.

Looks like you stuck in the middle ages or is it the dinosaur ages? ahh just swipe one of those Rolls grilles I can even give you my old barbeque grills

My next car most likely unless the Model Y is available first.

No chance of Y arriving first. Model Y, even if Tesla makes their timeline is due to start production in China in 2021, and would not be in the USA until 2022 at the earliest, as we know Tesla will fill China demand first which may take them year or 2.

Completely agree. Model Y will not arrive till 2022. Between now and then, you got alot of compelling EV’s coming out.

Why would the Model Y need longer to get to market than the Model 3 did? That makes no sense.

The factory has not been built yet, that’s why.

They can build a tent in a couple of weeks! 😉

Seriously, I’m not sure why people consider this a major issue. Once design is done, it’s establishing suppliers, ordering equipment etc. what takes most time — just furnishing the actual building doesn’t feel like a big deal…

Permits. Something that aren’t as important if you already have a facility. It will take years for Tesla to get the permits, build the factory and then start furnishing it. Then they have to do a few test runs and modifications to get it to spec. Tesla themselves have said it will take at leas 3 years before the first vehicle comes off the production line, and 5 years before it gets to something like full production.

So 2021 is the earliest, and if history is anything to go by a years delay is pretty standard – which gives 2022. IMO a late 2021 start for small scale production and then 2022 will be like 2018 is for the 3, ramping of production to something reasonable – if everything goes to plan.

Riiiight, because Model Y production somehow is now tied to Chinese factory or Chinese market…

That’s where I’m personally not clear on this.

If Tesla want to get to their eventual aim of not shipping vehicles worldwide, instead producing vehicles for sale in the region of production, then they need to have a factory in N America that builds them at some point. Unless they scale back capacity of the Model 3’s from their eventual 10,000 a week (possible considering they won’t need to be making them for European and Asian markets when those factories are online, and it’s unlikely they will be selling that many in the long term just in N. America, unless they start producing that $25k car…) and replace them with Model Y production, then they need another factory. So far there has been no word, that I know of, of them building one to do this?

If they haven’t even announced a factory, then they’re almost certainly years off, which means it’ll be way past 2021 before they even get first production from it.

Depends on how soon iX3 will make it out of China, I guess…

Definitely on my radar. I sat in a 2018 X3 the other day. Very pleasant, well crafted and luxurious interior.
comment image

Recent BMWs are just OK. They might be well crafted but the design has no soul or emotion. Mercedes doing better designs these days, the new A class for example.

They are not on the same level as equivalently priced Japanese cars – but neither is anything produced in America either.

“Proper Front fascia?”


The “grill inserts” that are being used to replace stylish grills look terrible. The March version looks much better.

Kind of like the iX3 that is on display in Norway right now?

Could be for testing, but the final car will be a BEV.

See BMW’s EV roadmap here.

comment image

My reply was about the PHEV vs BEV discussion below.

The iX3 will be a BEV.

Aprt from the grill, there is really nothing special in the design. boring in the best German tradition

Nothing special about the looks, but it will surely also have BMW brakes and suspension, aside from electric power.

“However, we expect it to arrive sometime in 2020, which means it will surely be late to the now-growing electric crossover/SUV party.“

Yes, all the info from BMW points to a 2020 release (Mini EV coming before it, in late 2019).

I don‘t get the “late to the party”. Tesla‘s Model Y ( a direct competitor) will also arrrive in 2020 only – maybe later because Tesla still hasn‘t a factory.

However, almost no EV blog mentions “late to the party“ when the Tesla Model Y is discussed…

I guess that depends on whether the iX3 will be in the price class of the Model Y, or more like the I-Pace, e-Tron Quattro, and EQC…

Have a feeling the ix3 will be in the ipace & etron pricing…maybe a bit less…

However assuming the model Y rollout has the same strategy as the model 3, only the well equipped ones will be available for the first few years…Assuming the y goes for 10-15% more than the 3 (like the x vs s), it’ll start roughly around $60-ish k….closer to the etron/ipace pricing than the kona/bolt pricing…so the ix3 will not really late to this party…

Explaination on pricing guess on the model y: Assuming the y starts production in late 2019 (big assumption)…and if we go by the estimated time before a 35k version of the model 3 will be available (2-3 years)…the affordable version of the model Y will be available somewhere around late 2022…then factor in the always overly optimistic “Musk time”

These seem pretty pessimistic assumptions. First of all, unless we see further delays, base Model 3 should become available about 1.5 years after start of early production. So 2021 should be the *worst* case scenario for base Model Y.

However, I think there are bunch of reasons to hope that it will happens sooner. Since it will presumably share parts with Model 3, there should be less issues ramping production in general. The ramp will presumably be of a magnitude similar to Model 3, rather than an entirely new magnitude; so they shouldn’t be faced with entirely new challenges. Also, having a large steady income from Model 3, they should be able to absorb initial losses while ramping the cheaper variants more easily… And by the time Model Y hits the market, making it profitable should be less of a challenge to begin with.

In other words, I suspect the delay from early Model Y production to production of the entry level variant should hopefully be shorter than for Model 3.

This looks like the PHEV variant – beyond having intakes at the kidney grill – there looks to be a muffler in the last picture….

Whats up with that piece of brown paper/leaf stuck to the windshield – are they testing what would happen when the ACC camera gets blocked?

I think the “muffler” looking piece is some kind of skid plate/frame piece and maybe part of the motor housing or something? My hunch is that will be cleaned up more for final production, but who knows. Needed a slightly lower angle picture to see what it is.

That’s the right wheel you’re seeing.

Nothing more.

It’s a wheel not a muffler

“It’s a wheel not a muffler”

See lower right (closer to center), unless it has a retractable 5th wheel under the bumper…. click image to view full size….it is under the “cle” of the “Electric Test Vehicle” sticker on the bumper….comment image

This set of pics will quell the discussion of the “gaptooth/Kia” grille. I guess the charging door is located right rear like the i3.

You might have to jump over to the BMW forums for that pointless discussion.

Its actually having a private showing very soon in norway. Will be intresting to see what leaks out.

Made in China – yeah…good luck with that.

It matters WHO builds it, not WHERE.
iPhones are made in China and have been some of the highest quality phones ever

Agree in principle — though AFAIK it will be a first for a Chinese-made car being exported to the global market? Will be interesting to see how it goes…

I’m sure BMW has thought it through. They were the number one exporter of vehicle from the US (by value) to the global market recently. They were also one of the most profitable car brands just recently. The Trump Tariffs my be the spoiler though…

Definitely not, some Buicks, Cadillacs, and Volvos are imported from China to US market. Buick Envision, Cadillac CT6 plug-in, and Volvo S60, for example.

Now we’re talking! Looks like BMW have a winner here, their ICE X3s are extremely popular. It seems the grille will be similar to the new X5 G05 grille rather than the one from the Concept iX3. Can’t wait!

“Produced in China and shipped to the world” might not be that easy with all the trade restrictions and tariffs floating around nowadays, especially if the destination country is USA.

So glad that BMW has a serious entry in the EV space; I feel certain it will be a great vehicle. But I have to laugh that no one in the BMW organization realized that they were stealing a well-known sunglasses design. I just can’t believe they are giving up on their distinctive dual oval grill. BMW OWNS that look! Is this look part of an attempt to creating a new brand that can be sold directly? Or…what?

comment image