Automobile Awards Tesla Model 3 With Design Of The Year

Tesla Model 3


Automobile magazine has announced that the Tesla Model 3 is the recipient of its Design Of The Year award.

The big screen that dominates the minimalist dash.

The magazine refers to the Model 3 as “a vanguard for electric vehicle design and styling.”

Automobile posted an extensive write up on why the Model 3 received the award, but it really all boils down to this:

“It’s neither spectacular nor shockingly innovative. It’s just a really nice-looking, clean design that is instantly acceptable, despite the total absence of a traditional grille or representation of the same—as seen on the first Tesla sedans. The Model 3 is quite evidently an electric car, and its designers made no effort to disguise that fact.”

The magazine applauds Tesla for its clean, minimalist design throughout and concludes the Model 3 is now the best sedan on the planet, beating out the Model S:

“For several years now I’ve said the Tesla Model S is the best sedan I’ve ever driven. That’s no longer true.

Whatever the price point, heritage, styling, reputation, or prestige of its rivals, the Model 3 is quieter and quicker, and it rides better than anything else we might have considered for our Design of the Year award. And as a plus, it’s a much handier size than the Model S, far more practical for daily use in cities and suburbs.”

Check out Automobile’s write-up in its entirety at the link below.

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Congrats on the feel good Award now please focus on production ramp. The 2018 Leafs started arriving in NCAL yesterday.

I think they’re gonna produce a crap ton of cars this quarter. It’s going to be the delivery pace that’s going to push the envelope.

I’m guessing they’ll produce an equal amount of Model S’s, X’s, and 3’s. It’ll be a perfect triangle of S3X.

A Tesla-a-trois?

Nailed it!

For a “design”, not an “ergonomics”, award.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Still not a fan of the big screen.

Just my Trollpinion…….

I don’t think I would mind it at all. Just wish you could angle it a towards you a little.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Are you saying you can’t move it to tilt left or right or up or down?

That’s right, that big screen has a fixed immovable mounting.

It’s as fixed as if it had a foundation of reinforced concrete covered by a steel girdle. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Angle it, plus have it on a slide left/right for an inch or three. It should be more malleable.

Sounds like an aftermarket tuner opportunity.

It is only locked in place until some aftermarket company engineers a new mount.

Czech, I mean cheque, I mean ✔.

Never heard if this mag. Low subscription numbers and base in NCal probably

Well. At least we know of one poster who doesn’t know anything about automobile publications.

I don’t know much about them, but aren’t they like the Forbes of automotive magazines?
Sort of snooty?

More like rebellious and opinionated. Automobile doesn’t go in for instrument testing cars very much. They use a more subjective method of evaluation that is exemplified by this design article.

It just shows how much I know. But I have heard of them.

Sorry Will, a major national mag with a very impressive staff.

But where did they get the idea that the Model 3 has a heads up display? That would be a get feature IF it comes to exist.

It has a heads right display.

And 6 FoolCells displays where his head is up.

Never heard of them. Theres Motortrend, Cars, Consumer report but automobile nah

Is that Cars 1 or Cars 2 both with Lightning McQueen of course.

And then with CR, I have noticed the car article is usually after the toaster article!

There was talk of HUD long ago, but nothing since. Article reads like he personally drove the car and used the HUD feature, but if it was available every other report would include this item, so what gives?

“Sorry Will, a major national mag with a very impressive staff.”

I’m with Will. How “major” can it be if I never even heard of it before?

Really? I’m just slightly more than casually interested in cars and I’ve seen and read Automobile. I’m pretty sure it’s available at better stocked newsstands.

Geez. A group of former employees of Car and Driver led by David E. Davis founded Automobile in 1986 with support from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

Anyone who know anything about automobile journalists knows about David E. Davis, a legendary figure in the automotive world. Next, you’ll tell us that you don’t know who Dan Neil is. (Hint, he’s the only auto critic to win a Pulitzer.)

This will surely irritate the haters and short sellers. Great new to those like me that support Tesla. Congratulations to Tesla and the Model3 team! Awesome.

Much better than the Bolt winning some silly “Engine of the year” award.

Off-the-shelf motor + big battery = award???

Don’t get me wrong – I like the Bolt. It’s a great city commuter but definitely nothing special about its engine err motor.

You couldn’t be more off base. GM spent many years and $100M developing that motor. It is one of the most advanced in the world. LG is simply the contractor to build it (to GM specs).

The Bolt award mentioned nothing about special about the motor. Rather it won mostly due to the large capacity battery that SUPPLIES the motor.

Franz von Holzhausen time and again demonstrates he is the most innovative/zen-ish auto designer around. When all the other manufacturers look at each other for cues with the results being both mediocre and derivative, Franz finds his own timeless path to a simple aesthetic.

Congratulations, Tesla. Ausgezeichnet, Franz

I think Franz von Holzhausen is one of the three most importance executives in Tesla, the other two are Elon Musk and the CTO JB Straubel.


I think you’ll find Franz is as American as they come so “Congratulations” is probably more in order.