BMW Fans Just May Be Coming Around To Tesla

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The Tesla Model 3 has been a huge hit so far – in August it was the fifth best-selling passenger car in the US, nipping at the heels of such perennial favorites as the Camry, Civic, Accord and Corolla. However, those budget sedans don’t really seem like competitors to Model 3, which is billed as a “luxury” vehicle and carries a much higher price tag.

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Above: Tesla Model 3 trailed by a BMW (Image: InsideEVs)

It’s the small luxury sedans that are generally considered comparable to Tesla’s new EV, and Model 3 is already offering them some serious competition. But is it actually stealing sales from brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Lexus, and if so, which ones?

The evidence is growing that BMW is bearing the brunt of the electric onslaught. Elon Musk recently revealed that the BMW 3 Series was the number-two vehicle traded in by Model 3 buyers, after the Toyota Prius. In August, Tesla’s Model 3 sales (17,800 units) outnumbered BMW’s total sedan sales in the US (14,450) as InsideEVs reports. Sales of the 3 series are in decline, as CleanTechnica reports (of course, this is not all Tesla’s fault – sedans, in general, are gradually going out of style).

The numbers seem portentous, but it may be more revealing (and surely more fun) to read about some car buyers’ comparisons between the Bavarian and Californian offerings.

Simon Alvarez, writing in Teslarati, tells the story of software developer Moshen Chan, a 20-year BMW enthusiast who now drives a Model 3. Chan, who shared his experiences in a series of posts on the Bimmerfest forum, owns two BMWs: a modified E36 325i with track suspension setup, and an E82 135i with several M3 suspension upgrades. He was recently shopping for a new BMW M2 or M3, but after a test drive, he bought a Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Chan was blown away by the Tesla’s hyper-low center of gravity, its low polar moment of inertia, and its silent, instant acceleration. Overall, he says that the Model 3 Performance “absolutely outperforms anything BMW has to offer today.”

Above: A look at the minimalist Model 3 interior versus the more cluttered design approach inside a BMW 3-Series (Image: The Last Driver License Holder)

“I can say I was very hesitant on the ultra-minimalist interior but now I absolutely love it,” Chan writes. “For me this is an iPhone moment – when a new product suddenly makes everything else seem outdated and old.”

Chan’s Model 3 isn’t perfect, and he believes Tesla still has a lot to learn in terms of customer service and delivery. “BMW has better build quality. It has more refined finishing and details. But for me, it’s the driving experience that really matters. The overall package of what the Performance Model 3 does for me…greatly makes up for those areas that BMW is better at.”

Of course, driving enjoyment is subjective, and whether the silent instant torque of a Tesla is more fun than the gear shifting and roar of a well-tuned M3 is a matter of personal taste, as Nico DeMattia, writing on the BMW Blog, reminds us.

On paper, the Tesla Model 3 is more powerful, quicker and a little cheaper. “The Model 3 boasts a massive touchscreen infotainment system and over-the-air updates, but the BMW M3 has bigger brakes and stickier tires,” DeMattia writes. “So the Model 3 is techier and the M3 is sportier, off the bat.”

“In terms of power and performance, the Model 3 packs 450 hp from its two electric motors and the BMW M3 makes 425 hp from its 3.0 liter twin-turbo I6. The Tesla is also all-wheel drive, while the M3 is rear-wheel drive but the Bimmer packs a limited-slip rear diff as standard.”

Above: A look at how the Model 3 Performance stacks up against the BMW M3 in a 1/4 mile drag race (Youtube: DragTimes)

Model 3 goes 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, while the M3 makes it in 4.2 seconds with the standard manual transmission or 3.9 seconds with the optional dual-clutch transmission.

The two dream cars start at similar prices: $64,000 for the Tesla Model 3 Performance, and $66,500 for the BMW M3.

DeMattia hasn’t yet driven a Model 3 Performance, but judging from what he’s heard and read, “the BMW M3 is going to be the better track car, consistently. The Model 3 is fun on a track but it falls down a bit when pushed really hard and it can’t last as long as the M3 can. Its extra weight will cook its brakes, and its battery will overheat and/or deplete before the M3 calls it quits. There’s a very motorsport feel about the M3 that the Model 3 doesn’t have. The Tesla is quiet, calm and easy. The BMW M3 is loud, brash and thrilling. You pilot the Model 3 but you drive the M3.”

DeMattia is personally a gas guy. “Regardless of how fast or impressive as any electric car can be, it will never be as engaging as a great gasoline-powered car because the latter just simply has more to drive,” he writes. “There’s an engine whose revs need to be watched and managed, there’s a transmission that needs to be worked and the driver needs to know what its engine’s optimum power band is and how to keep it there.”

However, he acknowledges that the Tesla also “makes a compelling argument. The Tesla Model 3 Performance is the future, it’s packed with rich technology, it’s impressively fast and surprisingly capable when the tarmac gets twisty. It really comes down to what you want. If you can sacrifice some true track capability and 10/10ths driving pleasure, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is hard to argue against, especially when you factor in the lack of gasoline needed.”


Written by: Charles Morris

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If you’re a BMW fan, you’ll hang on to your current BMW longer. I’m a fan but don’t want one with a start-stop motor, plug in small battery, automatic or turbo. At this point a full EV makes way more sense.

It looks like I’ll never go for any type of hybrid. I even hate turbos. I’ll stick with a turbo-free ICE until solid-state appears in reasonably priced EV’s. I may trade my Camry in for a Lexus ES 350 since I much prefer a nice, quiet ride to speed, noise, sharp handling, and rough ride that the above sedans have to offer.

As someone driving the BMW i3, I doubt you’re going to be happy with the Lexus while Tesla’s are blowing your doors off. The i3 isn’t a Tesla, but it embarrasses Lexus’s any time I want.

And you’re not going to get a quieter ride in a Lexus. The electric Tesla can blow your doors off While you listen to Bruce, with no roar of a loud engine. There’s a new standard and it’s Tesla.

Oh please. U are just trolling. I doubt that you understand what solid-state batteries are about.

Tesla accessories maker makes an article about how BMW fans are moving to Tesla. Like the two brands have anything in common.

@Vegan001 said: “Tesla accessories maker makes an article about how BMW fans are moving to Tesla. Like the two brands have anything in common.”


It’s undisputed that a large percentage of Telsa new customers are indeed coming from BMW… not because Telsa and BMW are unlike but because Telsa is offering them more of what originally attracted them to BMW in a more technological cutting edge EV form.

Similar price, luxury in same class. Of course, beyond that, you are correct. Tesla destroys BMW on performance, and costs.

Why would you compare the new Model 3 against the end of the cycle 3 series? They are already making the new 3 series which is not even officially revealed yet.

This shows quality manufacturing :

Always so much doom and gloom on BMW from Evannex. Didn’t they just post that BMW had the number 1 plug in sales volume in Europe? The US is not the world. And remember, the majority of BMW sales are not even plug-in like Tesla.

Once the Model 3 is available in Europe, that’ll change.

BMW may drag their heels, but they will have full BEV cars sooner or later. My money is on moderately later.

@WARREN said: “Why would you compare the new Model 3 against the end of the cycle 3 series? They are already making the new 3 series which is not even officially revealed yet.

You already answered your own question…

Answer: “ [Because BMW] 3 series… not even officially revealed yet.”

It’s hard to compare against that which has not yet be revealed.

I was a BMW fan until I got my first TM3. I traded my last BMW for a second TM3.

Smart move. other than collector ice vehicles, your ice vehicle will plummet in value over next 2 years.

More Importantly, any ice car less than 3 years old, esp luxury, and most of all, luxury sedan, is about to get spanked on resale value.
To compete with Tesla, ice car makers have no choice but to offer EV with => performance, as well as =< costs. Then nobody will want ice vehicles.

The BMW M3 is so 19th century,people move on , when was the last time you use a Bell rotary dial Phone or pay phone, do those even exist?

20th century or 1900’s if you prefer. The 19th century would be the 1800’s, which is when BMW supposedly invented the car.

Cars were invited in 19th century

Did BMW invent the car? I didn’t know that.

That is because they did not:

Not everyone’s going to change. Some people still running Windows XP, and Vista. Remember those?

Ron Swanson's Mustache

There were electric cars in the 1900s as well.

Yet BMW doesn’t have any direct Model 3 competitors in the works. Curious…

To be fair they have the upcoming i4.

Yeah, but that’s still very much a concept car and it strikes me as more upmarket than Model 3. No concrete “Model 3 killer”for now.

Yes, we are waiting for the price to drop. Is it 3 series level or 7 series.

Yes they do there’s a brand new three series about to come out and there will be one that’s 100% electric so maybe get your facts straight before you post.

Well Clive…enlighten us. How many will they produce….and by WHEN? Since you have your facts straight before you commented and all? What? You don’t know? Because THEY don’t know?

Let me try that one. Tesla is coming out with the model Y to even further drive the max planet killing ICE into the dust. I don’t know when. I do know they will be trying to make them by the 100,000s of thousands per year.

Please link to BMW confirming an all electric 3 Series variant.

Crickets chirping…

No, they don’t.

Don’t read inside EV much?

They covered the EV 3 Series roadgoing prototype last month.

So don’t be surprised if BMW announce their EV 3 series in the next year or so.

I’m aware of some mystery test car with an electric car label on it but it’s anyone’s guess whether it’s a BEV or just the PHEV version of the new 3 Series. If this was to be the BEV Tesla rival BMW needs one would have expected BMW to have started promoting it at this point but so far it hasn’t even confirmed an all electric version. BMW might surprise us yet of course but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Not that care to prove anything.

Yes, but to be available when 2020? 2021? 2022?

No idea, the question was whether they have any direct competition in the works and the answer to that is “Yes, they even have prototypes on the road testing at the moment”.

At a guess, if it’s not announced when the the new one is officially unveiled (although there may well be an “EV version will be released some time in the future) it may well be a mid life refresh model, or perhaps more likely a year or so after the ICE version.

How do you know this is a BEV variant and not just the PHEV variant they are testing? BMW hasn’t actually confirmed any BEV variants and one really would have expected they would have at this point since Tesla is eating its lunch.

Anyway, I suspect it will take more than an ICE conversion to make for a proper Model 3 fighter.

If you think it is a TM3 killer, then you are only kidding yourself.

So you’re on BMW’s product development team? I think most of the large automakers are showing some things but developing others undercover to not show their hand. You show enough just to keep the story going. The large automakers aren’t concerned about Tesla as much as the other large automakers and what they’re doing. For Tesla to build much more than it is now they need another factory. The other large auto manufactures just need batteries. Ever wonder why GM is so close to LG and BMW is investing so much in battery production?

Here you go. VW promotes their EV range so aggressively they are actually doing themselves a disservice because they have nothing to show for all their bragging. BMW and the others are holding their cards close you their chest, probably because they don’t want to affect their ICE sales. Tesla revealed the model 3, took an unheard of number of deposits and now are making it is volume that is putting everyone else to shame. So VW are losing credibility because of constant unfulfilled promises. BMW and others are losing sales anyway because Model 3 is available (at least in the US) and you know what you will be getting vs BMW you don’t know what you might be able to get somewhere in the future, that strategy (if that is what it is) isn’t working because their ICE sales are affected anyway. Maybe if they were open and honest about what they are doing their customer base would say, “Ok I’ll wait for that killer BMW”, instead they are probably saying, “I don’t know what/when BMW can beat this thing, I’ll just get the Model 3 and have the killer EV right now”. Tesla seem to be running the… Read more »

The Tesla Model 3 and BMW M3 are niche sedans. If I were young, rich, and not anywhere near as knowledgeable about cars and car companies as I am today, I’d probably go for the Tesla, not knowing much about the problems facing Tesla or possible future problems I might face as a Tesla owner. I learned my lesson after buying a used Porsche 911 when I was in my 20’s. It cost me a fortune in repairs.

If I were to spend over $40,000 on a ‘luxury’ sedan, I’d buy a 2019 Lexus ES 350. It’s fairly quick, very quiet, has a nice ride, steers and handles fairly well, and has lots of features for the money. I’m sure it will be very reliable, even though it is a new design for 2019. To an old geezer like me, that’s luxury.

Nobody here cares about people that want Japanese Oldsmobiles.

A niche sedan then is the top selling car in it’s class and is being mass produced.
Let’s at least try to keep up. Being old is not a badge of honor if your brain is calcifying.

The BMW i3 blows away the Lexus.

Toyota/lLexus is fanatical anti plug-in, I can see how those brands would appeal to old people.

Last I looked, the Prius Prime is the second leading seller in the US among plug-ins. The Prime, and it’s global twins Prius Plug-in Hybrid, or Prius PHV, is designed and priced like a mass market car and it will be. Toyota has said the Prime is the next big thing for them. Don’t be surprised when they make and sell a ton of them, and then spread the plug-in platform to other high-volume Toyota and Lexus lines.

With federal tax credit the Prime is the cheapest Prius. If they can tweak the suspension and interior to handle 5 passengers, then it would really take off.

Prime is nice but Model 3 outsold it 8 times last month. As for the Lexus PHEV theory: Lexus hybrids are promoted in some markets as cars that you don’t need to plug-in so it doesn’t appear like it will take that route. Meanwhile Toyota keeps promoting the hydrogen hoax which tells a lot about the mindset over at Toyota/lexus.

Yep, Tesla is crushing everyone in the space. They are going for the gusto and have no ongoing profitable business to worry about transitioning to EV. Meanwhile Toyota is the largest and most profitable auto-maker, who has sold millions and millions of cars with electrified power-trains giving them green credentials far beyond any other large company, IMO. I do wish Toyota were going faster on plug-ins, but their multiple generations of improving the hybrid platform and pushing it into popular platforms like RAV4 and Camry made a big difference in gas consumption, and gives them lots of experience with integrating traction batteries and electric motors into the powertrain. Toyota was probably early on the hydrogen fuel cell, but remember they are a Japanese company and in Japan hydrogen makes more sense than the US, and it’s being pushed heavily there. And there are some big incentives written into California law to promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. I don’t blame Toyota particularly for their investment. Maybe it will pay off some decades down the road. In the meantime, the Prime is the other plug-in vehicle beside the Model 3 that is poised for mass-market sales, IMO, if they can solve that… Read more »

At this point it looks like Prime is poised for mass market sales as in a small fraction of Model 3 sales.

If Toyota ever decides to get serious about plug-ins it will need to do better than Prime. It should remember Kodak, that firm too was once very profitable in its industry.

And Toyota actually has great quality control.

Better not look again at the end of the year. After Sept numbers come out it may drop to 4th. Certainly by year end it will since Tesla is now back to making 12,000 S/X per qtr. while Prime sales showing a steady 2200 month avg with slight variations up and down per month.

Toyota is actually the only company I believe is a serious near future player due to hybrid tech.

Ha, ha, I’m old. Tesla appeals to me, not Lexus. As I get older I want to save money and enjoy life more. Once you charge your first EV at home and realise how much your save on both fuel and time, really you just never going back!
And I seriously doubt the Lexus will give me that awesome rush of instant torque I get from my EV every time, all the time, no stress, no noise, no feeling it is even struggling.

Redefining what the word ‘niche’ means…
Tesla Model 3 Breaks Into Top 5 Best-Selling Passenger Cars In U.S.


If I were completely ignorant of the long term maintenance costs per year of ICE. Funny how we have all this data and yet hardly anyone, and I mean nobody knows what the avg maintenance costs are for Ice as years progress. Why is that…..Shhhhhhhhh! The auto industry has successfully suppressed that bomb for years.

While that may be true no one really knows what the long term maintenance costs per year of an EV is either. We get the occasional story about how x has done y hundred thousand miles and needed only a small outlay (as the battery swaps were covered by warranty in some cases), but there’s this fallacy that maintenance is pretty much zero, which is patently untrue.

It is if you ignore the recommended service intervals of your EV (Tesla largely), or the service costs are covered by the manufacturer (the Leaf IIRC). The former you can do with an ICE to make at least the first hundred or so thousand miles a lot cheaper (just a simple oil change every year is around $40, rather than a full service at x hundred) and the latter will probably not be applicable to most vehicles in the future.

Now equivalent (i.e. premium EV sedan vs premium ICE sedan) EV’s are probably going to be cheaper, especially after the 5 year/100k warranty runs out, but probably no where near as cheap as the prevailing attitude at the moment suggests.

If BMW does not show a full electric 3 series with 200+ miles of range (EPA rated) at the Paris Motor Show, they might as not bother bringing out in the US.

BMW will not be showing a full electric 3 series anytime soon. The closest thing will be the iX3 but it is uncertain when it becomes available.

The funny thing is that there were tons of rumors last year of an 80 kWh equipped 3 Series that was just about to be shown.

I would bet that there will be a 3-series BEV with 220+ miles of EPA AER by 2022, and hopefully by 2021.

The 3 and 4 series are highly related anyways. And we all know a pure electric 4 series based car is coming out soon.


Chill, Mister G.
Give us a logical paragraph of why you’re so passionate.

That’s a bridge too far. Just be happy with his dedication.

My dog is just as dedicated, but makes more lucid and compelling arguments. Maybe I’ll get him to post.

Your dog would certainly make more sense then you do here and have a hell of a lot more credibility too.

Do us all a favor, please substitute your dog’s posts for yours from now on!

Ron Swanson's Mustache

The funny thing is, I think he actually types that message out every time he posts it. Doesn’t even have the wherewithall to just copy and paste.

As far as “nipping at the heels of such perennial favorites as the Camry, Civic, Accord and Corolla” goes, perhaps we should slow down a bit. August US sales, as reported by Toyota and Honda:

Camry: 30,141
Corolla: 26,155
Accord: 26,725
Civic: 27,677

And that’s even taking an extremely narrow (and unjustifiable, IMO, given how US consumers cross-shop cras and SUVs/CUVs) view of the market and considering only sedans. Looking at SUV/CUV models:

CR-V: 34,610
RAV-4: 42,222
Rogue: 33,400

I want all Tesla models and all other EVs to sell in huge quantities, just as everyone else here does, and I’m very happy to see Tesla pumping out 3s at such a high rate. But we should try to keep things in perspective.

Wait till the sedan of Ford start not appearing in thier dealer lots, they are going to Toyota and Honda, and GM

…And Tesla. That’s why sedan sales have slowed.

Lou Grinzo: If Tesla builds 10K per week, that is 40K per month which will beat out the CR-V. Albeit some of that 40K will go to foreign markets but there is plenty of market share for Tesla to grab. I am pretty confident that in about 2 years, Model 3 will well about 30K per month easy in US and it’ll be consistantly in the top 5 of all vehicles sold in US. If you count Model Y, it’ll be an existential threat to BMW and Mercedes… and maybe Nissian, Honda or Toyota. People, even the ones that can’t even spell EV’s, are getting really smart about how great they are.

So IYO going from 6000 to 14,000 to 18,000 to (projected 23,000 Sept) this is not nipping at their heels? Doesn’t that trend show passing in 3 months? Is Freemont at 5000 M3/wk suddenly considered max capacity? They only need to produce 7800/wk to take the #1 spot. Looking at trends that’s easily within reach in the next 4 months.

I’d question it if for one second I thought demand was an issue. With 400.000 pre orders and only 80,000 of those filled as of end of Sept 2018….I hardly see demand a problem.

You’re mixing up US and international sales though. there are 400,000 International reservations and of the 7,800 cars a week a significant proportion of them will be going abroad. The sales figures shown above for non Tesla vehicles are US sales, not international sales. Two different sets of figures and not comparable. For example worldwide Toyota sell close to 100,000 Corollas a month (around a million a year) worldwide. Tesla would need to build another new Gigafactory to get anywhere near that number. Now the Chinese one is coming in a few years, but is expected to be producing Model Y’s as well as 3s. There’s also no knowledge yet of what the stable demand actually is for the Model 3, as most of the vehicles being sold are arguably pent up demand from the last two years. As it’s a premium sedan, sales in that segment suggest it’s probably going to be closer to 10-15k a month in the US, and 300-600k a year worldwide which is what BMW sell (2/3/4 series). That’s assuming they become the biggest manufacturer in that segment, which is debatable, depending on when the other brands bring out their EV sedans to compete directly… Read more »

Don’t forget to consider this upstart company with only 3 models in its product line vs all the rest. That’s the real story here, how a brand has gone from zero to hero in just one year.
If the trend continues then it is a huge change for the industry. I really can’t wait for them to reveal the Model Y and see what the reservation list does. Will the Model Y excite people like all the other Tesla have done? Will they get 100,000’s of reservations like the Model 3 did?
And they haven’t even started the truly $35k model. If/when that happens I think the volumes will sky rocket as all is people who didn’t reserve the Model 3 start to place our orders.

Remember the decline in sales could be hugely affected by the new generation 3 series to be unveiled at the Paris Motor show. I don’t think it’s Tesla that much though nice it’s when BMW acknowledges that they need to bring a true 3 series typa EV.

Really? Must BMW buyers are professionals, just wanting to drive a nice driving car.
if 10% of the BMW buyer even knows there’s a new model coming out, I’d be shocked.
These lawyer’s don’t read Road & Track on their lunch break.
They lease, and then what ever 3 series or 4 series is available, they re-lease.
I’d go so far as to say, 1% of BMW buyers is waiting for the next 3 series.

There was a recent poll taken in the UK and 80% of the 1 Series owners though their car was FWD. Most BMW owners have BMWs because they want a “fancy” car.

BMW’s are disposable lease write-offs for Dr’s, lawyers and Real Estate agents.

Yeah you can be a BMW fan if never have driven one? Plus there’s not alot of 20 years old looking for M3

BMW is increasing sales and profits.
I don’t think BMW is trying to compete with model 3 specifically or changing their current strategy because of it , I believe they don’t even tried to defend their position against any Tesla, not long ago they were even praising what Tesla was doing.
While US is a huge car market, I think many makers, mainly European ones, are much more interested in the Chinese market… and not sure if that is the right thing to do…
American are very fond of drag races, in Europe most couldn’t care less about them, maybe it would be good for BMW to make cars for drag races to boost their public opinion in the US, but not sure if that would be very effective in other markets.
When sport versions of other makers beat you in the Nürburgring, that’s when things start to get serious.

Then it’s a mystery that BMW 3’s and 4’s are being traded in and yet BMW is increasing sales?

It’s no mystery at all, they are selling more cars globally. Owners of BMWs trading their cars for any other brand doesn’t tell about their sales.
Also USA is just a part of the world, but even in the USA and accordingly with BMW’s report, during the first 8 months of 2018 their sales were actually up 2.3% (199,157 vehicles during 2018 compared to 194,604 during 2017).

No mystery at all – please review your reasoning and you’ll see why.

Not really. The car market is fairly fluid, they lose some to Tesla and gain more from other manufacturers. The majority of the sales loss of 2/3/4 series sedans has been taken up by a corresponding increase in X2/3/5 series purchases (the wholesale transition from sedans to CUV’s as seen in the entire market).

Yep, very true. As a long time BMW enthusiast, I feel betrayed by the company. First, they take away my steering feel. Second, they take away my RWD. Third, most recently, they take away my manual gearbox. No clutch pedal — no sale. EVs combine all the positive things about the manual gearbox (direct control, excellent throttle response, excitement) without the negatives (shifting gears).

I agree with your points about the manual transmission except one – shifting gears. Personally, I liked it, shifting gears made me feel I was in full control.

Yes, manual transmissions made a lot of sense vs awful automatics that could not possibly predict what gear you were about to need. But with a single gear and electric motor, that reason goes away.

I’ve never missed driving a manual (for over a decade) since switching to an EV, because I have *even more precise* control over my EV!

What killed the manual was 300,000,000 Americans on the road.
You could enjoy the manual when US Population was 50% lower.

Yeah, the BMW M2 is/was the most popular modern BMW because it focused on what made BMW interesting, I personally regret not having bought one

The TM3 is the equivalent of the iPhone in the automotive world. BMW understands that, why else would they be trying to electrify their cars?

There are a lot of BMW fans that vow to never give up their brand. I understand their enthusiasm, I owned quite a few BMWs in the past. I traded in the last one for the TM3 and couldn’t be happier. Goodbye premium gasoline, farewell expensive maintenance.

No it’s not.
Apple sells devices with huge profit margins. Tesla is selling cars with negative profits margins (so far at least). No mass car maker will ever be able to sell cars with 200%, 300%, maybe more, profit margin. Probably not even Ferrari can do that in very limited production cars.
Tesla is much more the Android of EV car market – becoming (at least it is for now) dominant and probably more “open” than others, expecting big sale numbers to make a profit…. but cars and smartphones are a terrible comparison in most cases.

If we believe Elon, Tesla wants to make the world less polluted, Apple is all about the money.

Here’s the question. If BMW made a full EV with the same general performance numbers and range as a Tesla Model 3 but with 3-series design, would people prefer the Tesla Model 3 or a BMW 3 series? And why?

If that were the case, it would come down to cost for a lot of people. BMWs command a premium price not everyone is willing to pay. Would people still buy Teslas? Yes.

Well that would certainly be a lot more tempting than the antiquated gas powered 3 Series they offer now. I’m sure some, maybe even a majority, would prefer a good looking EV from a reputable and consistently high quality brand like BMW.

Others will still prefer receiving OTA updates, industry-leading software (I have a BMW–their software is trash vs Tesla), supercharger network, ecosystem with solar/powerwall, not having to deal with third-party dealers, etc.

Three of my cousins and I plus an uncle all switched from BMW’s to Tesla Model 3’s this Summer. 3 AWD’s and 2 Performance. We previously drove BMW M3’s, 640i’s, and an X5. After driving my Model 3P, my brother is considering a Model S Performance (drives an Audi S4 today). BMW lost 5 customers and Audi will probably lose 1.

This wasn’t planned. Just a bunch of car enthusiasts who saw something better than what we had. Family reunion used to have a bunch of Bimmers parked outside. Only thing now is we’ll be in line for the single charging station in an uncle’s garage.

WOW! That’s awesome to hear!

Not surprised that a Model 3 is giving the BMW 3 series a run for the money. The 3 series has drifted away from what the core driving attributes enthusiasts loved about the car up to the E90 cars. Especially if you got one with an automatic. The current cars are just not that engaging to drive, M3/M4 excluded.

The M2 and 1M were popular BECAUSE they focused on the core values, I still regret not having bought either of them

Although I see the beauty of mastering the manual on a curvy road, let’s not claim that it adds to the performance of you driving the curvy road. The instant torque of an electric means the manual is done. You lose on every shift. With an EV you drive at a faster clip and manage curves for the instant responsiveness of the car.

As a matter of fact, “the right tool for the right job”, a BMW Z4 or a Mazda Miata are the perfect cars to drive on country roads. Not overpowered, with a heavy V8, with horsepower matching the job, and a nice transmission to use it. And both cars have great suspensions.

And then an Electric runs the course faster.

BMW has always been crap.

Your opinion is crap.

BMW is slowly coming along but is very committed to Electric Mobility.

Interesting situation as Tesla doesn’t offer leases on the Model 3 and a vast majority of BMW “owners” lease. Sounds like Tesla is able to not only get BMW fans to convert over, but to do something that BMW can’t get their fans to do, which is to buy.

Tesla will start leasing Model 3 once sales decline.

Perhaps, but that’s not relevant to my point.

They don’t have any reason to lease them yet.

But a5 some point they will have little choice.

More important than the BMW trade in are the
the Prius, Camry, Civic, Accord and Corolla trade in’s.

This means that the luxury brands could not compel these buyers to upgrade to a “nicer” car, until Tesla.

Good point.

Sfbay and LA are probably 80% of BMW us sales, so it makes sense 😂

Please provide data source.

In the Bay Area BMW stands for Basic Marin Wheels

Did the BMW author just say he doesn’t understand regenerative braking?
This so reminds me of big tobacco desperately trying to keep smoking sexy.

“whether the silent instant torque of a Tesla is more fun than the gear shifting and roar of a well-tuned M3 is a matter of personal taste” made me think, what if there was an over the air updated mode, that made the car feel super heavy, delayed torque, fake roaring engine sound coming out of the speaker, and the motor even pauses and accelerates more to make it feel like shifting in a traditional ice car? you could even select what car’s torque you would want it to feel like.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

“lon Musk recently revealed that the BMW 3 Series was the number-two vehicle traded in by Model 3 buyers, after the Toyota Prius.”

That is an astounding illustration of the market segments that Tesla appeals to; sports car fans who are willing to spend money on performance and fun driving experience, and the socks ‘n’ sandals crowd who view cars as an appliance and driving a chore.

“There’s an engine whose revs need to be watched and managed, there’s a transmission that needs to be worked and the driver needs to know what its engine’s optimum power band is and how to keep it there.”

Always funny how having to adapt your style to suit the technology is presented as a good thing. It is presented as a ‘connection’ to the tech.

I wonder why no-one longs for the days when you had to adjust ignition timing by hand… You know, more things to be watched, more connection to the technology…

Ah well, nonsense will fade.

Totally agreed.

You know some people will prefer to race with a horse rather than a mechanical engine. They can (litterally) feel the “heart of the beast”!

In this instance Elon Musk was an idiot. How could someone in his position not know this tweet would cause him and Tesla problems.
He should have changed his Twitter password and claimed it was hacked. One comment about him “trying to impress his girlfriend” sums it up for me, thinking with his dick!