BMW i8 Key Fob – Awesomeness In Your Hand

DEC 18 2013 BY JAY COLE 20

BMW i8 At The Tokyo Auto Show

BMW i8 At The Tokyo Auto Show

It is easy to get lost in all the details around BMW’s $135,000 i8 super car, but this key fob is impossible to ignore.

Besides all the normal key fob functionality, it is equipped with its own high resolution LCD display, where you can now see the BMW’s state of charge, range and time on charge.

There will also reportedly be other useful shortcut features to things like preconditioned temperature control.

BMW insider Herr 26 via Bimmerfile (hat tip to Rob!)

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Wow What a key 🙂

How much does that cost to replace when you lose it?!

…you know what they say about “if you have to ask”, (=

That’s a question you ask when you are in the market for an I3 not when you are in the market for an I8:-)

The funny thing in extreme luxury is that you will probably receive one for free if you lose it.
I am not sure of what happens after the second loss though!

I think the way Porsche works its 2 up front, and $400 to replace each. Even VW fobs are close to $250. So, should we figure like an iPhone (off plan)?

It looks like it is a touch screen too! Drool…

But then again, not only you have to charge the car, but now you also have to charge the key?!
It should at least come with a docking station to charge it at home.

Star Trek is REAL! 😉

You have no idea just how real 🙂

Trying to one up Tesla. I wouldn’t want a fragile device in my pocket with keys. Bad idea.
I’d prefer a little robust monolithic brick with no buttons. One that can’t be damaged.

That Fob must cost more than a Volt!

I have key fob envy!

The i-MiEV has a fancy key fob*, too, but I leave it at home. I’m too afraid it will get damaged or lost. I would want some sort of a case for the i8’s key fob. Maybe a screen protector, too.

*relatively speaking

What is the range? If it’s the same as a normal keyfob, then meh. But if it has Wifi or 4G that would be an improvement. Of course everyone has smart phones and aps that can do the same thing (and more) as this keyfob. But the best part about a keyfob really, is not having to do anything with it. Jam it in your pocket, your backpack or purse, and forget about it. I think they should make a keyfob watch. That way my watch would serve two purposes, telling time and allowing me to enter/start my car. (also good advertisement for the car company)

[.. starts typing patent application]

Add a video transmition of the car surroundings 🙂

“What is the range?”

Depends on your “fob plan”.

Love the look, but if you have to keep it charged, what a pain. If you go on a trip, one more charger to remember to bring.

Probably the car will charge the key if it is inserted, so this would really be an issue if you don’t use the key for a while. This could be the case for the second key that may be used by your significant other or just sitting in a drawer.

Wireless charger in the center console?

That would be nice. Nah, it has to be cooler than that. A deployable mini wind turbine! 😉

Or how about a miniature plutonium battery lasting 5 years!

“I ever joke about my work, 007!” 😉