New BMW i8 Rated At 17 Miles Of Electric Range (EPA)

SEP 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 32

The all-electric range rating for the BMW i8 increased, but only by 21%

The BMW i8 was upgraded recently and spawned a new i8 Roadster version too, both equipped with a 11.6 kWh battery (9.4 kWh usable). According to EPA, the car is now rated for up to 17 miles (27 km) in all-electric mode.

The improvement is welcome, but we figured out that previously, the car with its 7.1 kWh (5.2 kWh usable) battery was rated at 14 miles (over 22 km), which means the range increased by only 21% after a 63% increase in battery capacity. Part of the reason is that efficiency decreased by around 10% from 76 MPGe to 69 MPGe.

The new i8 with a bigger battery gets a higher federal tax credit of $5,669, almost $1,900 more than earlier as the amount is related to the battery capacity (peaks at $7,500 for 16 kWh).

  • BMW i8 Coupe starts at $142,826 (incl. $995 dest. fee and tax credit)
  • BMW i8 Roadster starts at $158,626  (incl. $995 dest. fee and tax credit)

2019 BMW i8

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Lovely car. Also spotted today is an i8 with wider tyres, which might suggest an i8S is coming. Should be good 🙂

People don’t get how amazing of a car this is. Carbon fiber monocoque, 27 mpg without electricity is pretty great for a car of this class (others are around 10-20 mpg at best), still a reasonable EV range (although not the purpose of this car). Count electricity and this will use very little gas for commuting.

I love both the i3 and i8, but BMW missed on both. People want BEV even if it means extra weight even though most don’t use near that range on a daily basis. I like that BMW took the chance with these, even if they didn’t pan out.

Both are great examples of what happens when you don’t understand the market.

Still less than 30 miles of EV range. Yawn…
The automakers need to stop dragging their feet with barely-electric models, and go full PHEV(every car they build with a gas engine has to be a PHEV), and have EV range of more than 30 miles…

I see no reason for ICE hybrids. FCEVs and EVs should suffice for everyone.

You’re not buying this car because of the EV range, I will assure you that.

What a joke

Agreed. Can anyone explain why the electric only range is lower the a Mitsuibishi Outlander PHEV SUV from 2013 with a 12kw batter pack?

Because the i8 ain’t built for efficiency. It’s a friggin borderline supercar.

a super car that gets schooled by a model 3 at less than half the price..

They should probably just call it a “hybrid” like FCA does with the Pacifica. But then again “hybrid” and “supercar” don’t really mesh together.

17 miles AER… lol

It has a smaller battery than many electric motorcycles do.

Anyone got an idea why the electric efficiency dropped? The larger battery is probably a tick heavier, but I don’t think it would have that much effect — and gas MPG dropped only slightly…

It’s a BMW so it’s garbage..

Maybe went to more electric power so the gas engine need not kick in as often

Tires or something? They can make a huge difference.

Change in EPA range rating methodology?

Car is pretty quick for having such a little 3 cylinder, 1.5 liter engine. It shows the benefit of a hybrid system. And 17 miles a day would easily get me to and from work. And you could still cruise 90 mph on a 300 mile road trip. So the car has it’s benefits besides still commanding a second glance when you see when one the road.

If this car were going to sell in anything near significant numbers than I would be upset with this puny range; but it won’t so I’m not.

Yup, unlike Tesla’s which are common in SoCal, the i8 owner is probably happy to be paying for some exclusivity.

There is a difference between a slow selling car and an exclusive car.

At the price point, this should be a 300+ mile EV. Any drag around an ICE engine and all the ICE components for no reason? BMW should have let tie i8 ride until the real i8 arrived.

ICE components and fuel are a light lighter than the batteries for that range.

What a useless fake engine noise crap car!

On the right track. Lets assume if any of these are used for the commute they are comming from inner urban areas and are parked next to a charger.

what a piece of crap car.

What a piece of crap comment?

2 seater sports cars should definitely not get any rebates. It makes the regular rebates that are absolutely needed look bad

Wow. This is a joke of a car. The 2014 leaf has a 24kWh battery but a 84 mile EPA range. So twice the capacity but five times the range…
Does it have an electric grill at the bottom to waste energy or what?
And funnily enough it has around the same weight as the leaf, but a flatter, more aerodynamic shape.

PHEVs always seem to get a much lower range per kWh than BEVs… Not sure why.

This car is great! Good thing it’s not made for poor people, so you will not see hobos driving this like Tesla.

Then I’d rather be a hobo and skip the gas pump.