BAIC To Launch EX5 Electric SUV Next Year

DEC 26 2018 BY GASGOO 5

Pure electric EX5 joins BAIC stable.

The BAIC BJEV is ready to see another new model of its EX Series called the EX5 to go on sale in January next year. The new model will be available for presale starting from January 1, 2019.

The EX5 (do not confuse it with EV startup WM Motor’s EX5) adopts the latest family design language in its front face. The block-style grille adorned with a dot-matrix element resembles a big mouth agape, which is surrounded by thick chrome trims. Above the grille is a chrome trim that connects headlights on both sides. A logo looking like a Chinese character “北” located in the middle that gives the vehicle its distinct profile.

The BAIC BJEV EX5, positioned as an A-segment all-electric SUV model, measures 4,480mm long, 1,837mm wide and 1,673mm tall with a wheelbase length of 2,665mm. The tridimensional and sports essence of the vehicle’s side profile is highlighted by several sharp waistlines placed and fixed alternatively and a chrome trim at the bottom.

Featuring a closer look to the headlights, the taillights embedded with a LED light source are connected by a chrome trim as well. Noticeably, the EX5 adopts some chrome elements at the bottom of the rear end that create a “virtual” image of exhaust pipes typically used for traditional fuel-burning vehicles.

Drivers will find a three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, a multifunctional dashboard and BAIC’s iconic air conditioner vent inside. The EX5 carries the Darwin in-car AI system that is designed to liberate and entertain drivers with “self-growing” ability. Other intelligent amenities include a smart fly screen, an intelligent voice application and an intelligent driver assistance system with over 10 features.

The new BEV model is outfitted with an e-Motion Drive 3.0 intelligent electric control system which can help drivers control their vehicles more accurately and safely by intelligently managing the battery pack, optimizing the electric motor and calibrating related parts. Powering the vehicle is a 160kW electric motor that offers a range up to 520km at “constant speed”.

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5 Comments on "BAIC To Launch EX5 Electric SUV Next Year"

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“The BAIC BJEV EX5, positioned as an A-segment all-electric SUV model, measures 4,480mm long, 1,837mm wide and 1,673mm tall with a wheelbase length of 2,665mm.”

A-segment …….. and ……….. 4,480 mm long?

That’s weird

A-segment micro city-cars are hardly 4 meters long.

Different countries have different standards.
Ideally we should set 1 worldwide standard based on length.
> 5 m: Large vehicles
4 – 5 m: Medium vehicles
< 4 m: Small vehicles.
Or we can also define based on interior space which is even better.
Because a car at 5 m length may still have lesser interior space than a crossover at 4 m length because of 2 reasons.
More space in trunk area since the roof line is same as vehicles roof line.
Being taller.

A-class vehicles (sedans and hatchbacks) in China are shorter than 4500 mm and have an engine capacity of 1600cc or less.

There is actually a subdivision with A00 (Ultracompact like Smart-car), A0 (subcompact like Honda Fit) and A (compact like Corolla), but I don’t know the exact qualifcations for each sub-division.

Larger cars are either B-class (Camry) or C-class (BMW 7).

SUV’s and MPV’s have their own class, but crossovers like this BJEV are often qualified as hatchback.

Nice to read this. It has 62 KWh battery pack. Please mention the battery pack next time you write about an EV.
BAIC does not want to stay in #2 and may like to vault into #1 in 2019. Good move.
Can you please explain what is “tridimensional”
Is it a term applied to crossovers since these vehicles have varying length, width & height as opposed to cars which have only varying length & width with the height being more or less standard at 58″ / 1,470 mm.
Definitely crossovers are more functional by using different height factor. That’s why this segment is gaining in 3 important markets: China, USA & Europe.

Price without subsidy?